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why travel to ivory coast?

One of the main countries in Africa highly influenced by the French, the Ivory Coast is endowed with wet forests, a tropical environment with serene white beaches, and fertile plains. Natural terrain officially recognized under World Heritage invite travellers from afar for photo safaris, which also cover the traditional culture as well as the serenity of the strikingly spectacular coasts. Whether it’s the water safari over the rivers and flood-plains of the Comoe National Park in the northern Savannahs, tracking crocodiles, hippos and elephants, exploring the tribal villages and monkey habitats of the Tai National Park, or following the trails through the woods of Banco National Park, there is no end to opportunities worth exploration. For a special expedition, the N’zo Partial Faunal reserve has the largest habitat of chimpanzees, while along the coasts, the Ilhes Ehotiles National Park preserves a lot of natural terrain. The beach community is active along the Grand Bassam neighbourhood, which has multiple houses and public buildings existing since the French colonial times. The towns of Tabou, Sassandra, and the villages of Detikaha and Laketo give an insight to the simple lifestyle of the fishing and farming communities in the area. Near the Liberian border towards the South West lies the Strict Nature Reserve of Mount Nimba, consisting of surplus green slopes and tropical rainforests to provide a refuge for indigenous species of chimpanzees, toads and even mountain sheep. Notable landmarks of the country include the ruins of the Mansion of Sassandra’s Governor, the Memorial erected as a monument to the British ship MV Dumana, and the Commowealth War Grave for a British aircraft. The Dipi crocodile Farm and the National Zoo are facilities for exhibiting wildlife, along with official institutions like the Ivory Coast Civilizations Museum, the Abidjan National Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. These museums specialize in displaying the mask heritage along with locally produced artefacts, and the potential of the banned Ivory industry which boomed over the region in the past. The most developed and convenient commercial areas include the Treichville central market, in the main urban commune of the capital city, and the Cocody Market.  Last but not the least, the Christian heritage of the country is also phenomenal, starting with Basilica Our Lady of Peace, one of the largest churches established as a copy of the Roman Catholic Church by Ivory Coast’s political founder. Saint Paul’s Cathedral and Parish of St Andre’s Catholic Church are both designed with the top architectural efforts, blended with contemporary influence after refurbishments.

which airlines provide the best deals for flying to ivory coast from uk?

Cheap flights to Ivory Coast are facilitated by Turkish Airlines, Air France, SN Brussels, Egypt Air, Kenya Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates and Arik Air. During low seasons, these flights generally charge £450 to £650 during the low season. This range may jump to £700 to £900 during the high season. 

are there any airlines which are operating direct flights on the route?

None of the airlines are operating direct flights between Ivory Coast and the UK.

what is the flight duration for reaching ivory coast?

On average, it takes a flight time of 8 hours, exclusive of the time spent on a stopover. The average time spent on a stopover ranges between 1.5 to even 4 hours.

how to manage transportation in ivory coast?

In comparison to the rest of West Africa, the road network of Ivory Coast is very impressive. The best road is the coastal highway crossing through to the borders at both ends, which allows routes to further roads spread northwards. The main long routes are operated by bus companies and coaches, whereas leading onwards from the stops to towns and villages as well as within the cities, there are minibuses including bachas pickup trucks and trotros. Along the river and coasts, there are small boats as well as ferries established on the ports, either for a cruise over the nearby lagoon, or a river safari. The train network is also well-established, running a few major routes with regular frequencies at narrow gauge tracks.

what are the destinations in ivory coast where one can land?

All international flights landing in Abidjan rely on one international airport, the Felix Houphouet Boigny Airport, or the Port Bouet Airport, located in the capital city of Abidjan. While connected to about 25 cities, the airport hosts more than 500 international flights every week. About 50 additional flights are reserved for supporting the rest of the domestic airports spread throughout the rest of the country. They number to nearly 25 airports, with most of them registered as proper aviation facilities rather than being just airstrips.

what are the hotel and accommodation options in ivory coast?

If tourists opt for the highest multi-star options in accommodation, almost all of the international hotel franchises within Ivory Coast are centred within the capital, Abidjan. Along the coasts and beaches, resorts, hotels and lodges have their own sections of cabanas and lounging areas facing the sea, set in a pure tropical ambience. The culture is rampant for private villas and residencies to cater for tourists, with exclusive amenities and services for the guests. A few common, local hotels in the commercial areas provide standard rooms, providing an opportunity for availing budget accommodation.

what is the general idea of budget management in ivory coast?
  • A meal at an international fast food chain: £ 5.5
  • A regular soft drink bottle: £ 1.7
  • A large bottle (1.5 litres) of mineral water: £ 0.9
  • An imported cigarette pack: £ 0.82
  • A public transport ticket: £ 0.22
  • An average taxi trip within the city: £ 4.5
  • A small residence located in one of the towns: £ 40
  • A standard international hotel in main urban area: £ 90
Handy Tips you should know before your departure!
  • Choose to fly to Ivory Coast with Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Air France, SN Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines. 
  • Egypt Air flights to Ivory Coast from London take off in the afternoon.
  • The shortest time for a flight from UK to Ivory Coast is almost 7 hours. 
  • Flight distance to Ivory Coast from UK is approximately 3174 miles.
  • The main airport in Ivory Coast catering for flights is Felix Houphouet Boigny Airport.
  • More than 500 flights depart from Felix Houphouet Boigny Airport Abidjan every week.
  • There are no direct flights offered between UK and Ivory Coast.

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