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Stop wandering through copious websites in search of cheap flights to Africa. Travelhouseuk is your one-stop shop for the best deals in the market. We are proud to declare that over 50% of our business and clientele in UK comprises of wonderful people hailing from Africa. You have reached the right place for best Africa flight deals from UK. If you are not familiar with this continent and hesitant to schedule a vacation there, take our word as a specialist travel and tour operator for Africa. Browse through our user friendly website pages for African destinations for informative guides to various African cities known for the travel and adventure experience they extend to tourists. You will find abundance of options to choose from since almost all world class airlines that fly out of European airports, also operate flights from UK to African countries.

Flight Trends of Africa

  • Royal Air Maroc and Egypt Air are the main air operators over Northern Africa, which includes Casablanca, Cairo, Algiers and Tunis as the main hubs. Alitalia and Air France are overseas carriers operative in this region.
  • The Eastern side of Africa has multiple main itineraries serving the continent from UK; Djibouti, Nairobi, Entebbe, Addis Ababa, Asmara, Khartoum and Dar Es Salaam are being served by airlines like Kenyan Airways, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Egypt Air and Emirates.
  • Main destinations located amongst overseas African territories beyond the Eastern Coasts like Antananarivo, Mauritius and Mahe have Emirates, Air France, KLM and Air Mauritius.
  • Towards Southern Africa, South Africa’s Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, followed by Windhoek, Gaborone, Harare, Maputo, Lilongwe, Blantyre and Lusaka are the main destinations. They are mostly served by Kenyan Airways, South African Airways and Ethiopian Airlines. Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, Emirates and British Airways are also prominent in this zone.
  • Western Africa has numerous destinations like Abidjan, Freetown, Conakry, Accra, Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lome, Cotounou and Dakar, whose UK passenger base is being supported by Lufthansa, Royal Air Maroc, Air France, SN Brussels, Arik Air and KLM offering the top air travel deals.
  • As for Central Africa, main destinations like Ndjamena, Douala, Bujumbura and Kigali have airlines with the most expansive coverage over Africa. KLM, Air France, Brussels Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways dominate most of the routes in this region.
  • Owing to being the hubs of regional air carriers, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Casablanca, Johannesburg and Cairo are regarded the main regional hubs of Africa.

Natural Wonders of Africa

  • Mauritius: The Dunes of Chamarel, titled as seven coloured earths, consist of sand dunes of clay minerals, composed of volcanic spill over spreading over multiple non-erosive layers.
  • Senegal: The Pink Lake, or Lac Rose as it is known locally, gets its deep pink shade from a special species of algae which has grown across the lake bed. The saltwater lake has its own habitat of fish, and borders the coasts of the Cape Vert Peninsula.
  • Kenya & Tanzania: The Serengeti Migration consists of wildlife amassing more than a million animals mostly consisting of zebra and wildebeest, migrating over thousands of miles in search of fresh food and waters with the change of the seasons.
  • Tanzania: Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest free standing mountain in the world, and remains snow-capped throughout the year. It follows 7 peaks accessible via 6 official trails from its base camps.
  • Botswana: The Okavongo Delta is the largest in-land delta, housing patches of thick vegetation packed with wildlife as well as dried out islands of salt deposits. It is hailed as a prime water safari spot in Africa.
  • Egypt: The River Nile, the longest river of the world, gave life to one of the oldest human settlements in recorded history; passing through ten countries, and being sources by Lakes Victoria & Tana in Uganda & Ethiopia respectively.
  • Tanzania: The Ngorongoro Crater or “Africa’s Garden of Eden” is spread over a plain of the largest volcano caldera, home to a vast array of wildlife and birdlife surrounded by lush green cliffs.
  • Zambia and Zimbabwe: The Victoria Falls leave massive clouds of water vapour billowing from the world’s “largest sheet of falling water”, housing the famed Devil’s Pool giving a panoramic view across the entire valley.
  • North Africa: Stretching across 11 countries, the Sahara Desert is the largest hot desert of the world, having a habitat of numerous villages and desert wildlife across its regions.
  • Horn of Africa: The Red Sea Reef, bordering the Middle East on the opposite side, hosts aqua life of thousands of unique species, and is ranked among the best deep-sea diving sites of the world.

Cultural Festivals of Africa

  • Timkat Festival (Gondar, Ethiopia): Orthodox Christian festival concerning Baptism of the Christ, leading ornate processions of locals dressed in fancy robes and bearing umbrellas. Priests lead each procession for baptism rituals on special pools.
  • Festival au Desert (Timbuktu, Mali): A caravan of musicians highlighting the Tuareg culture performs among camped tents in the heart of the desert, and is often joined by guest performances of talented artists and festival collaborations from neighboring countries.
  • Festima (Burkina Faso): dance performances and parades highlighting exotic mask costume arts, hailing from more than 40 tribal races across 7 countries hailing from this part of Africa.
  • Lake of Stars (Lake Malawi, Malawi): Combining pop acts from both Malawi and the United Kingdom, the venue is located along the scenic shores of Lake Malawi, hosting few adventure sport activities under the tourism ministry.
  • Gnaoua World Music Festival (Essaouira, Morocco): A four day event focusing on traditional Gnaoua musicians fusing their music with contemporary artists from other fields of music, hosting live public performances in the open.
  • International Festival of the Sahara (Douz, Tunisia): Nomadic Bedouin tribes of the Sahara congregate to hold races of Arabian horses and camels, talent performances, desert dog hunts, as well as a trade fair of arts and crafts in this main oasis town.
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