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why visit khartoum?

The jewel of Sudan boasts several attractions that make this city the ideal place for vacationing. Khartoum is a city that has it all. Head over to this wonderful city with your family or friends and explore museums, parks and the history of Sudan.


One of the museums that holds breathtaking exhibits of the mysterious Sudan is the National Museum. If you are interested in art and history then this is the best place to start as it covers the whole history of Sudan starting from the rise and fall of various kingdoms including Kerma, Kush and Meroe. The museum also boasts magnificent royal statues and artefacts that have been preserved especially from Kerma. This is your chance to witness numerous medieval Christian frescoes from churches such as the Old Dongola.


This is your chance to visit temples and surround yourself with the stunning architecture that Khartoum has to offer. so book your cheap ticket to Khartoum today and enjoy a fun filled and adventurous vacation with your loved ones. Don’t miss an opportunity to revel in the beauty of the Dinder National Park and surround yourself with nature like never before. 

how far is the airport from city centre?

The main airport or gateway of Sudan which is the Khartoum Airport (KRT). The distance from this airport to Khartoum town center is approximately 3.06 miles which is equal to 4.92 kilometers.

which major airlines fly to khartoum from uk?

Some of the major airlines which provide flights from UK to Khartoum include Egypt Air, Turkish Airlines, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, Kenya Airways and Qatar Airways.

how to travel to city centre from the airport?

One of the best ways to get around the city is by using the comfortable and efficient bus system. This is cheap and affordable and will easily get you where you need to go. Other local transport includes rakshahs and tuktuks which are 3 wheeled motorcycles. These can be hired in the same manner as taxis.

is there any airline fly daily to khartoum?

No. there are no airlines that are providing daily flights to Khartoum from UK.

how to get around khartoum city?

It is very easy to get around the Khartoum city as the city is laid out on a grid with straight roads which are easily navigable. The usual reference places are the airport and the Nile River which will easily get you around and remember places.


Some of the easiest methods of getting around the city include taxis which are available in a number of different flavors including bright yellow and Toyota Corollas Model 1977, small 6 seated minivans, and contemporary relaxed and air conditioned metered cabs which are the most comfortable methods of getting around the city. other than the metered taxis, other taxis always overcharge especially the foreigners.


Other forms of transportation include minibuses and hired cars. It should be noted that minibuses are the cheapest way of getting around Khartoum. The minibuses hold signs of their destinations and hence one should be mindful of where you need to go. These minibuses depart from the Great Mosque and are easily available there.


Cars for hiring are also easily available however given the busy roads this is not the best way to explore the city. 3 wheeled taxis called riskhas are also available. If you have not been on a riskhsha yet then one must take full use of this opportunity.

what's the best time to visit khartoum?

The best time to visit Khartoum starts from January and all through March. One can also visit the city during the months of November and December as the weather is quite pleasant.

average flight time to khartoum from uk?

The average flight time duration from the UK to Khartoum takes approximately 15 hours and 56 minutes.

best and preferable airlines to fly from uk to khartoum?

Some of the most preferred airlines by tourists when heading to Khartoum from the UK include Egypt Air, Turkish Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Emirates and Kenya Airways.

preferable airlines with cheapest airfares to khartoum?

Out of the preferable airlines mentioned above, the airlines which are offering the cheapest air fares include Egypt Air, Turkish Airlines, Gulf Air and Air France.

is there any direct flight to khartoum from uk?

No. None of the airlines provide direct flights from UK to Khartoum.

which airline takes less time to fly to khartoum?

Kenya Airways is said to take less travel time from UK to Khartoum.

high ranked and preferable airlines for business class flights to khartoum?

When flying to Khartoum in business class, some of the high ranked and most preferable airlines include Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways and Qatar Airways.

where to stay in khartoum?

Choosing where to stay is the most important aspect of your holiday hence here is a list of hotels to choose from to make your holiday the perfect one.

  • Corinthia Hotel is located near the Monsanto Nature Park. This hotel is one of the only 5 star hotels available in Khartoum and provides you with endless facilities and entertainment. The hospitable environment and staff will make your stay even more enjoyable.
  • Al Salam Rotana Hotel is simply perfect for your ideal holiday at Khartoum. This hotel provides you with suites and luxurious hotels of your choice.
  • Acropole Hotel is convenient and provides you with world class comfort and luxury. 
  • Kanon Hotel Suites is one of the best places to stay at as it provides affordable luxury rooms.
  • 5M Hotel is reasonable and is one of the top ranked hotels in Khartoum.
Handy Tips you should know before travelling to Khartoum!
  • Khartoum provides you with a fine dining experience. Make sure you check out all these restaurants and get a taste of the delicate delicacies of Sudan. 
  • Chick King is one of the best restaurants here at Khartoum. 
  • If you are looking for an ideal place to have brunch then make sure you visit the Sansa Café and Restaurant. The interior is exceptional and the service simply top notch!
  • Ozone Café is extraordinary for your daily retreat for coffee. Make sure you try out their dates cake as it is simply delicious. 
  • If you are craving for the European cuisine then head over to the Tangerine Café which is a boutique café.
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