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Cheap Flights to Lagos

Cheap Flights To Lagos

Direct or Connecting Flights to Lagos from UK Airports

If you are looking for direct flights to the city, you can either choose Medview Airline, British Airways and Arik Air. Medview Airline has main hub at Lagos Airport and offers direct flight only from London Gatwick city. You can avail direct flights from Arik Air which depart from Heathrow Airport. However, it does not operate connecting flights from any UK airport. British Airways offer direct flights at Heathrow Airports whereas its connecting flights depart from Glasgow and Manchester.

Other airlines offer connecting flights from main UK airports. Connecting flights will cost you less than direct flights but you have to wait on connecting points. The time spend on stopovers can greatly vary between 1 hour to 35 hours. These stopovers are made on European, Middle Eastern or African hub.

Airlines that offers flights to Lagos

  • British Airways (BA)
  • Virgin Atlantic (VS)
  • Medview Airline (VL)
  • Arik Air (W3)
  • Ethiopian Airlines (ET) via Addis Ababa
  • Emirates (EK) via Dubai
  • Air France (AF) via Paris
  • Qatar Airways (QR) via Doha
  • KLM (KL) via Amsterdam
  • Kenya Airways (KQ) via Nairobi
  • Lufthansa (LH) via Frankfurt
  • Etihad Airways (EY) via Abu Dhabi
  • Royal Air Maroc (AT) via Casablanca
  • Egypt Air (MS) via Cairo

When it's economically best time to travel to Lagos

Dry season in Lagos is the most suitable time to explore the city. This season occurs during October to January and the temperature is lowest during these months. Most UK travellers tend to visit Lagos during their winter holidays. It is the peak season and flight rates are higher than usual. A flight in economy class will cost you £700 to £1100. Temperature can be unbearable during other months so there are fewer crowds of visitors. In off season, a flight in economy class can be around £390 to £650.

Most used flight routes from UK to Lagos

  • London Heathrow to Lagos direct flights with Arik Air, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Medview Airline.
  • Manchester to Lagos flying with Lufthansa via Frankfurt
  • Birmingham to Lagos with Emirates via Dubai
  • Glasgow to Lagos with KLM via Amsterdam
  • Heathrow to Lagos with Kenya Airways via Nairobi

What is average flight duration from UK to Lagos?

Duration depends on your choice of flights i.e. whether you choose a direct or connecting flight. Flights from UK to Lagos take 6h 25m excluding the time spend on connecting airports. The longest flight duration is 48h. We have listed some airlines with their respective flight duration:

  • Arik Air offers direct flights from Heathrow Airport. Its average flight duration is 6h 45m
  • You can avail direct and connecting flights from British Airways. Its direct flights are available only at Heathrow Airport whereas connecting flights depart from Manchester and Glasgow via Heathrow. Minimum flight duration is 6h 30m and maximum is 22h 20m.
  • Med-View Airline operates direct flights only from Gatwick Airport. On average, its flights take 6h 45m.
  • When you choose Lufthansa, its connecting flights depart from London City, Heathrow, Manchester and Birmingham via Frankfurt and Brussels. Its shortest flight duration is 20h 15m and longest is 23h 05m.
  • Air France offers connecting flights from Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Heathrow and London City via Paris. Minimum flight period is 20h 30m and maximum is 28h 30m.
  • You can book a connecting flight from KLM as well. Its flights operate from Heathrow, London City, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester airports via Amsterdam. Its flight duration varies between 19h 40m to 31h 30m.
  • Emirates Airline operates from Heathrow and Glasgow Airports via Dubai. Minimum flight duration is 17h 25m and maximum is 26h 35m.
  • Heathrow Airport is the only one from which you can get a flight from Ethiopian Airline. Its flights make a stopover on Addis Ababa. On average, it takes 15h 10m to reach Lagos.
  • Qatar Airways offers connecting flights from Heathrow and Manchester airports via Doha. Its minimum duration is 15h 05m and maximum is 20h 50m.

Weekly Schedule of Airlines Flying to Lagos

Here is a weekly schedule of flights from UK to Lagos city:

  • British Airways offers a daily direct flight seven days a week from Heathrow Airport. You can avail its connecting flights from Glasgow and Manchester.
  • Emirates Airlines operates 4 connecting flights every day from Heathrow Airport. Flights are also available at Glasgow.
  • Qatar Airways has only connecting flights to Lagos which you can avail from Heathrow and Manchester. Flights depart from these airports on daily basis.
  • Med-View Airline offers a daily direct flight seven days a week from London Gatwick Airport.
  • KLM operates daily connecting flights from Heathrow, Birmingham and London City Airport.

What is baggage allowance of different airlines for Lagos?

