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why travel to gambia?

The main identity of Gambia is its main river, whose outline and path flows through the centre of the entire country before falling into the Atlantic Ocean. The Gambia River meanders through the tropical rainforests before ending at the western coasts, just beside the capital city of Banjul. The endless savannah grasslands of the Kiang West National Park sums up the biodiversity home to Africa. The park also has wetlands which include mangrove plantations, while safari tracks are laid out for observing the wildlife in the region. The Abuko Nature Reserve is one shady and compact facility for preserving tropical fauna alongside hyena, beer buck, crocodiles and a variety of primates. Professional efforts at contemporary art under local artists are on exhibit at the Lemonfish Art Gallery in Kartong. Another institution to serve as a platform for interacting with the locals, getting to know local cuisines, culture and industry is the Tanje Village Museum, being structured for a restaurant as well as lodges. For water tours along the Gambia River, there are small island destinations worth a tour, such as the famed Kuntah Kinteh ‘James’ Island or the McCarthy Island. The flea street market culture is rampant in major towns and localities, selling out products from artisans to workshops and even local snacks. Small sanctuaries like crocodile pools and reserve gardens are also present.

what are the flight destination options for landing in gambia?

With Gambia being among the smallest countries in Africa, its entire aviation reliance is on one single international airport, the Yundum International Airport located in Banjul, the capital city of the country. Banjul is located on the western corner of the country along its coasts. 

what are the options for availing cheap flights to gambia from uk?

SN Brussels, Royal Air Maroc, Arik Air and the Gambian Bird are all the airline options departing from both London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports. Low season economy class bookings range between  £480-£700. During the high season, economy airfares start from £700 to go for even £900. 

are there any direct flights to gambia from uk?

The Gambia Bird operates direct flights to Gambia from UK, with the usual frequency of 2 flights every week. Airfares for these direct flights range from £400 to £500 for the low season.

what is the flight duration from gambia for uk?

For direct flights the flight time duration is shortened to 7 hours. For indirect flights, the flight time extends to about 10 hours, along with a time range of 2, to 3 and even 5 hours spent at the stopover.

are there are any special christmas deals for gambia available?

The Gambia bird has the most chances for offering special christmas deals.

how to manage getting around in gambia?

With the entire country surrounding its one main river, going long distance within the area is preferred by boat as well. There are large ferries, motorized small boats as well as fishing boats for commute as well as river excursions. Main roads connect on the main banks on the river, however their state is not good, which is why rough rides are expected. Bush taxis take along multiple passengers, and are segmented among green and yellow categories for locals and tourists respectively. There are no other airports or airstrips present so domestic air travel is not an option.The mangrove region is famous for its calm waters, allowing visitors to use paddle boats for small tours in the area.

what are the hotel and accommodation options in gambia?

The standards of accommodation have highly improved to become competitive for hosting tourism in Gambia. Facilitating swimming pools, an outdoor bar as well as continental cuisines has become basic for most areas. Hotels are usually located in smaller buildings with high rise buildings discouraged for being constructed in the country. The options of safari bush-camps provide more seclusion in the wilderness, along with lodges established by parks and wildlife communities for guests. The most popularly trending options are the hotels along the beaches, while tourists who go for unconventional options can go for informal lodges and guest houses providing small rooms with self-catering. Only one or a couple of international hotel chains are present in the country. 

any idea of budgeting in gambia?
  • A single meal at an international fast food chain: £ 1.8
  • An average tour by taxi within city: £ 2
  • A local bus ticket: £ 0.12
  • A large bottle of mineral water: £ 0.49
  • An imported cigarette pack: £ 0.68
  • A main beach hotel: £ 90
  • A low key hotel/ self-service room: £ 30
  • An exotic hotel stay beside the beach: £ 80
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