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Which Airlines Are Operating Flights To Accra?

You can avail package holidays to Accra or let alone be the flights to Accra with British Airways, KLM, Emirates, TAP Portugal, Ethiopian Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Lufthansa, Arik Air, Air France and Kenya Airways.  All of these flights can be availed from main UK airports such as London Heathrow, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Birmingham and Manchester.

How Many Hours Is A Flight From UK To Accra?

Duration of flights usually depend what kind of flight you are choosing i.e. whether you are getting a connecting flight or a direct one. Minimum stopover is around 1 hour which can extend your flight timings. The shortest possible duration is around 7 hours with direct flights and longest is 30 hours. Here is average flight duration of most used airlines:

  • British Airways only offers direct flights and their average duration is 7h.
  • Emirates Airlines has connecting flights at Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham via Dubai. Minimum flight duration is 20h and maximum 25h.
  • With Tap Portugal, you can travel from Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester via Lisbon. The shortest timing is 11h 30m and longest is 30h (21h transit).
  • KLM operates connecting flights from Manchester, Heathrow and London City Airports via Amsterdam. The minimum flight duration is 9h 30m and maximum is 27h.
  • Ethiopian Airlines only offers connecting flights from London Heathrow Airport via Addis Ababa and average flight duration is 15h.
  • You can avail flights of Kenya Airways from London Heathrow Airport via Nairobi. On average, its flights can take 18h 30m.
  • Royal Air Maroc operates connecting flights from London Heathrow and Gatwick via Casablanca. Minimum flight duration is 10h whereas maximum is 13h 30m.

Which Airline Operates Direct Accra Flights From The UK?

Direct flights to Accra from London are only offered by British Airways from London Heathrow Airport. Rest of the airlines operates connecting flights from major UK airports. The most opted airlines by the UK passengers are Emirates Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Tap Portugal and Lufthansa. These can make stopovers at any Middle Eastern, European or African hub. Connecting flights are cheaper than direct flights. However, you have to wait on stopovers for reaching your destination.

Which Is The Cheapest Time Of Year To Fly To Accra?

The climate of Accra remains sunny and warm around the year. However, there are few months during which it receives considerable rain. Most UK visitors prefer to visit the city during Christmas and New Year holidays. This is peak season and finding cheap flights to Accra is very difficult. December is the most expensive time of the year. You have to book in advance for securing your tickets in peak season.

The rainy season starts in April and end in mid-July. It is off season as there are fewer crowds. If you want to save money, this time of year is best to explore the city. The most pleasant month of the year is August and there is a major drop in tourist influx. You can get great deals on tickets and accommodation.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Accra?

Peak Season:

Generally, the weather of Accra is characterised by two main seasons, i.e. wet and dry. The tourist season is in full swing during November and lasts up to April. British travellers usually escape winters to cherish the warm temperatures in Accra. The city offers the best seaside vacation spot to the visitors.

The seasons in Accra are reversed, being in the southern hemisphere. So, as Europe freezes for the winter, Accra is enjoying the summer breeze and the golden sun by the beach in December. Celebrating the holidays and Christmas by the beach, in the warm sand, has its pleasures. Even though the beaches are going to a bit more crowded, the beaches of Accra are vast and the sunny, drowsy days are long. The average temperature zigzags between 27°C and 31°C throughout November till April, making itthe perfect time to get that light vacation tan. Besides, there is no rainfall during this time.

Off-peak Season:

June and July is the peak rainy time of the year which makes navigation difficult through various roads of the city. The wet season is cheaper for travellers on a budget, but they might have to suffer slightly higher levels of humidity.

Those who like to save a few pounds would want to visit Accra in this season because most tourists head elsewhere during this time. With empty hotel rooms and unsold airline seats, the cost of living and travelling comes down as the demand decreases. All you then need is an umbrella that you would use when it rains for a few hours during the day. After the rain, Accra is all yours for the exploring. The air is a lot cleaner after a good shower making your cheap Accra experience a very great pleasure.

