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Airlines that operate flights to Nigeria

  • British Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • Air France
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Kenya Airways
  • Ethiopian airlines

How long is the flight from UK to Nigeria?

  • British Airways direct flights to Nigeria from Heathrow (LHR-LOS): 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Flight time from London to Nigeria on a direct flight with Virgin Atlantic: 6 hours 55 minutes
  • Flights with KLM from Glasgow to Nigeria with stopover at Amsterdam: 10 hours 15 minutes
  • Emirates flights to nigeria from Birmingham via dubai : 18 hours 10 minutes
  • Flights from Manchester to Nigeria: 9 hours and 40 minutes

What are the most preferred airlines to fly to Nigeria from UK?

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are the most preferred airlines for direct Nigeria flights from London. It requires 6 hours to 7 hours maximum on a hassle-free flight journey to reach Nigeria from Heathrow.

What is the weekly flight schedule of airlines flying to Nigeria?

  • British Airways (BA): BA facilitates passengers with direct flights to Nigeria from London Heathrow to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (ABV) and Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS), Nigeria throughout the seven days of the week.
  • Virgin Atlantic (VS): Direct flight is available all the week except on Wednesday from London Heathrow.
  • Turkish Airlines (TK): Flights are scheduled for seven days a week to Abuja and Lagos via Istanbul from London and Manchester.
  • Air France (AF): Air France provides an opportunity to fly to Lagos on any given day of the week.
  • KLM (KL): Caters the flights from Heathrow to Lagos via Amsterdam from Monday to Sunday.
  • Emirates (EK): Flights are available for LHR-LOS route on all the days of the week from Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Newcastle.
  • Qatar Airways (QR): Flight connections are available for Nigeria (LOS) from Heathrow throughout the week.

When is the best time to visit Nigeria?

Mainly there are two seasons in Nigeria, dry or winter and wet or summer. Jos town has the most pleasant climate in all of Nigeria. Rest of the country has hot weather. Northern parts of the country are hot and dry whereas southern parts are hot and humid. So the best time to visit Nigeria is from October to January. Peak season lies between December to January as most Nigerian festivals occur during this part of the year.

Northern and southern parts also differ in timing of the wet season. The rainy season occurs from April to September in North and in South, it is from March to November. There are fewer crowds in offseason and flights are cheaper than the peak season. However, if you want to visit Nigeria during peak season, we would recommend you to book flights few months in advance to secure the cheapest flight ticket to Nigeria from London.

Can I Book Last Minute Flights To Nigeria For July 2019 ?

Summer holiday is always a busy time to fly into any destination in Africa and Nigeria is no exception to that. So, if you are planning to travel in 2019, then it's advisable to book as early as possible for July, December and March 2019 if you wish to secure cheap flights to Nigeria. Nevertheless, if you tend to book last minute flights, you may be lucky to get a flight for 01 or 02 persons, but for a family of three and four you need to book well in advance, and you are looking at a price of 2500-3000 GBP in total.

Which is the best time to book flights to Nigeria for Christmas 2018?

TravelhouseUK is proud to announce that we are ready to provide our customers with the best deals for the Christmas 2018 season. The holidays are here and there is a large Nigerian Diaspora that longs to go back home. Waiting for last minute cheap deals for flights to Nigeria often results in opening the wallet for a very expensive ticket. Avoid those dreams and listen to your proactive self by booking a flight right now. This is a sure shot method to get the cheapest tickets and accommodations in Nigeria by booking your ticket three to four months ahead of time. This gives our customers a stable ground to completely plan their vacations, with cheap tickets in hand, without any mindless ruckus and uneasy nights. The new batches of unclaimed seats have just been admitted into our systems. Grab one, before they gatheradded costs as the high Christmas season fast approaches

Can I book domestic flights within Nigeria from UK?

Yes, you can book flights to Abuja, Port Harcourt and other domestic airports within Nigeria from UK. Call us now to book your complete itinerary with discounted flights through our top travel consultants.

What is the main international airport in Nigeria?

  • Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (ABV)
  • Akure Airport (AKR)
  • Benin Airport (BNI)
  • Margaret Ekpo International Airport (CBQ)
  • Akanu Ibiam International Airport (ENU)
  • Ibadan Airport (IBA)
  • Ilorin International Airport (ILR)
  • Yakubu Gowon Airport (JOS)
  • Kaduna International Airport (KAD)
  • Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport (KAN)
  • Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS)
  • Maiduguri International Airport (MIU)
  • Makurdi Airport (MDI)
  • Sam Mbakwe Airport (QOW)
  • Port Harcourt International Airport (PHC)
  • Sadiq Abubakar III International Airport (SKO)
  • Warri Airport (QRW)
  • Yola Airport (YOL)

How Earlier Do I Need To Book Flights For December 2018 And Returning From Nigeria In Early January 2019?

Travelling in December to anywhere in the world and coming back before 10th a January is always expensive due to Christmas and New Year Festivities. Keeping this in view, it’s always advisable to book well ahead of time for Christmas flights to avoid any inconvenience. Looking for flights to Nigeria in December closer to the time of travel might cost you almost more than GBP 1000-1300. But you can get a better deal ranging somewhere between GBP 600-800 if you book flights three to four months before departure dates.

What is baggage allowance of different airlines flying to Nigeria?

This factor is really important in deciding the most suitable airline for your journey. Travelers who are going for vacations need more baggage allowance to fit everything they need. Usually, it's one piece of 23 kg with Economy Class tickets and Business Class flights provide you a leverage of carrying all that you need in two bags of 32 kg each; when you fly with Lufthansa, Air France, or British Airways.

If your travel preferences are not rigid, consider an airline with the excess baggage allowance to pack all your togs with you. Emirates, being the most steadfast airline, allow 35 kg in Economy Class, 40 kg in Business Class and 50 kg in First Class.

where can i stay in nigeria?

You can find five star and international hotels in Lagos and other major towns. However, these are fully booked during peak season and you have to book in advance. Lagos is the most congested city not only in Nigeria but also in Africa as well. Most of the good hotels are only available on this island. These hotels are usually really expensive in peak season but alternate options are also available.

You can stay in rest houses which are run by government. These are available throughout the country. Colonial-style houses and bungalows are used for this purpose. Another option is to get accommodation from Christian missions. They will offer you basic enmities at reasonable price. Major Nigerian towns also have sporting clubs which offer meals and accommodation at cheap rates. However, you have to purchase a temporary membership before your stay in these clubs.

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