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Direct flights or flights with stopover from UK to Ghana:

British Airways is the only airline which is operating direct flights from London Heathrow to Ghana. Visitors to Ghana mainly take flights with Royal Air Maroc, Kenya Airways, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Lufthansa and TAP Portugal. The stopovers are usually made on some European, African or Middle Eastern hubs. These can take longer time for reaching the destination but they are cheaper as compared to direct flights.

Average flight duration from UK airports to Ghana:

For Ghana you can avail two types of flights: direct and connecting. Flight duration will depend on your choice as direct flights take shortest time to reach their destinations. Even an addition of 1 hour stopover at connecting airport will extend the duration. 7 hours is the average time taken by direct flight whereas connecting flights can take up to 30 hours. We have listed below some airlines with their flight duration:

  • British Airways take the shortest time to reach Ghana (Accra) and on average it takes 7 hours
  • flights with Royal Air Maroco for Accra (Ghana)departs from Gatwick and Heathrow Airport via Casablanca. The minimum time is 10 hours and maximum time is 13 hours 30 minutes
  • Emirates operates flights to Ghana via Dubai from Birmingham, Manchester, Heathrow and Gatwick . The shortest flight duration 20 hours approx and longest is 25 hours
  • Kenya Airways flights for Ghana departs from Heathrow with a stopover at Nairobi. Its Accra flights usually take 18 hours 30 minutes
  • TAP Portugal gives you options of Manchester, Gatwick and Heathrow via Lisbon. Minimum flight duration before you reach Ghana is 11 hours 30 minutes
  • Flights to Ghana with Ethiopian Airlines from London heathrow makes stopover at Addis Ababa and average flight duration is 15 hours
  • KLM offers flights to Ghana via Amsterdam from London City, Manchester and Heathrow Airports, Minimum flight duration is 9 hours 30 minutes

Weekly airlines flight schedule flying between UK and Ghana:

Here is a list of weekly schedule of most used airlines for travelling to Ghana:

  • British Airways operates direct flights to Ghana seven days a week. It departs from London Heathrow Airport. Being one of the most sought after airlines by customers its always advisable to book in advance specially for March, July and Christmas flights for December 2016.
  • Emirates Airlines has connecting flights to Ghana via Dubai. These are available at daily basis from major UK airports.
  • You can take an Ethiopian Airlines flight to Ghana from Heathrow Airport seven days a week via Addis Ababa.
  • Kenya Airlines also only operates from Heathrow and daily connecting flights to Capital of Ghana with a stopover at Nairobi.
  • TAP Portugal has 3 daily connecting flights at Heathrow and one each from Manchester and Gatwick on daily basis.
  • KLM operates 3 daily connecting flights from London City and Heathrow while it has 4 daily connecting flights from Manchester.

Baggage allowance with different airlines while travelling to Ghana:

Paying fee for overweight baggage is surely a mood spoiler. No one likes this to happen when they are heading for a vacation. This is generally caused when you tend to overlook the baggage allowance of your airline. Here is baggage allowance of some airlines for Ghana flights:

  • British Airways' baggage allowance being offered for economy class flight is 2pcs each containing not more than 23 kg and for business class passengers British airways offers a generous 2pcs of 32 kg each and three pieces of 32kg each in first class.
  • With Arik Air, you can take 20kg in economy class and 30kg in business class for Accra.
  • Air France has baggage allowance of one piece of 23kg in economy, two pieces of 23kg each in premium economy, two pieces of 32kg each in business and three pieces of 32kg each in La Premiere class for flights to Accra.
  • Emirates Airlines allows you to take 35kg in economy class (depending on fare type), 40kg in business class and 50kg in first class.
  • With Lufthansa you can take 1 piece of 23kg in economy classic and economy flex whereas 2 bags of 32kg each in business class.
  • TAP Portugal has baggage allowance of two pieces up to 23kg each in economy class and two pieces of 32kg each in executive class.
  • Baggage allowance of Kenya Airways is two pieces of 23kg each in economy class and two pieces of 32kg each in premier world.

Best Time to Book Flights to Ghana:

The climate remains mostly sunny and warm around the year but there are also few wet months as well. Best time to visit Ghana is during its dry season which occurs in months of November, December, January, February and March. Finding a cheap flight to Ghana can prove a hard task in peak season. Prices are highest in the month of December. If you want to avoid frustration, you should book in advance.

The off season or rainy season falls around April to Mid-July. Fewer visitors book flights in these months. If you are a budget-savvy explorer then off season is best for booking flights to Ghana. You can get best deals even in the months of August.

What are accommodation options in Ghana?

You will find variety of accommodation options in Ghana from luxury hotels to simple guesthouses and from fancy resorts to youth hostels. This means you can find a decent place for your stay without breaking your budget. Mid-range and luxury hotels are mainly situated in the center of Ghana cities whereas beach resorts are operating at the coast. There are spacious lodges with basic amenities for those who want cheap accommodation. These lodges have lounges, en-suite bathrooms, dedicated services, gardens and parking areas. You can also stay in mid-range hotels. They have nice infrastructure and large rooms.

International hotel chains are also operating in capital of Ghana and other big cities but these are expensive than other options. These hotels have swimming pools, suites and continental restaurants. Apartment complexes are a good option if you are ready to do your laundry and cooking.

Popular Sites and Restaurants in Ghana:

Just like any other African country, Ghana is famous for its wildlife but there are other tourists? attractions as well. Also the food of Ghana has a unique African taste. Following are few places and restaurants you must visit when you are in the country:?

  • Elmina Castle:? Built by the Portuguese traders and later used by Dutch and British for slave trade. Now it has been preserved as national museum and UNESCO has declared itt a World Heritage Site.
  • Labadi Beach Accra: It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the African continent. You can do number of activities like view acrobatic shows, performance of rasta groups, horse riding and hip-life dancing.
  • Buka: This restaurant is located in Accra and famous for its dishes which are fusion of Togo, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana cuisines. Their specialties are jollof rice, fish soup and grilled guinea fowl.
  • Zion Thai Restaurant: The restaurant located in Osu is famous for its authentic Thai cuisine. All of the ingredients are grown in its garden.
Popular Festivals of Ghana:

Festivals in Ghana have not only have cultural value but also religiously, morally and politically important as well. Every tribe has its own festivals and celebrations. Following are celebrated by majority of population:

  • Homowo Festival: It is widely celebrated by the Ghanaian people in months of August and September. Homowo in traditional language means hooting at hunger. People presents 'kpokpol' and streets are jammed with large processions. Accra is the main hub for this festival.
  • Edina Buronya Festival: It is native version of Christmas celebrated on first Thursday of every New Year in Edina town. Citizens consider this time as a period to purify them and remember their dead.
  • Adae and Akwasidae Festivals: It takes place in December every year by the Ashanti Kingdom. There are vibrant canopies and umbrellas, dancers, expert drummers, praise-singers and horn blowers.

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