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Airlines that operate flights to Djibouti from UK

  • British Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Swiss Airlines
  • Lufthansa

How Long Is The Flight To Djibouti?

  • Heathrow to Djibouti one stop flights: 16 hours and 15 minutes
  • Manchester to Djibouti flights: 16 hours and 10 minutes

Which is the cheapest airline for flights to Djibouti from UK?

Although prices for the air tickets to Djibouti keep on fluctuating due to multiple reasons, the lowest fare you could possibly get your hands on is with the Turkish Airlines. The reputed airline offers an average flight price of 522 GBP.

What are the major international airports in Djibouti?

Djibouti is a small country at the horn of Africa. It only requires one international airport which is the Djibouti–Ambouli International Airport (JIB) in Djibouti City. The airport started functioning as early as in 1948, but since then has seen many renovations and extensions. It is only six kilometres away from the city centre.

What are the entry requirements to Djibouti for British travellers?

British Passport holders are required to obtain a visa before entering Djibouti. Since Djibouti does not have a separate embassy in the United Kingdom, the French Embassy facilitates in the acquiring the visa for British citizens. It is the prerogative of the Djibouti authorities whether to approve the visa or not. The application could take several weeks to get processed so, plan ahead.

What is the best time to visit Djibouti?

The Best time to visit Djibouti for the UK citizen would be from September to February. The Winter season is more moderate and most of the festivals are celebrated within this timeframe. The summer can be hot, humid and taxing on a person living in the UK.

Which events and festivals are celebrated in Djibouti?

Djiboutians are patriots and celebrate their cultural heritage as well as the religions that they are born into. Djibouti is like a prism; plain white light scatters into an array of different colours all dancing to music and jubilations in Djibouti.

  • The New Year is celebrated with merriment in Djibouti. The celebrations usually continue until daybreak. All the partygoers expect fun from the night and good fortune from the year.
  • Ramadaan is the holy month of Islam. Islam is a major religion in Djibouti and it is celebrated with religious fever and devotion throughout the country. Through the day, people pray and abstain from eating and drinking but as soon as the sun sets the food courts blast open and delicacies are bought by the dozen.
  • Christianity was brought by the French missionaries to Djibouti. Christmas is also a holiday that is celebrated in Djibouti and Christian traditions bring the all the communities to gather.
  • Fest’Horn is a celebration of music and dance and is conducted in mid-December. At the festival, different genres of African and western music are presented before a jubilant audience.
What are the major landmarks in Djibouti?

There are many natural wonders and landmarks in Djibouti. Discovering Djibouti can sometimes be like landing on Mars and finding stupefying rock formations all around.

  • Lake Assal is among the saltiest lakes in the world. The salt crystals form a lattice at the base of the lake-bed forming these vast intricate patterns. Everything floats in these waters and if you take a dip, a slippery layer of salt would form over your skin as the water drys away. Some think that these waters are therapeutic.
  • The limestone chimneys at Lake Abbe are a wonder of nature. Thousands of chimneys jut out of the flat plain around Lake Abbe. The chimneys actually are solidifying vents made of limestone around the volcanic apertures.
  • Khor Ambado beach is a reclusive beach of Djibouti. The beach is kept clean and can be easily accessed by a car. Diners in the area prepare amazing foods for the tourist to delight over.
Which five star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Djibouti?

There are a few five star accommodations and hotels in Djibouti, but more economical residences and hotels are also available.

  • Sheraton Djibouti
  • Djibouti Palace Kempinski
  • Les Acacias Hotel Djibouti
  • Hotel Residence de l'Europe
  • Atlantic Hotel
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