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Take a break and book cheap flights to Mombasa, a city that offers plenty for adventure travelers, wildlife lovers and nightlife enthusiasts through its Beachfront hotels, safaris, lush greenery and wildlife, marine national park, tropical diving experience and monument sand museums such as the Fort Jesus. Travel to Mombasa with any of the world’s leading carriers from London Heathrow such as Swiss Airways, Turkish, KLM, Alitalia, Kenya, Ethiopian and Air France.

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Bargain deals for return flights to Mombasa
£378.00 | price per pessenger
Heathrow LHR
Mombasa MBA
Travel Between: 10 May 2017 - 22 May 2017
£378.80 | price per pessenger
Heathrow LHR
Mombasa MBA
Travel Between: 10 May 2017 - 22 May 2017
Kenya Airways
£380.70 | price per pessenger
Heathrow LHR
Mombasa MBA
Travel Between: 10 May 2017 - 22 May 2017
Air France
£491.07 | price per pessenger
Heathrow LHR
Mombasa MBA
Travel Between: 10 May 2017 - 22 May 2017
British Airways
£491.07 | price per pessenger
Heathrow LHR
Mombasa MBA
Travel Between: 10 May 2017 - 22 May 2017
Ethiopian Airlines
£627.67 | price per pessenger
Heathrow LHR
Mombasa MBA
Travel Between: 10 May 2017 - 22 May 2017
Etihad Airways

Want to know more about Mombasa


Stretched at the Kenyan coast with crystal blue waters of Indian Ocean wavering in its lap, here lays the historic island of Mombasa.  With ethnic diversity of Portuguese, Arab and Asian--Mombasa reflects a delicate yet perfect cultural potpourri to its visitors. This place never falls short in entertaining to its tourists with its never ending beach luxuries.


  • Built back in 1593 by Portuguese, Fort Jesus is standing as the perfect example of well-preserved 16th century structure; hence, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Fort Jesus is a striking starter to amuse your sight with Mombasa sites.
  • Reminiscent of the Arab and Asian influence in region, Mombasa old town is worth to visit in some lazy afternoon to witness antique shops and artistic architecture of the place.
  • The Haller Park is the largest animal sanctuary in Mombasa; occupied with rare species of animals and birds. You can walk on the long trails of its exotic botanical gardens or can peep into the personal life of the animals including snake if you are daring enough.
  • Diani Beach—an exotic white sand beach appeals you with its glittering dunes and loads of water sports. Also invites you in its luscious beach bar ‘A night at 40 Thieves’, to let you toast for more fun.
  • Board on canoes and sail through pristine waters, put on your scuba gear and view the breathtaking marine life in Marine National Park. Snap-shot the snorkelling rarely seen coral fish.

Mombasa Moi International Airport is located 8.26km from the Mombasa town centre. It takes 28 minutes drive in current traffic to reach from the airport to the city centre.

Kenya Airways, KLM and Ethiopian Airlines operate their flights to Mombasa from major airports in UK.

There are variety of shuttles, taxis, air-porters and rental cars available at the Mombasa Moi International Airport to take you to Mombasa city. You can reserve shuttle or car in advance to avoid any hassle on arrival.

Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines operate their regular flights from UK to Mombasa.

You can travel using an auto rickshaw’s (tuk-tucks) for short distances—kind of private vehicle at cheap fares. Taxis are still better option, try to get that one which is registered and having white number plate on. Also, you can rent a private car by authorized rental car.

Summer season (during December to March) is the peak-tourist season, thus an ideal time to plan a trip to Mombasa. You can also venture during July to September, as these months offer relatively low humidity and pleasant evening.

An estimated flight time to Mombasa from UK is 10 hours 35 minutes.

Kenya Airways, KLM and Ethiopian Airlines are preferred airlines to fly to Mombasa from UK.

Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines take less time to reach Mombasa, with one stop over only.

Mombasa is a regular tourist destination, so it offers practical solution for lodging--ranges from luxury to budget accommodation. Featuring swimming pool, garden and fitness centre ‘Best Western Plus Creekside Hotel’ is best choice for luxury lodging. Voyager Beach Resort is yet another place to have excellent services in Mombasa.  

For budget accommodation try Castle Royal Hotel, Bamburi Beach Hotel or Reef Hotel. Also, there are some decent camping facilities in city, if you wish to venture without emptying your pocket.

  • For reaching to beaches in south of the town, Likoni ferry is fun to ride on.
  • Classic curry house presents you its exclusive menu, filled with scrumptious options like tandoori and mughlai cuisines. Make sure not to skip this specialised meal when in Mombasa 
  • Bamburi beach is an exotic partying beach popular among locals and foreigners alike. Plan a party or at least attend one to enthral your trip with pulsating beach party rhythm. 
  • If you are fond of adventures then it would be good to know that Mombasa is popular for deep sea diving. It’s warm weather and pristine waters favour you for underwater activities. So, don’t stand on shore only. 
  • Traditional Kenyan fabric (lesos and kikois) is in abundant in Mombasa at cheap rates. Buy to add different flavour in your wardrobe.
  • If you are thinking what to grab back to home as souvenir, then don’t think too much and buy few pairs of Mombasa sandals—handmade leather sandals embellished with colourful beads.

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