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Which Major Airlines Fly to Mombasa from UK?

  • Kenya Airways
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • KLM
  • Air France

How long is the flight to Mombasa from the UK?

  • There are one to two stopovers in the Kenya Airways flight from London Heathrow to Mombasa. Some of these flights have a layover in Amsterdam and Nairobi, while others have only one in the Kenyan capital. The total duration of the journey is 14 to 16 hours.
  • Depending on the airline you choose to fly with, the trip from Manchester to Mombasa is 15 to 20 hours long. KLM offers the cheapest flights, always with have two stopovers; in Amsterdam and Nairobi.
  • Cheap flights from Birmingham to Mombasa also come with two stops. Low-cost airlines, like Kenya Airways, offer a trip with a duration of only 15 hours.
  • Turkish Airways dominate flights from London Gatwick Airport to Mombasa. These flights are a bit expensive but have only one stop in Istanbul. The total time taken by this journey is 14 hours.

Are there any direct flights to Mombasa from the United Kingdom?

No, until recently there has been no news of direct flight services between the UK and Mombasa. Travellers and tourists tend to fly to Nairobi first from the United Kingdom and then take a domestic flight to Mombasa. This route is not only quicker but also cheaper as well. Two airlines are contesting on this route: Turkish Airlines and Kenya Airways. Of the two, Kenya Airways is more affordable, but Turkish Airways has only one stopover per flight and is the fastest overall.

Cheap Flights to Mombasa with Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways allows people from eastern Africa to reach their home countries from Nairobi. It is the reason why Kenya Airways flights are very popular with the Africa Diaspora in the United Kingdom. Your trip to Mombasa from the UK would be in two legs, that is, from the UK to Nairobi and then onwards to Mombasa. There are a few flights offered by Kenya Airways from Birmingham and Manchester as well that take passengers first to Amsterdam and then onwards to Mombasa. These flights include KQ 1074 (from Manchester) and KQ 1422 (from Birmingham) that take off each day.

Taking the direct flight to Nairobi, the British traveller can board KQ 101 that flies from London Heathrow Airport. The aircraft is scheduled to take off at 6 PM every day and takes eight hours to reach the destination. You would be in Nairobi at 5 AM the following morning. From Nairobi, Kenya Airways operates KQ 644 to get passengers to Mombasa every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Mombasa?

The cheapest time of the year to explore Mombasa is from July to September. These months are not as dry as the December-March period, but there are more days with open skies than other months of the year. The average temperature is 25°C during this time, and all you need is an umbrella, just in case, there is a surprise drizzle. With the school summer break on during this time as well, these are the most affordable and convenient few months for people on a budget. The airline tickets are cheaper, and the hotels usually offer deals and discounts during July, August and September. For even better rates, call TravelhouseUK agents at 020 3137 2316 and let them know about your plans.

how many airlines fly daily to mombasa?

Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines operate their regular flights from UK to Mombasa. Kenya Airways gets it jet flying from London Heathrow at least thrice on per day basis. Ethiopian Airlines operate only flight from Heathrow on regular basis.

which airline takes less time to reach mombasa?

Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines take less time to reach Mombasa, with one stop over only.

Are there any major international airports in Mombasa?

The local airport in Mombasa is known as Moi International Airport (MBA). Moi International Airport processes 1.5 million passengers each year, and many renowned international airlines choose to schedule flights to the airport, including Turkish Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines. The airport is situated further inland, and the trip to downtown Mombasa Island takes only 23 minutes by car. The airport played a pivotal role in transporting relief and humanitarian aid to many East African nations.

What is the best time to visit Mombasa?

The best time to tour Mombasa is from December to March. The rainy season comes in the last weeks of March and stays until July, peaking in May. For the best Mombasa experience, come to the city before the wet season arrives. The weather is spectacular, and the temperature oscillates between 26°C and 28°C, which is perfect for soaking up the warm Mombasa sun or exploring the bustling inner core of the city. Being the few prime months to visit Mombasa, more tourists are arriving in the city during this time. Hotel rooms and airline tickets would be a bit more on the expensive side, so book flights and accommodations as early as possible with our agents for a better deal.

What are the major landmarks in Mombasa?

TMombasa is the second-largest city in Kenya and the only major city and port on the coast of the country. Surrounded by natural reserves, parks and entertainment resorts, the town of Mombasa tries to cater to the diverse needs of every foreign explorer visiting the country.

