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Cheap Flights to Lilongwe

Cheap Flights To Lilongwe

Hoping to find cheap flights to Lilongwe on this vast internet world? Don’t worry, TravelHouseUK offers you an exclusive opportunity by sorting lowest airfare deals to Lilongwe, one of the renowned places that are home to Safaris in the wilderness and wildlife, Lilongwe offers views of nature from scenic villages to mountains, architecture from mausoleums to modern buildings and variety food from restaurants to steakhouses.

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Where should I visit in Lilongwe? get to know about this and much more through our travel guide to Lilongwe.

Why visit Lilongwe?

This capital of Malawi splits into two parts; The Old Town and New Town, while leading two diverse life setups. With sprawling, and bustling warren, enthralling nightlife, sizzling restaurants and busy markets; The Old Town feels fit to burst.  Whereas, the New Town having home to ministries, embassies, smart hotels, airline offices and travel agents is bit  quiescent, and underwhelming.

It’s hard to find where the city centre lies, but once you set your way city unfolds its bliss, and you would more likely discover hidden leafy oases or may be some favourite restaurant to sample African delight. A tour to City Market is undoubtedly peeping into native life; with flashy stalls, tricky hawkers, and African music and dancing. If you quest for evening venture Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary is worth visiting, also a tobacco auction floors resting in the out-skirts.  If you ferret out the adventures get your bearings towards wilderness Trails, where may be you’d greeted by monkeys, duiker, and wild hyenas—on your way. Walk along river-banks or arrange the picnic while watching birds, you’ll feel the serenity to take back home.

How far is the airport from city centre?

Lilongwe International Airport is serving all flights to the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe. Also Known as Kamuzu International Airport, it is situated at 12 miles (19km) from the city centre. 

How to travel to city centre from the airport? 

It takes almost 30/40 minutes drive to reach the town from the airport. Taxis charge about £12 to cover this distance if you get in to one. Although, minibuses are also available outside the airport but taxi is still better option especially if you’d be having any luggage.

Which major airlines flying to Lilongwe from UK?

You can reserve flights to Lilongwe from UK through airlines including Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, and South African Airways.

Is there any airline offers daily and direct to Lilongwe?

None of the airline precedes direct or daily flights to Lilongwe from United Kingdom.

Average flight time to Lilongwe from UK:

A flight takes 12 hours on average to reach Lilongwe from the major UK airports.

Preferable Airlines with Cheapest Airfares:

Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines are known to fix your itinerary at cheapest airfares.

Which airline takes less time?

Ethiopian Airlines is known to fly to Lilongwe from UK in comparatively less time, than other airlines.

How to get around the city?

Getting around in this spread out city is something you need to ponder on before leaving unplanned on foot.  Minibuses are inexpensive yet easy way to travel within. Once you ride on them, don’t miss seeing indulgent scenes out there especially large blue bank in the new town. Buses usually drop you of next to Shoprite supermarket in old town.   However, major hotels, offer taxis and car hire services   on demand.

What’s the best time to visit Lilongwe?

Lilongwe enjoys tropical climate with balmy winters and warm summers. So the ideal time to visit is during winter season through the months of May to October. This mild and dry season is also best time for hiking and game viewing.

What are the visa requirements? 

Lilongwe, Malawi tourist visa is not required for the nationals of United Kingdom and other European countries. However, travellers are allowed to enter upon possession of passport valid till 90 days after the departure from Malawi. Nonetheless, 6 months validity of passport is advisable.

Where to Stay in Lilongwe?

From camps and dorms to the luxury lodges you may find plentiful accommodations here. Mabuya Camp in old town provides dorms and pool table restaurant at reasonable charges. Lilongwe Golf club is yet another low-cost accommodation with almost no crowd. For mid-range hotel you’d walk to the centre of town to Kiboko Town Hotel—a nice place to stay with an in-house café and bar. If you look for splurge lodging Cresta Crossroads Hotel and Capital Hotel are ultimate choice having all-inclusive services.

By Z A Chahal

Handy tips To Know before your departure flight to Lilongwe

  • Lilongwe International Airport is the main airport catering for flights to and from Lilongwe.
  • 4947 miles is the approximate flight distance between London and Lilongwe.
  • It takes almost 10.5 hours for a flight between London and Lilongwe.
  • No direct flights are currently available between London and Lilongwe.
  • Kenya Airways, South African Airways and Ethiopian Airlines are preferred by most travellers to fly to Lilongwe.
  • Ethiopian Airlines operates one-flight daily to Lilongwe flying from London Heathrow in the evening.
  • South African Airways takes off London Heathrow in the evening and offers a flight each day to Lilongwe. 
  • Its a one-stop flight from London Heathrow and two-stop flight from Manchester to Lilongwe with Kenya Airways. 
  • The lowest fare you can get for Lilongwe starts from £668.

Airlines flying to Lilongwe

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