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why travel to namibia?

Located to the north of South Africa along the Atlantic Ocean, Namibia is revered for its natural terrain spread over all its sides. Its coastline has its own kind of topography; True to its name, the Skeleton Coast National Park is famed for many shipwrecks to have washed ashore, while certain sections have seal populations basking in the sun during the day. For wildlife, there are other avenues available with the Namib Naukluft Park having its desert divided through a mountain range of smooth planar slopes, housing a habitat of subtle wildlife species, ranging from oryx antelopes, ostriches as well as wild horses. The Daan Viljoen Game Reserve is the facility for a safari trek through its trails and paths, while the Etosha National Park hosts a larger number of wildlife herding its plains. The allure of Namibia’s larger-than-life topography, dominated by the white Namib Desert, its salt pans, red sand dunes and smooth plain texture are features making Namibia truly unique. Hailing from independence from German colonial rule, multiple public landmarks and shrines along with castles, forts, museums and churches are still present in major cities and towns in the country. The main Cunene River splits into multiple streams before falling into the Atlantic, spreading greenery along its banks. The country is lauded in terms of community based eco –tourism for a sustainable tourism plan, and has developed and progressed accordingly in line with retaining its vision for retaining its biodiversity. 

what are the flight destination options for landing in namibia?

Namibia has two international airports; the Hosea Kutako Airport in the capital city of Windhoek is the major international airport, facilitating nearly 300 flights every week, mostly international. Rooikop Airport in Walvis Bay is also an international airport with a few foreign flights per week. Other minor airports are Oranjemund and Rundu. 

what are the main airlines operating cheap flights to namibia from uk?

South African Airways, Air Namibia, British Airways and Lufthansa are some of the conventional choices put forward for suitable airfare deals when travelling to Namibia from UK. Virgin Atlantic, KLM and Air France are additional options for flying to the country. During the low season, airfare deals range between £ 400 and £ 600. These fares then jump to around £700 and even £800 and above rates during the peak travel phase of high seasons in Christmas and summers. 

are there any direct flights to namibia from uk?

The national carrier, Air Namibia, used to be the only airline operating direct flights to London. It discontinued its direct flight options a few years ago, operating flights via codeshare with Lufthansa to have a stopover at Frankfurt. 

what is the flight duration for flights to namibia from uk?

The general flight duration ranges between 11-13 hours along with 2 hours spent on a stopover, which is generally Johannesburg serving as the main gateway to southern Africa.

how to manage getting around in namibia?

When evaluating Namibia among all African countries, Namibia has great infrastructure for road as well as rail travel. Travel by road requires off-roading in certain safari regions only, as most of the main roads are gravelled and in good condition. Intercape bus services are active at scheduled long distances and are also extensive. The train network is well maintained under TransNamib along with Desert Express with routes also included primarily for conducting tours, facilitating StarLine passenger services. 

what are the hotel and accommodation options in namibia?
  • Namibia’s accommodation options are generally exclusive, with lodges and guesthouses dominating the industry. They cater for all purposes, whether visitors are staying during business tours, or looking out for a motel during their travels. They are also very cheap while facilitating standard amenities and services of internet, television, furnished bedrooms and even suites. Outdoor swimming pools are also present along with a few sporting options. The main attraction of most of these lodges are the surroundings, with some of them located in game parks, some centred near the coastal zone, and some of them affiliated with clubs and restaurants. There are nationwide local hotel chains as well, acclaimed for facilitating reliably good standards for the tourism market. 
  • What’s the general idea of budget management in Namibia?
  • A single meal at an international fast food chain: £ 3.6
  • A large bottle of mineral water: £ 0.8
  • An imported cigarette pack: £ 1.95
  • A local transportation ticket: £ 0.5
  • A taxi trip within the city: £ 4.5
  • A local guest house or lodge in the suburbs: £ 40
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