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why travel to kigali?

Set in between various ridges in a hilly landscape, Kigali has spawned enormous influence as the capital of Rwanda.  Starting with the landscape and dominating the city's background, Mount Kigali has a smooth valley to allow many buildings climb up much of its height. The city has been a host of a diverse mix of communities; the Muslim Quarters depict a peaceful, well-knit community living with hospitality for welcoming visitors in the vicinity. A series of Churches are present in each of its regions, among which prominent ones include Nyamata Church and the Ntarama Church. Protected natural areas include the Akagera National Park providing wildlife tours featuring elephants, giraffes, lions, zebras and hippopotamus. The Volcanoes National Park hosts gorillas in the sprawling green mountains lining Kigali's province, with the endangered species beig a prime attraction marking the country across Africa. The city has expanded development over its entire province at the geographical center of the country. The prime historical institution is the Gisozi Genocide Memorial Centre, a clear indicator for tracing the heightened calamity of Rwanda's ethnic civil war back in 1994.  The Nyabugogo Marche Market will let visitors engage in the informal bargaining culture prevalent in Rwanda's local trade. The Kandt House Museum, Yego Arts Studio, and the Tongo Art Gallery are all official and local talent efforts at representing the potential of art hosted at Kigali. Garnering the art of Graffiti and drawing expressions, the Ivuka Arts Centre has stocked local artists implying their professional skills at the facility. 

what are the major air operators for cheap flights to kigali from london?

Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Kenya Airways, KLM and Qatar Airways are some of the leading airlines offering low airfares for flights heading to Kigali, Rwanda from London. 

are there any direct flights to kigali from london?

At present, there are no direct flights heading to Kigali from London. All the major airlines offer at least one stop-over destination for flights heading to Kigali. 

how far is the airport from the city centre?

Kigali International Airport, previously known as Gregoire Kayibanda Airport is located approximately 8.7 miles or 14 kilometers east from the city center. 

what is the flight duration from kigali to london?

The expected flight duration for flights heading to Kigali from London is 10 hours 45 minutes including the time for stopovers. 

how to get to the city from the airport?

Kigali International Airport offers 24 hour service Taxi stands for a convenient travel to the city center. Taxi stands are easily locatable at the airport. Fixed meters are usually not present in the vehicles so taxi fares should be negotiated prior to getting in the cab.Negotiations with more than one Taxi driver are preferable in order to seek a cheapest fare deal. Some of the hotels also offer shuttle services to ferry its guests from the airport to the hotel. Check with your booked hotel for such services. 

how to manage getting around in kigali?

One of the quickest and most convenient modes of getting around Kigali is using the motorcycle taxis or motorbikes. This is also a comparatively cheaper option as compared to the Taxis. Another popular mode of getting around Kigali is using the minibuses commonly called Matatus. These are well-maintained vehicles that offer transport to all the major points of attractions of the city. 

Buses are usually used to travel beyond Kigali. 

what are the hotel and accommodation options in kigali?

Kigali offers a range of accommodation options to suit everyone's budget. Ranging from a number of luxury hotels that include some of the leading names in the international chain of hotels, to affordable and comfortable hostels, residents can vary their choices and budget by locality chosen. Mostly, the budget category is focused upon residential locality. Most of the luxury hotels offer outdoor pool facilities, attached bars and quality restaurants, free Wi-Fi facilities with some also offering golf courses and a spa wellness center. 


Low-fared hostels are also equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities with some also offering outdoor pools. Most of Kigali's best hotels and hostels are located at only a short ride from the airport. Overall, Kigali has a booming trend of facilitating exclusive guesthouses, inns and residencies for fulfilling a superb getaway while residing in the city. 

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