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airlines that operates flights to zambia

  • Emirates (EK)
  • Air France (AF)
  • Ethiopian Airlines (ET)
  • Etihad Airways (EY)
  • KLM (KL)
  • Kenya Airways (KQ)
  • South African Airways (SA)
  • Egypt Air (MS)

how long is the flight to zambia?

Booking cheap flights to Zambia is only one problem solved. With your flight hours counted in advance, it is always easier to connect the rest of the dots and pick an itinerary that suits you the most. Let’s have a look at how much time carriers from different airlines take to reach their target destinations:

  • Flights with Emirates Airlines usually take 15 hours and 20 minutes to reach Zambia from the UK.
  • Normally, UK to Zambia flights with South African Airways at least takes 14 hours and 25 minutes on a one-way trip.
  • Flights with Kenya Airways end up taking 14 hours at the minimum following their own routes to Zambia.
  • Ethiopian Airlines conducts flights from UK to Zambia that measurably extend to a stretch of 14 hours and 15 minutes.
  • Those making reservations with British Airways can expect to reach Zambia from the United Kingdom in about 14 hours and 25 minutes on the shortest possible course.

weekly flight schedule of airlines flying to zambia

Emirates Airlines has established air superiority with 42 flights per week from the United Kingdom to Zambia whereas South African Airways closes in with 36 flights per week. Both Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines have an average of 20 flights per week from UK to Zambia.

International Airports in Zambia

  • Kenneth Kaunda International Airport is the receiving airport for the majority of flights en route to Zambia. Located in the capital, Lusaka, this airport is the axis for both intercontinental and intracontinental trajectories that happen to have Zambia in their flight course. Since the last time it was checked, the airport is managing 64,476 operations per year. Only a 20 minute drive from the downtown district and the airport is operational 24 hours. LUN is its IATA code.
  • Just stone throws away from the universally acclaimed Victoria Falls is the receiving airport for flights to Zambia from the UK; recently dubbed as Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport. The airport in question handles flights to and from Livingstone- another popular tourist destination after Lusaka- with increasing capacity and infrastructure. LVI is the IATA code for this airport.

free baggage allowance on flights to zambia from major uk airports

  • Emirates Airlines has set the mark for free single piece luggage as 30 kilograms maximum for Economy Class and 40 kilograms utmost for Business Class.
  • South African Airways follows the piece system which allows passengers to lug in 2 pieces of 23 kilograms each in Economy Class and 2 pieces of 32 kilograms each in Business Class.
  • Travellers on an Economy Class with Kenya Airways can pack all their supplies within 1 piece of 23 kilograms max. Business Class travellers, on the other hand, are allowed 1 piece of 32 kilograms per passenger.
  • Ethiopian Airlines follows an identical rule of a thumb and permits commuters to bring 1 piece of 23 kilograms in Economy Class and 1 piece of 32 kilograms in Business Class.
  • British Airways would have its passenger checking-into Economy Class only bring 23 kilograms for free and a single piece at that. Business Class travellers can bring 2 pieces of 32 kilograms each for the same journey.

best time to visit zambia

When a land is situated so near the Tropic of Capricorn and is fairly high above sea level, precisely such an elevation as Zambia is spread upon and across; that land is bound to experience the best of tropical climate without any of its accompanying side-effects. Zambia experiences an overall subtropical, temperate atmosphere with micro-climates overlapping one another throughout its geography and beyond.

Perhaps the best time to visit as a safari-lover would be to book cheap flights to Zambia at any time between early May and late September; partly because it is the dry season but chiefly because this is exactly the season that supports African wildlife the best.

The dry spell is a welcome change for natives as well as tourists hailing from monsoon or moist coastal regions. Absence of moisture and stickiness with low-altitude infrastructure keeps air currents flowing throughout the length of this period and explains the reason for shortage of hotels. Summer ranges for wildlife, the South Luangwa National Park for instance, is quite hot during this period but again the temperature is ideal for safaris, and if a Zambian ecosystem thrives anywhere, this would be it.

The wet season sets in with the coming of New Year and remains active till finally dried up by April zephyrs and sunny May afternoons. Considering Zambia, unlike Japan, is a country that offers the best in outdoor activities, fickle weather is a definite hurdle and may make rambling a bit more overwhelming...especially in the northern region where clouds burst off and on in what seems like a loop. For further instructions, take a look at Zambia’s most recent travel and health advisory before proceeding any further.