  • Haller Park is a shining example of environmental reclamation. The park was once a mine for a local cement factory. The land was strip-mined and exploited to the limit, and the barren rocks lay lifeless, with brackish water seeping from underground. Haller Park was transformed into a piece of paradise it is today with the help of Rene Haller, a Swiss naturalist. Casuarinas were planted on the alkaline earth for life to restart in the area. Millions of millipedes were introduced to the park as it was the only insect able to digest the hard fallen leaves of the Casuarinas. These insects produced nutrient-rich humus for other plants to grow. Slowly the animals and shrubs were added to the park to make it a natural miracle that the garden is today. Visit the Haller Park to appreciate the conservation efforts and have a fantastic outdoor day.
  • For family entertainment, visit Wild Waters Park to have an exciting day in Mombasa. Apart from the many water slides, separate for adults and children, there are food courts, bars and coffee shops in the recreational area. Bumper cars bump and colloid with each other with screams of excitement and laughter. There are many extreme rides as well for those who want to be nudged with thrill. Show your dance moves at the Radiance Disco Arena in Wild Waters. The water slides, however, are the best joy ride and for just 1500 Kenyan Shilling, it’s affordable for all.
  • Shimba Hills Natural Reserve is an integral part of Mombasa’s and Kenyan natural heritage. The reserve is only 33 kilometres from Mombasa and contains half of all endangered species in Kenya. Only a short distance from the coast, the national park has rainforest, grasslands and woodlands where the animals and plants gain shelter and find sustenance. The wildlife tours to the natural reserve are fascinating since Shimba Hills Reserve also has about 400 elephants living in the wild.
Which events and festivals are celebrated in Mombasa?

Almost every day, there is a new reason to celebrate in Mombasa. The city invites athletes from all over the world for the Mombasa Triathlon. The event takes place in the cooler weather of September, which includes swimming, cycling and running. The sportsmen swim through the Indian Ocean for 1.5 kilometres and then cycle for forty kilometres in green outskirts of the city. The final leg of this celebration is witnessed by hundreds of Mombasians cheering the running athletes, galloping towards the finish line. In November, the Mombasa Carnival reenergizes the city. Thousands of people flock into the streets of Mombasa, dancing, singing and cheering through the carnival parades. There are food carts along with these colourful floats that introduce the traveller to Kenyan local delights and street food. New Year’s Day is a time of festivities with the sky set ablaze with fireworks. Concerts rock the open spaces in Mombasa, and the people look forward to the New Year with optimism and hope.

What are the transportation options available to tourists within Mombasa?

Mombasa does not have a rapid transit or a scheduled bus network system. Instead, the taxis are a reliable and affordable means to get around Mombasa. For just 1200 Shillings, one can travel from the airport to the city centre and for a trip to the southern beaches of the city, the taxi driver might ask for 3000 Shillings. Local taxi-buses, called Matatus, are a cheaper alternative but are always packed with passengers. These Matatus do not have a specific colour or a taxi-sign on a roof. There is, however, a sheet of licenses pasted the windscreen that could help you differentiate them from other vehicles. Tuk-tuk rickshaws are breezy and let you enjoy the beauty of the city, a little more closely. They might be a bit slow and noisy but are cheaper than all transport services in Mombasa.

Which five-star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Mombasa?

There are a few five-star hotels in Mombasa to cater to the needs of more affluent foreign travellers. Most people, however, spend their days exploring the city and so they choose more economical and affordable hotel rooms. Please select the best choice of accommodation in Mombasa from the list below.

  • Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa
  • Serena Beach Resort & Spa
  • The Shaza
  • Hotel EnglishPoint & Spa
  • Kenya Bay Beach Hotel
Handy Tips you should know before your departure!
  • For reaching to beaches in south of the town, Likoni ferry is fun to ride on.
  • Classic curry house presents you its exclusive menu, filled with scrumptious options like tandoori and mughlai cuisines. Make sure not to skip this specialised meal when in Mombasa 
  • Bamburi beach is an exotic partying beach popular among locals and foreigners alike. Plan a party or at least attend one to enthral your trip with pulsating beach party rhythm. 
  • If you are fond of adventures then it would be good to know that Mombasa is popular for deep sea diving. It’s warm weather and pristine waters favour you for underwater activities. So, don’t stand on shore only. 
  • Traditional Kenyan fabric (lesos and kikois) is in abundant in Mombasa at cheap rates. Buy to add different flavour in your wardrobe.
  • If you are thinking what to grab back to home as souvenir, then don’t think too much and buy few pairs of Mombasa sandals—handmade leather sandals embellished with colourful beads.

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