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If there ever is a wish-list of visiting the jewels of colonial Africa, cheap flights to Asmara should definitely be at the top. Asmara was the center of radical Italian architecture, much of which lies preserved today across key commercial streets and landmarks. Its scenery is surreal too, as the stretch of city is spread across the Eritrean highlands. With TravelhouseUK, you can get to fly with world class airlines, choosing between Egypt Air or Turkish Airlines for your cheap flight tickets to Asmara. There are 14 weekly Low cost Asmara flights connecting the city to 5 other airports.

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Cheap one-way & return flights to Asmara 2022/2023

Turkish Airlines
LON - ASM London to Asmara
09 Aug - 17 Sep Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Egypt Air
LON - ASM London to Asmara
09 Aug - 14 Sep Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Ethiopian Airlines
LON - ASM London to Asmara
18 Jul - 13 Aug Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Aer Lingus
LON - ASM London to Asmara
21 Jul - 31 Jul Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
LON - ASM London to Asmara
16 Jul - 31 Aug Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only

Which airlines operate flights to Asmara from the UK?

  • British Airways operates flights to Asmara from London, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and of course, Edinburgh.
  • Lufthansa flights for Asmara are available from London Heathrow, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.
  • Air France offers connecting flights to Asmara from Manchester, Edinburgh, and London Gatwick.
  • Flights to Asmara with Emirates are available from Manchester, Glasgow, and Birmingham.
  • Qatar Airways operates Asmara flights from the London Gatwick Airport and Manchester Airport.

Is Travelhouseuk offering flexible tickets to Asmara?

Indeed, we are obliged to offer flexible tickets to Asmara in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. At Travelhouseuk, we are offering flights to Asmara with 25 GBP refundable deposit which ultimately reduces the risk of losing your money in case of any unforeseen travel restrictions.

However, the offer is subject to certain terms and conditions. Please acquire details of the offer from our travel expert.

What is the average flight time from London to Asmara?

The average flight time from London to Asmara is nearly 12 hours, exclusive of the time spent on a stopover. The fight duration to Asmara is also determined by the choice of departure airport as well as the length of stopover.

How to get the cheapest Business Class flights to Asmara?

It is hardly a matter of coincidence that we have affordable deals on Business Class flights to Asmara. Travelhouseuk has been consistent in offering limited-time deals and flash sales on expensive flights from day one. Emirates, British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, and KLM are currently operating and promise the best flight experience to be had on your journey. Our newsletter will arrive by email, after you sign up for the service, and bring the latest offers, travel news, and sneak peeks into last-minute flash sales. Specifics can be obtained by calling us at our 020 3137 2316 number, and by sending a query on social media.

Is British Airways offering affordable Asmara flights?

Hot on the trail of affordable Asmara flights with British Airways? We, at Travelhouseuk, feel obliged in providing competitive flight deals and last-minute flash sales on both Business and Economy Class tickets. British Airways has flights on course to Asmara departing from London (both Heathrow and City airports), Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen. Make rapid progress in your search for trimmed prices by calling us now (020 3137 2316) or reaching Travelhouseuk on social media for further insight into our offers.

Can I fly to Asmara now and pay later?

We are offering a Fly Now Pay Later service so that travellers can cope with high fares by paying in instalments. At any time after contacting us (Facebook or phone), please request the travel agent to proceed with your booking through the instalment plan/payment plan. Immediately after you have made the deposit and organised the schedule of those remaining payments, we will finish your booking and issue the tickets. Unless a discount is available, the need is felt for a payment plan option that could help you secure the tickets without having to pay in full. Not only does it empower you to fly to Asmara for less but applies to Business Class bookings as well.

Are there any direct flights to Asmara from UK?

Currently, none of the airlines operate direct flights to Asmara. However, flights Connections are available daily via Istanbul, Addis Ababa, and Cairo.

Which is the main international airport in Asmara?

Asmara International airport is the biggest airport in Eritrea which receives regularly scheduled flights. Also known as Yohannes IV International Airport, It is the main airport serving the capital of Eritrea from the UK. It is located at a distance of 5.47 kilometres away from the city centre. 

What is the best time to visit Asmara?

Peak Season:

Weather remains pleasant round the year, but tourists are more inclined to take a trip after September. Weather is expected to remain favourable up till April. Temperatures are around 18 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius at maximum. Being tourist, parched earth is always a better idea to explore the city on foot. To be more specific, December to February is the most appropriate time to discover the African gems in Asmara for season-wise travellers.

Off-Peak Season:

Following the dry season, May brings dark clouds and occasional downpours. The arrival of rain revitalizes the parched souls of all humans as well as the earth. It is regardless to be worried about the amount of rainfall because it dries up pretty quickly and you are not jammed inside houses for a much longer time. The rainy season lasts up to the month of August. Due to lesser tourism activities, you are more likely to avail the ticket at relatively cheaper rates.

What are the major tourist highlights in Asmara?

The central Opera House and Theatre, and the Imperio Cinema serve as the institutions of performing arts and entertainment, which have now transformed with cafes and exhibition centres to cater to tourists paying visits.

You can also go for a safari ride to Denkalya Desert consisting of bright multicoloured salt pans with crystallized formations.

The Biet Ghiorghis Zoo and Park, and the Martyrs National Park are both natural plains of remote terrain, combining deserts, thin cover of palm trees and rock formations.

How is the transport infrastructure in Asmara?

Getting around the city is easy and quite cheap especially if the ride is short. Taxis are available at every corner that will get you to where you need to go. Yellow taxis are available which run on fixed routes inside the city while sharing passengers within a single ride. Tourists who are looking for luxury should hire a car so that it is available at your disposal; they operate either via the airport or the main international hotels. If you intend to rely on mass public transport, then travel aboard the main buses connecting across downtown, while minibuses lead ahead from the bus stops through all the connecting streets and avenues.

What are the hotel and accommodation options in Asmara?

With Asmara being an established city, most of the hotel and accommodation options are based upon building complexes, facilitating rooms and suites within easy reach of the central area of the city. Standard facilities revolve around restaurants attached along with the hotels to cater for the cuisines served to the clientele. Since most of the hotels, and a few villas, are located along main roads and streets, they provide no exclusive outdoor space like gardens, lawns or swimming pools. The most they offer along with rooms are individual balconies overlooking the front area of the building or a terrace seating arrangement. Options apart from hotel rooms are very few, based mostly on older villas operating as guesthouses.

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Asmara - ASM
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