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Cheap one-way & return flights to Chad from London

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Air France
Air France
LON - NDJ London to N'Djamena
02 Sep - 01 Nov Travelling Dates
£ 846.66
return Deal found: 07/17
Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines
LON - NDJ London to N'Djamena
02 Sep - 01 Nov Travelling Dates
£ 911.58
return Deal found: 07/22
Ethiopian Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines
LON - NDJ London to N'Djamena
02 Sep - 01 Nov Travelling Dates
£ 934.29
return Deal found: 07/15
LON - NDJ London to N'Djamena
02 Sep - 01 Nov Travelling Dates
£ 959.45
return Deal found: 07/14
MAN - NDJ Manchester to N'Djamena
01 Aug - 01 Oct Travelling Dates
£ 2649.52

Which airlines operate flights to Chad?

  • Air France
  • KLM
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Kenya Airways

How long is the flight to Chad from the UK?

  • Travelling via Air France or Ethiopian Airlines to Chad takes 12 to 17 hours from London Heathrow Airport. These flights stopover at Paris or Addis Ababa.
  • From Manchester, the time to reach Chad is 12 to 15 hours. Air France, again is the most prominent airline on this route with the cheapest rate and has a single layover in Paris.
  • It requires 18 to 20 hours to get to Chad from Birmingham. Air France also dominates on this route as well. However, there are some flights with KLM. The single stopover is usually in Paris.

Are there any direct flights to Chad from the UK?

No airline is currently serving this route with non-stop flights. As it is, only a few airlines are operating Chad flights. It leaves passengers with the only choice of connecting flights. Passengers prefer to use Air France to travel to Chad; however, a lengthy trip by Ethiopian Airlines is also a bit cheaper and readily available.

Which airlines operate flight to Chad more frequently?

Air France has the most abundant list of flights that connect Chad with the United Kingdom. With many Chadian immigrants living in France, Air France has the flexibility to organise more flights to the central African country. Other airlines that also have scheduled flights to Chad include KLM and Ethiopian Airlines.

How many flights are there from London to Chad weekly?

There are thirteen flights each week that move tourists and travellers to Chad from London. The considerable bulk of these flights are by Air France. But Royal Air Maroc, Ethiopian Airlines and even Egypt Air also land their aircraft on Chad’s runways. Therefore, there are plenty of seats available at all times for you to book for your trip – be it for a solo vacation or a family reunion.

How does Travelhouseuk find such low prices of tickets to Chad in July 2024 ?

The agents of Travelhouseuk are the best in the business. The experience they have and the softwares they use enable them to find the cheapest flights to Chad. Not all cheap flights are passenger-friendly, and it is the travel agent and his expertise that makes our clients realise the costs and benefits. Our travel agents pick the most affordable flights with the best value for our loyal customers. If you are still unsure, please visit our Facebook page and go through the reviews of our customers. We also have an account on Trustpilot, which gives our customers an independent platform to rate and communicate with us. Give that a look as well and make an informed decision to have us plan your tour to Chad.

Cheap flights to Chad with Air France

The cheapest flights to Chad are by Air France. Other airlines like Ethiopian Airlines and Royal Air Maroc have few connections with the United Kingdom and are in the process of bettering their services and onboard experience. Air France is a better choice when travelling to Chad.

Air France has about 42 flights leaving for Paris, all from London Heathrow Airport. Of the many flight services, Air France 1681 (AF 1681) is preferred by Chad travelling tourists because it makes the shortest layover before the next connecting flight. AF 1681 is scheduled to fly every day at 9:00 AM from London and lands at 11:15 AM at Charles De Gaul after a 1 hour and 15 minutes journey. The connecting flight to N’Djamena from Paris departs at 1:20 PM, only on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Mondays (seasonal). This flight has the flight number AF 878 and remains airborne for five and a half hours before finally landing at N’Djamena International at 5:40 PM.

Is there a major international airport in Chad?

N'Djamena International Airport (NDJ) is the only international airport and primary gateway to the country. The airport located on the southeastern edge of Chad, quite near to the Cameroonian border. The airport is under both civilian and military use, with the military half occupied by the French and Chadian Air Force. From the Palais du 15 Janvier, which is at the centre of the city, the airport is only 6 kilometres away. By car, you can get to the downtown area in about 10 minutes. There are other critical domestic airports in Chad that include Moundou Airport and Abéché Airport.

What is the best time to visit Chad?

The best time to visit Chad is in December and January. During these months the average temperature remains at a pleasant 25°C, and the highest temperatures also do not exceed the 32°C limit. It gives the tourist enough time and the perfect weather conditions to explore and find out the mysteries of Chad. No rainy thundering clouds are hovering over the country either in December and January.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Chad?

Chad is among the few destinations in the world where the cheapest time to come to the country is also the best time weather-wise. Being a Muslim majority country in central Africa, Chad does not massively celebrate the Christmas season. This cultural difference allows tourists from the west to experience something new and vibrant during this time of the year. Tourism-wise, the busiest time of the year is from July to October, but it is also the same time the wet season approaches. This weather pattern is called the ‘intertropical front’ that graces the southern part of Chad with abundant greenery. But as the clouds lose moisture travelling north, little to no rain reaches the Saharan desert half of the country.

What are the major landmarks in Chad?

Chad is known as the “Heart of Africa”. This landlocked country captivates senses and introduces the raw and untamed African wilderness to the tourists, who seldom visit this part of the continent. Be a little young at heart and visit the natural landmarks and wonders of Chad.

  • Emi Koussi is an extinct volcano in northern Chad. Steam vents and lava domes are still littered across the barren yet awe-inspiring surface, even though lava stopped flowing from this massive volcano millions of years ago.
  • Chad National Museum in N’Djamena is one of the best places in the country to visit if you are a history buff. The museum contains Chad’s historical artefacts from millions of years ago.
  • Zakouma National Park is Chad’s oldest national nature reserve, and it was established in 1963. The park has the largest elephant herds in Africa. There are numerous leopards, buffalos, lions, antelopes and giraffe in the nature reserve. .
Which five-star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Chad?

There are not many five star hotels in Chad. There are a few posh hotels in the capital, N’Djamena. The rest of the country has three-star hotels that are more than adequate for the nature lovers and backpackers, who visit Chad’s rugged north or the lush green south-east.

  • Hilton N'Djamena
  • Ledger Plaza N'Djamena
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, N'Djamena
  • Hotel La Residence
  • Hotel La Tchadienne

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