If you are visiting Lagos on a backpacking or business trip, you won’t be bothered by the baggage allowance of the airline. However, if you are visiting your family or on vacations then this aspect is really important. Following are well-reputed airlines with their baggage allowance:

  • Arik Air allows you to take 20kg in economy class and 30kg in business class.
  • With Lufthansa, you can take 1 piece of 23kg in economy classic and economy flex whereas in business class you can take 2 bags of 32kg each.
  • Air France has baggage allowance of one piece of 23kg in economy, two pieces of 23kg each in premium economy, two pieces of 32kg each in business and three pieces of 32kg each in La Premiere class.
  • When you travel with British Airways, you can carry one piece of 23kg in economy class, two pieces of 32kg each in business class and three pieces of 32kg each in first class.
  • Med-View Airline allows its economy class travellers to take two pieces of 32kg each whereas business class travellers can take three pieces of 32kg each.
  • KLM has baggage allowance of 12kg in economy class and 18kg in business class.
  • With Kenya Airways, you can take two pieces of 23kg each in economy class and two pieces of 32kg each in premier world.
  • Emirates Airlines allows you to take 35kg in economy class (depending on fare type), 40kg in business class and 50kg in first class.

What is the best time to book flights to Lagos?

Lagos has two distinct seasons: wet and dry. Dry season starts from November and ends in March whereas wet season occurs from April to October. The city experiences lowest temperatures during October to January. This is the best time to book flight and visit Lagos as roads are seriously unfit for travelling in wet season. If you are interested in knowing about Nigerian culture, you can visit during one of the Lagos world famous festivals.

You can gain good bargains on flights and accommodation after the tourist season. However, if you want to get cheap flights to Lagos during the peak season, it is recommended to book flights couple of months earlier. Flights are also really cheaper during the off season i.e. from April to July.

Where can I stay in Lagos?
You will find plenty of accommodation options in Lagos. There are different hotels, guesthouses, motels and B&Bs in the town. Those travellers who are willing to lavishly spend on their accommodation, they can choose from many luxury hotels located in the city. These hotels are amazingly decorated and offer all the modern facilities and amenities. So you will get a most comfortable stay during your visit. The best among these are Sheraton and Raddison Blu. They have spacious and fully furnished rooms, pools, and sauna and fitness centers.

If you want a more budget-savvy option, then you can choose to stay in B&Bs, guesthouses, mid-range hotels and motels. Some hotels are specifically designed to cater needs of conference delegates and business travellers. These are located near the central commercial and business areas. Also you can stay at resort guest houses which have bars and swimming pools inside their premises.

Must to See Places in Lagos
Lagos has plenty of tourists’ attractions. However, following should be on top of your list:

  • Eleko Beach - This is one of the best beaches in Africa. You can enjoy a serene and tranquil evening with your family and friends. You need 45 minutes to reach the place located in the east of Lagos. You can book a beach hut and enjoy the BBQ special made for you.
  • Bar Beach - It is another famous beach of Lagos which is located on Victoria Island. If you like to walk on the beach with a cold breeze, then this place is ideal. You can do other activities as well like swimming, footballs and horseback riding.
  • National Museum - Top exhibits in this museum are brasses belonged to Benin City, carved ivory, royal host of crowns and Nok Terracotta. You can also buy woodcarvings, textiles and batik cloth as souvenir from the craft center.

Best Restaurants in Lagos
Following restaurants not only serve delicious food but also give a sneak peek in Nigerian Culture:

  • Terra Kulture - Since 2004, Terra Kulture is promoting food, arts and education in Nigeria. The food court has variety of Nigerian specialties like catfish, boiled yam and ofada rice. There is a gallery near the restaurant full of Nigerian art.
  • Eko Sky Restaurant and Lounge - The highest restaurant of Lagos gives you a break from the city bustle. Here, you can enjoy Nigerian, Asian, North American and European cuisines with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean and the city.
  • Villa Medici - The restaurant has been serving Nigerian cuisine from 15 years. Villa Medici has become popular not only among locals but also international tourists. The dishes have strong French influence and they are served with wines and cocktails of your choice.

Annual Events and Celebrations
Festivals and celebrations constitute an important part of Lagos culture. We have listed below few biggest festivals of the city:

  • Lagos Carnival: The carnival is the most vibrant and colorful party of the year. The excitement can be felt in the air even it is not started yet. Many international tourists head to Lagos only to attend the carnival.
  • Eyo Festival: The festival is considered the forerunner of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival - the biggest carnival of the world. The whole Lagos transforms into amazing white. Main roads are closed and colorful processions march in city. Costume dancers perform in the event and this is viewed by local and international spectators.
  • New Yam Festival: This festival is celebrated in the whole country and displays Nigerian culture. During the festival, you will view amazing acrobatic displays, dancers in colorful attires and different masquerades' performances.

By Z A Chahal

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Handy tips To Know before your departure flight to Lagos!

  • Fly to Lagos from 12 UK airports
  • The shortest time for a flight from London to Lagos is almost 6 hours 55 minutes.
  • Arik Air and British Airways fly to Lagos from London in the morning time. Whereas Virgin Atlantic offers Lagos flights in the evening.
  • 3117 Miles is the distance between London and Lagos.
  • At the moment 33 airlines offer flights out of Murtala Muhammed Airport.
  • Each week 588 international flight departures are seen at Murtala Muhammed Airport.
  • There is no time difference between London and Lagos.
  • British Airways offers daily flights to Lagos from London Heathrow.
FAQs about Lagos

I want to visit Lagos and I am unaware of which airlines provide direct flights to Lagos?

There are many indirect flights with leading international airlines you can choose from to fly to Lagos. Arik Air one of Nigeria's own airline, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic offer direct flights to Lagos from London. These flights are non-stop flights without any stopovers.

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