Which Is The Main International Airport In Accra?

Kotoka International Airport (KIA) is the main international airport servicing the city of Accra. It is one of the best airports in Accra which facilitates number of domestic as well as international flights. The city centre is situated at the distance of 6 miles only from the airport.

Which is the cheapest ticket to Accra from London?

A flight ticket to Accra in economy class can cost you around £650 to £1000. Flights in off season are cheaper and you can save money, if you visit in this season. A cheapest flight to Accra in economy class can range around £390 to £550. The best way to secure the cheapest ticket is by booking in advance.

Which Are The Most Travelled Flight Routes From UK To Accra?

  • British Airways direct flights to Accra from London Heathrow
  • Manchester to Accra with Emirates via Dubai
  • Glasgow to Accra via Amsterdam with KLM
  • Heathrow to Accra via Nairobi with Kenya Airways
  • Heathrow to Accra with Ethiopian Airlines via Addis Ababa
  • Edinburgh to Accra with Lufthansa via Frankfurt

What Is The Weekly Schedule Of Airlines Flying To Accra?

Following is the weekly schedule of different airlines offering flights from UK to Accra:

  • British Airways has a daily direct flight from London Heathrow Airport seven days a week.
  • Air France only offers daily connecting flights via Paris which are available at London Heathrow, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.
  • You can fly with Emirates Airlines from UK to Accra via Dubai. Every day it has connecting flights departing from major UK airports.
  • Ethiopian Airlines only offers daily connecting flights at Heathrow Airport via Addis Ababa.
  • Kenya Airways has daily connecting flights at London Heathrow Airport via Nairobi.
  • KLM offers daily 3 connecting flights from London Heathrow and London City Airport whereas 4 daily flights are available from Manchester to Accra via Amsterdam.
  • TAP Portugal operates daily 3 connecting flights at Heathrow and one each on Manchester and Gatwick via Lisbon.
what is baggage allowance of different airlines for accra?

Many passengers tend to overlook baggage allowance. So, when they are on airport, they get frustrated with overweight baggage and its corresponding fee. To avoid this situation while you are travelling to Accra, please view the given below baggage allowance of well-reputed airlines tickets to Accra:

  • Arik Air has baggage allowance of 20kg in economy class and 30kg in business class flights for Accra.
  • Lufthansa allows you to take 1 piece of 23kg in economy classic and economy flex whereas in business class you can take 2 bags of 32kg each.
  • When you travel with Air France, you can take one piece of 23kg in economy, two pieces of 23kg each in premium economy, two pieces of 32kg each in business and three pieces of 32kg each in La Premiere class.
  • With British Airways you can take one piece of 23kg in economy class, two pieces of 32kg each in business class and three pieces of 32kg each in first class.
  • KLM has baggage allowance of 12kg in economy class and 18kg in business class.
  • Kenya Airways allows you to take two pieces of 23kg each in economy class and two pieces of 32kg each in premier world.
  • With Emirates Airlines you can take 35kg in economy class (depending on fare type), 40kg in business class and 50kg in first class.
  • TAP Portugal has baggage allowance of two pieces up to 23kg each in economy class and two pieces of 32kg each in executive class.
Handy Tips You Should Know Before Your Departure from UK to Accra
  • You can select from 10 UK airports to fly to Accra
  • If you gamble to wait for last minute flights to Accra and end up stranded, remember Travelhouseuk as your rescuer. Though the price can be higher as compared to your normal advance bookings, but we will certainly help you get a seat on a flight for Accra. 
  • It takes approxiamately 7 hours on average to fly from London to Accra
  • Most travellers select Tap Air Portugal, British Airways and KLM to fly to Accra.
  • The distance between Accra and London is 3173 miles.
  • The average lowest airfare for Accra you can get is £416 and it can go above £2000 with business class.
  • Fly to Accra direct from London Heathrow with British Airways.
  • London is one hour ahead of Accra in terms of time difference. 
  • Most of the airlines operate Accra flights in the evening but Alitala and KLM offer flights both in the morning and evening. 
  • Turkish Airlines, Emirates Airlines and KLM cover most Uk airports for Accra flights.
  • On average you can get a cheaper fare for Accra with Turkish Airlines and KLM.
  • The best baggage allowance is offered by KLM and Turkish Airlines, that is two bags of 23kgs each.
Which Are The Best Hotels In Accra For Travellers?

