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Behold the diversity of Arab-African cultures with cheap flights to Rabat, the capital city of Morocco. Withholding rich traditions and heritage, Rabat has widely progressed towards becoming an alpha-world city. It came into being from a conglomeration of major towns to form a large port at the Atlantic Ocean alongside the Bou Regreg River. Even though the port has lost its significance due to siltation, major industrial complexes have taken its place. All Rabat flights rely upon Sales international Airport, located 5 miles to the cities’ outskirts and connected to over 12 cities with 120 international and 14 domestic flights every week. Both Royal Air Maroc and Air France are in competition for facilitating cheap flight tickets to Rabat with TravelhouseUK.

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£213.00 | price per pessenger
Heathrow LHR
Rabat RBA
Travel Between: 10 May 2017 - 22 May 2017
Air France
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Heathrow LHR
Rabat RBA
Travel Between: 10 May 2017 - 22 May 2017
£822.00 | price per pessenger
Heathrow LHR
Rabat RBA
Travel Between: 10 May 2017 - 22 May 2017
Air Berlin
£1416.30 | price per pessenger
Heathrow LHR
Rabat RBA
Travel Between: 10 May 2017 - 22 May 2017
British Airways

Want to know more about Rabat


A capital city of Morocco greets you with wide boulevards, lush gardens, and a serenity which you always long for, for this city places a far cry from bustling warrens, you happen to experience in other cities of Morocco.  A part from usual sophistication this city offers you to explore its other side which not less than enthralling. The most hip and happening place this city is blessed with is Medina town—with traditional life style, an array of eateries providing mouth-watering food,  chic craft boutiques and a unique vigour which await to be raft by you. 

  • Kasbah district is a biggest sightseeing draw—a fortress built in 11th century in absoluteAndalusian-style. Your visit will be great even if you are not a history buff.
  • Temara --A fairly ideal place to spend an evening or a wholeweekend here. Natural bathing pools and balmy ambience are something to add up in your beach feisty.
  • Royal Palace:  Want to feel being royal, at least for an evening? Travel to the Royal Palace and take endless trail of photographs in the backdrop of this Royal grandeur.
  • Mausoleum of King Mohamed V a sight-seeing having a long-promising history to this land is a great marvel of traditional art and design, with opulent tomb chamber in its middle.

Rabat–Salé Airport is an International airport serving this capital city of Morocco. This joint public and military airport is located about 8 kilometres northeast of Rabat city centre.

There are bus services available at the airport; operate to and from the city centre. They are scheduled according to the arrival and departure of the flights.

Airlines which fly directly to Rabat include: Royal Air Maroc, Iberia Airlines and Air France.

Royal Air Maroc routes its flights to Rabat daily.

 An estimated timea flight takes from UK to Rabat is 6 hours.

Royal Air Maroc, Iberia Airlines and Air France are known as the favourite airlines for travelling to Rabat from United Kingdom, whereas Royal Air Maroc is preferred given its cheapest airfare tickets.

No, there is not any direct flight to Rabat from UK being offered by any airline as yet.

This welcoming destination doesn’t require visa from tourists. Though, passport possession is mandatory upon arrival, which has to be valid for at least three months from your time of entrance in Morocco. However, to extend your stay a bit more, you’ve to consult the Moroccan police station.

In Rabat you’ll find the number of options to carry out on your plan of getting around this traditional city. Petit taxis, mostly blue in colour roam around at every corner of the city—an inexpensive mode to travel. Check the meter while getting in—it will save you being over-charged.  Avoid making your way through the white Mercedes ‘Grand Taxis’, for their fare may exceed your budget. If you are eager to enjoy each bit of your travel prefer seeing most of the sights such as; Centre Ville, Agdal, The University, the Medina, the Ocean/River and the monuments on foot.

Rabat undergoes temperate Mediterranean climate, which makes it year-round urban travel destination.  Tourists flock here mostly during May to August. You may choose yourself the ideal time though; given you are crowd escapers.

Rabat is chock-full with places to stay, from luxury hotels to bed&bath provided your budget limit. Old Madina is a hip and happening place in town with fairly low-budget accommodations. Prefer to book a room with an in-suite shower. Royal Hotel Rabat and Sofitel Rabat Jardin Royal are places to stay offering all-inclusive amenities being five star hotels.   If you long to enjoy some serenity given hidden away destination, Villa Mandarine is best place to lodge in--away from the city bustling.

  • Temperature tends to vary from high to as low as 32°F in winter evenings. It is advisable to pack some relatively warm clothing.
  • You can buy the native crafts of Rabat from the arts and crafts boutiques located in Tarik El Marsa.
  • Rugs are some special craft of Rabat, made of wool mostly red in colour having diamond motif in centre. Buy from the Rue des Consuls in medina, if you wish so.
  • For buying native artistries of Rabat visit Tarik El Marsa, for many crafts boutiques are set out there for tourists. 
  • Most likeable outdoor activities amongst tourists are hiking and bird watching at the Mamora Forest. You can have them at Lac SidiBoughabaParcas well.
  • To make your night pulsating, late-night entertainment is given at de Melilla and on rue Patrice Lumumba.
  • For savouringpure Moroccan food at low price, move to down rue Mohammed V and along rue Souika, in Medina. Your taste buds will supple one of the finest tastes in the region.

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