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Knowing that one of the oldest countries of the world lies in Africa, there's some charm to every tourist for availing cheap flights to Ethiopia. Recorded history traces some of the oldest archaeological sites and discoveries to have been made here. Apart from the safari being the main highlight with landscapes of rivers, mountain ranges, tribal villages, waterfalls and abundant wildlife, Ethiopia classifies among the highest standards in Africa, as it is listed with the highest paces and progress in terms of development and urbanization. Its culture and community is highly influenced by Christian heritage, as the religion was the first to spread towards this side of the continent. In fact many of its annual ceremonies and celebrations are centred on Christian customs to date. Its terrain does include vast deserts with many its areas left remote, but towards certain countryside, lakes,forests and mountains add diversity and beauty through its terrain.

Ethiopia flights get to land at Bole International Airport, located in the capital city to cater for more than a thousand flights arriving in the country. Agents with TravelhouseUK have highlighted the following air travel deals for all destinations from UK, including airlines and air operators from both

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Ethiopia, the base of the famous Horn of Africa, is home to exquisite topography, while booming with rapid development across the region. It also is home to tribal heritage of many indigenous settlements. The life of indigenous tribes residing within the terrain of the Mago National Park is the centre of attention for many explorers and researchers. The Yangudi Rassa National Park is spread over and around its own Yangudi Mountain, and facilitates ample birdlife as well as wildlife for a safari tour. The valleys and cliffs of the Simian Mountains are home to the gelada baboon, while other herbivores are also present. Constituting over a flat plain of salt, the Abbe Lake is located near the borders of the country with Djibouti. The Sof Omar Caves consists of chalk white interior while the interior walls are levelled in one uniform height. Among Ethiopia?s sites to have made it to the UNESCO world heritage list is the Harar walled city, home to castles and fortifications marking the architecture of Arabian Sultanates in Africa.

Addis Ababa?s Bole International Airport is the premier commercial aviation platform serving the entire country of Ethiopia, with over 1500 international flights landing at the airport every week. The rest of the aviation network is supported by minor domestic airports for connecting flights across Ethiopia.

The rail network is in its initial stages of development and there is only one operational route. Along with Ethiopian Airlines connecting to most of the domestic airports, there are chartered aviation services as well. A regular bus industry operates across all the highways and expressways, with the general trend of buses departing at dawn for their destinations. Car hire and rental services are also recommended for getting around the cities.

Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Kenya Airways, Lufthansa Airlines, Gulf Air, British Airways and Qatar Airways are all top suggestions for booking cheap flight tickets with TravelhouseUK for Ethiopia. For airports other than London Heathrow Airport, notably Aberdeen and Glasgow, Lufthansa remains the recommended option. During the low season, Ethiopia flights are booked in the range of ?410 to ?511.?

Both British Airways and Ethiopian Airlines fly direct to Ethiopia from UK. Flights during the low season are expected to be booked in the range of ?500 to ?600.

Our experts regard Turkish Airlines with offering the cheapest business class flights in comparison to all other airlines Emirates and Ethiopian Airlines also serve business class services aboard their air carriers.

When it comes to direct flights, passengers may reach Ethiopia in a matter of 6 to 7 hours. However, passengers who are availing indirect flights would have to endure a flight time of about 10 hours excluding the time spent on stopover.

Ethiopian Airlines has the most chances of offering special Christmas deals for its valued passengers travelling from the UK during Christmas vacations.?

The capital city of Addis Ababa is perhaps among the most competitive cities all across Africa for hosting a high concentration and an excessive variety of hotels. Western international hotel chains as well as regional chains are present. There are extensive options for economy budget hotels for a good value for money as well. There are a few guest houses for tourists who prefer more privacy. Towards towns, tourists may save even more with basic bed-and-room hotels. ?Certain rural areas are bordered by resort hotels to cater for tourists interested with getting to interact with the villagers. A federal government hotel chain also exists with fixed hotel charges for foreigners.

  • A single meal at an international food chain: ?3.9
  • A large bottle of mineral water: ?0.6
  • A pack of imported cigarettes: ?1.3
  • An average taxi trip within the city: ?16
  • A ticket for local commute within city: ?0.16
  • Per night stay at a good-value-for-money hotel: ?60
  • International hotel chain: ? 130
  • Fly to Ethiopia direct from London with Ethiopian Airlines.
  • Ethiopian Airlines operates one direct flight to Ethiopia daily from London Heathrow.
  • Flights with Ethiopian Airlines to Ethiopia take off everyday in the evening. 
  • International flights from and to Ethiopia are served by Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.
  • The approximate air distance between UK and Ethiopia is 3984 miles.
  • Preferred airlines to fly to Ethiopia with stopovers are Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Gulf Air, Egypt Air and Emirates.
  • You can fly with Lufthansa to Ethiopia from both London City Airport and London Heathrow Airport and flights usually fly out in the afternoon. 
  • Turkish Airlines offers flights daily to Ethiopia from London via Istanbul. 
  • The average time a flight takes between United Kingdom and Ethiopia is around 8.5 hours. 

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