The temperature itself, suspended between 15 and 18⁰C, cannot in any way compromise your commute but what’s more important to remember is that these saturated disturbances and nagging issues have secondary and tertiary effects, commonly unforeseen, so sceptical trekkers have to solve this riddle for themselves bearing in mind that they are their own best judges.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Zambia?

The wet season sets in with the coming of the New Year and remains active till finally it is dried up by the sunny May afternoons. During these times the monsoons irrigate the dismal ecosystems of Zambia and provide it with a new life. Even though nature is enjoying this watery treat, ordinary tourists remain at a distance from Zambia during this time. The opportunist traveller, however, can use this time frame and take a trip to Zambia economically, greeted by empty rooms at hotels that are eager to accept new guests.

What are the entry requirements to Zambia for British travellers?

British Citizens are required to apply for a visa before travelling to Zambia. Please submit your passport at the Zambian High Commission in London to get the visa beforehand. Alternatively, Single entry visas can be bought from the airport, when you land in Zambia. The immigration officer at the airport accepts only US Dollars, so plan accordingly. Both single and multiple entry visas can be bought only at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport through credit cards as well. Please also note that the Zambian authorities charge travellers USD $25, as an exit fee, when travellers are departing from a Zambian airport. Additionally, a USD $3 security fee is also charged by the immigration personnel.

major tourist attractions and sites to see in zambia

Unharmed by any major terrorist activity and seldom arrested by a fatal economic recession as it seems, Zambia has pressed its claim (and not without success) as one the most trendy tourist destinations on the rise ever since this sub-Saharan bark turned over a new leaf.  Securing cheap flights to Zambia is just the curtain-raiser; the signing up for an action-packed travelling spree in a world rich in terms of natural wildlife heritage.

The most prominent of all, the Lower Zambezi National Park has historically hosted diplomats from the colonial era for hosting big game, and now continues to do so after it was converted from a private game reserve. Luangwa National park, Kafue National park and Nsumbu National Park are other geographically dispersed locations for exploring landscape as well as pursuing safari in the region.

Those commuting from the capital for a more scenic nationwide tour can go for Blue Lagoon National Park, or the Lochinvar National Park (a 4 hour spin from Lusaka), which specializes in certain species of endangered game as well as birdlife. International efforts have spawned the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage, forming a legacy for itself by being one of the oldest and widely recognized wildlife institutions upon the African continent. The orphanage is a prime example of ‘cultivated wildlife’ that primarily focuses on chimpanzees that need support for their upbringing in a safer environment.

Indigenous commerce thrives in the form of Flea Street and open markets. Sunday Crafts Market and Pakati Sunday market are both popular sites in Lusaka where local sellers congregate to sell their merchandise. Local craftsmen and rural artists combine to provide souvenirs at the Kabwata Cultural Village.

Livingstone has its fair share of historic sites of which those that are recognized worldwide are the Railway Museum, Livingstone Museum, and the Royal Livingstone Express. The Victoria Falls, for many the sole reason for visiting the country, line along an entire valley of water, and is a haven for adventure activities including bungee jumping and paragliding as a popular sport in the region.

hotel and accommodation options in zambia

Zambia's tourism industry, and after that, its service industry are pumping hundreds of thousands of kwachas (Zambian currency) into the economy with officials labouring under recognized hospitality protocols towards serving tourists with fertile creature comforts.

The thing is, the majority of tourists prefer lodging and recreating close to the main wildlife attractions and that explains why safari resorts are liked so much by newcomers and old-timers alike. These resorts have become well-seasoned for the typical safari traveller, providing special spa facilities as well as secluded pools. Sanctuary Puku Ridge Camp, Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge and Luangwa River Lodge are all the rage near the South Luangwa National Park.

Checking into hotels that are in close proximity to the airport is very reassuring for newcomers setting foot in Lusaka, which is why Radisson Blu Hotel, Cresta Golfview and Protea Hotel are so much in demand. Lodging here means they can travel, shop, dine and telecommute without much travelling involved.

Though finding a single room vacant will be a rare privilege, Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma and Tongabezi are prominent resorts near the ever-popular Victoria Falls. The River Club and Royal Livingstone Hotel are names that cannot be omitted in any case when considering quality lodging in Livingstone. As you venture away from the main urban hubs and cities, you will get to discover many more basic bed and boarding local hotels.

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