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Which Airlines Operate Flights to Johannesburg from UK?

  • British Airways
  • Emirates
  • KLM / Air France
  • South African Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Kenya Airways
  • Ethiopian Airlines

How Long Is The Flight To Johannesburg From UK?

Flights from London Heathrow to Johannesburg with Virgin Atlantic take a minimum flight time of 10 hours and 55 minutes. This is a non-stop overnight flight that takes the least time for this itinerary.

Airlines that Operate Direct Flights To Johannesburg From UK?

Non-stop flights to Johannesburg are only available from the London Heathrow Airport. Following are the airlines operating direct flights for this route:

  • British Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • South African Airways
  • Passengers travelling from other cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow will have to choose connecting flights. That said there are also no direct Johannesburg flights available at London Gatwick.

    British Airways Flight Schedule for Johannesburg From London Heathrow

    British Airways regularly manages a total of 4 daily flights for Johannesburg. An additional 5th flight is also operated occasionally to accommodate an ever-increasing traffic of passengers.

    Which is the Cheapest Airline for Johannesburg Flights from UK?

    Ethiopian Airlines offers comparatively affordable airfares to passengers purchasing tickets with their airline.

    When is the Cheapest Time to Visit johannesburg ?

    Prices experience a seasonal drop from the mid of May to early September. This is the off-peak season and a time when travellers mostly browse for low-cost flights and cheap accommodations.

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    How Far in Advance is the Best Time to book Johannesburg flights from UK?

    Travellers are advised in their own interest to book their flights 2-3 months before their expected departure. Prices skyrocket once the flight nears its date of departure. At the very least, travellers should make their reservation 14 days prior to the flight.

    what is baggage allowance of airlines for johannesburg?

    Most travellers want to take everything on their journey. So they can spend their time just exploring. For those travellers, large baggage allowance is essential. Here is a list of airlines with their respective baggage allowance:

    • South African Airways allows its economy class passengers to take 1 piece of 23kg whereas passengers for business class flights to Johannesburg can take 2 pieces of 32kg each.
    • With Ethiopian Airlines, you are allowed to take 1 piece of 23kg in economy class and 1 piece of 32kg in business class.
    • When you fly with British Airways, you can take one piece of 23kg in economy class, two pieces of 32kg each in business class and three pieces of 32kg each in first class.
    • Virgin Atlantic has baggage allowance of 1 piece of 23kg for economy class, 2 pieces of 23kg each for premium economy and 3 pieces of 32kg each for upper class.
    • Kenya Airways allows you to take 2 bags of 23kg each in economy class and 2 bags of 32kg each in premier world.
    • With Etihad Airways, you can take one bag of 23kg in economy class, 2 bags of up to 32kg each in business and first class.
    • KLM has baggage allowance of 12kg in economy class and 18kg in business class.
    • Emirates Airlines allows you to take 35kg in economy class (depending on fare type), 40kg in business class flights and 50kg in first class.

    best time to book flights to johannesburg

    The best time to book flights for Johannesburg depends on what kind of activities you want to do. Johannesburg's seasons run opposite to ours so Christmas is in summers. If you are interested to be a part of wildlife safaris then summer season is the best time to visit. The vegetation is thick and green due to summer rain. Also as UK holidays are during these months, it is peak season for visiting Johannesburg.

    If you want to avoid crowds, then months from August to October are recommended. For whale watching, you have to book flights between June to December as for surfing months from April to September are best. You can cut your travelling cost by booking in advance.

    where can i stay in johannesburg?

    Johannesburg is the most thriving and the largest city of South Africa. It offers accommodation options to suit every traveller's needs and budget as well. Most local hotels are present in center of the city. Staying in one of these hotels will enable you to experience the city in its full pace. Also you can view its wonderful architecture.

    Johannesburg has really good transportation system so you can choose any part of the city for your stay. If you want to live in boutique styled guesthouses and hotels then Sandton and Rosebank are the best areas. They have best restaurants and shopping malls. If you want to go for a cheaper option then staying with locals can be considered.

    which are the best attractions in johannesburg
    • Johannesburg Art Gallery
    • Constitution Hill
    • Gold Reef City
    • The Apartheid Museum
    • Soweto & the Mandela Museum
    • Wits Art Museum
    • The Maboneng Precinct
    • Market Theatre
    best day trips from johannesburg
    • Lion Park
    • Pilanesberg safari
    • The Cradle of Humankind
    • Soweto Township
    • Kruger National Park
    • Ann van Dyk Cheetah Center
    • Amandla
    • Apartheid Museum
    popular sites to visit

    Johannesburg has many natural and man-made tourists’ attractions. Few of them are must to visit for every visitor:

    • Lion Park - Wildlife Safari
    • Cradle of Humankind - UNESCO listed archaeological site
    • Apartheid Museum - Concrete apartheid exhibit space
    popular restaurants in johannesburg

    No exploration is complete without trying out the cuisine of the place. Here are few good restaurants with delicious food:

    • The Bannister Hotel Bar and Restaurant - African cuisine
    • Mr. Big Stuff - Fast Food
    • Flames Artisan Braai and Craft Beer - African cuisine
    annual events and celebrations

    Johannesburg is a bustling city with lots of events, celebrations and festivals taking place annually. Following are few of them must to attend:

    Dance Umbrella:The main events of the festival are related to contemporary dance and choreography. The festival takes place in February. Many local and international dancers perform at the event.

    Standard Bank Joy of Jazz:This annual festival occurs in August and is perfect for families on vacations. There are different styles of the music played in the event but main emphasis on Jazz.

    Arts Alive:Started in September 1992, this annual festival has music, dance, poetry and visual arts events. International superstars perform at its main concert. The festival lasts for four days with over 600 artists performing during this period.

    Handy Tips You Should Know Before Your Departure!
    • It takes almost 12 hours for a flight from London Heathrow to reach Johannesburg.
    • The distance between London and Johannesburg is 5632 miles.
    • 12 Major Airlines fly from London to Joburg
    • You can fly to the Johannesburg from all major airports in UK, using airlines including: Air France, Egypt Air, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, SAA, British Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.
    • Almost 70 airlines fly out of Johannesburg International Airport. 
    • Almost 2280 international flights depart from O. R. Tambo International Airport each week. 
    • British Airways fly's direct to Johannesburg in the evening everyday and its indirect flights to Joburg via Doha are offered in the morning time. 
    • South African Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and Ethiopian Airlines operate their Johannesburg flights from London in the evening. Whereas KLM offers Joburg flights via Amsterdam in the morning.
    • The lowest flight fare for Johannesburg is £409, however it can go to more than £2000 with Business Class.
    • Lufthansa, KLM and Ethiopian Airlines offer the shortest stopovers for Johannesburg flights. 
    • SAA, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates Airlines offer daily flights to Johannesburg from UK.
    • Average flight takes 11 hours 6 minutes from UK to Johannesburg.
    • SAA, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic provide direct flights from UK to Johannesburg.
    • Johannesburg enjoys dry and sunny climate round the year, which makes it a perfect destination to visit any time of the year.
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