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Africa Flight Deals

African Continent

African Continent
  • It is the second largest continent extending over an immense 30 million Sq. KM.
  • It is generally accepted to be the hottest continent on the planet
  • It covers 20% of the planet’s land area and 6% of the surface
  • The largest country of Africa is Sudan while the largest city is Cairo.
  • There are 54 countries in Africa
  • Africa had over 10,000 states before it was caught up in colonial era.
  • The largest Island of Africa is Madagascar which happens to be the fourth largest of the world.

African Population

African Population
  • This continent is second largest in terms of populace among all continents with over 1 billion population.
  • An astounding number of languages (over 1000) are spoken in African countries combined
  • Christianity is the second largest Religion following Islam in Africa
  • Africa populates over 14% of population on earth
  • The most ancient human remains, discovered first in Ethiopia, age back to almost 200,000 years
  • Most spoken language is Arabic followed by English, Swahili, Portuguese and Spanish.

African Land

African Wildlife
  • Africa contains the Nile, which is the longest river on the planet extending over 4132 miles.
  • The largest desert on the plant is Sahara, also located in Africa, almost as wide as USA.
  • The highest and largest waterfall of the world, renowned Victoria Falls (over 350 ft).
  • The highest peak of the continent is Mount Kilimanjaro which is over 19,300 high.
  • The largest fresh water lake of Africa which is also second largest in the world is Lake Victoria.
  • The title for “Most species of fish found in one single freshwater lake” goes to Lake Malawi.

African Wildlife

African Land
  • Africa generally hosts the largest, tallest, fastest or biggest land animals in the world.
  • Elephant is the largest and heaviest animal of the world.
  • Africa is home to Giraffe, the tallest among land animals.
  • The fastest one is Cheetah, of course! Also hailing from Africa.
  • Crocodile, the largest reptile of the world also belongs from Africa.
  • Gorilla is the largest primate of the world based in African Jungles.
  • Africa hosts the Serengeti migration of wildlife which is the largest one on the planet with Zebras in excess of 750,000 sprinting ahead of other species in millions across Tanzania.
  • One-fourth of the world’s total bird species are hosted in Africa.

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