Each year several thousand tourists visit Accra for spending their vacations that's why there is thriving hoteling business in the city. You will have plenty of accommodation options like hotels, resorts and lodges. These can be found not only in the city center but also on the beaches as well. If you want standard and cheap option, then spacious lodges are good for this purpose. They have parking area, gardens, dedicated services, lounges, dining and living rooms. You can also choose to stay in budget category hotels which offer individual rooms and purpose-built infrastructure.

If you have enough budget, you can choose international hotel chains which offer luxury amenities with swimming pools, attached restaurants and suites. Beach resorts are best if you want to live along the coast. You can live in apartment complexes as well but you have to do cooking and laundry by yourself.

Which Are The Major Tourist Attractions In Accra?

Accra has so many tourists' attractions so you can surely find which suits your tastes. Following are top attractions which you cannot afford to miss during your Accra tourism.

  • Makola Market: This market is must for every tourist. You not only can buy anything under the sun but also a good opportunity for mixing with locals. However, don't bring your camera or try to take pictures as locals don't like their photos taken.
  • Labadi Beach: This the most popular beach of the city. You can go on a horse ride, view acrobatic tricks, hip-life dancing and performance of rasta groups. If you want to avoid crowds, you can head to luxury resorts like La Palm Royal Beach or Labadi Beach Hotel.
  • Artists Alliance Gallery: You will be amazed by fine art and contemporary art collections at the gallery. It is founded by one of the most popular artists of Accra - Ablade Glover. Buying one of the prices is really easy. You can directly contact the artist and pay with your credit card. Really tempting!
What Are The Best Places To Eat In Accra?

Delicious food is all you need at the end of a hectic city exploration. There are plenty of places in Accra to relax your nerves and give a feast to your taste buds:

  • Santoku: This place is famous for its innovative yet tasty Japanese cuisine. The restaurant has contemporary design and interior. The specialties of Santoku are tempura, seafood, crisp salads and sashimi. It is perfect if you want to spend a romantic evening or a lengthy dinner.
  • Kaya Energy Bar & Design: If you are health conscious, then try this restaurant. It serves dishes and drinks made from raw ingredients. The restaurant believes that cooking process leads to lose of healthy nutrients. It has also a natural shop where you can buy organic vegetables and fruits.
  • Buka: You can enjoy delicious cuisines of Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire and dishes of their fusion. There are two sitting choices available: outdoor terrace and indoor restaurant. Must-to-try dishes are fish soup, grilled guinea fowl, fried plantain and jollof rice.
What Are The Annual Events And Celebrations In Accra?

Ghana has over 50 different cultural, religious and art related festivals each year. Following few are top festivals and events happening in Accra:

  • Accra Jazz and World Music Festival: This festival is much awaited by citizens of Accra. It is celebrated with much enthusiasm and fervor. It is a weeklong festival which occurs in month of October. You can enjoy not only good music but also good prices of art and sculptures.
  • Homowo Festival: It is the most favorite festival of Ghana people. In traditional language, Homowo literally means hooting at hunger. It is celebrated in the months of August and September. The main events of Homowo Festival are presenting 'kpokpol' and processions in streets.
  • Jaynii International Folklore Festival: It is another celebration which is celebrated with pomp and show. Many international and local musicians and dance performers participate in Jaynii International Folklore Festival. It offers an overview of Ghana's musical culture.
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