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Are you longing to tantalize your senses by immersing yourself in sophisticated African landscape and culture? Tanzania, being the popular African jewel, has so much to offer to the tourists who avail Flights to Tanzania from the United Kingdom.

It is one of the tropical paradises waiting to be acknowledged by tourists where the sparkling and palm-fingered beaches are finest highlights of the country. Its lush vegetation and temperate climate make the country one of the few places in the world which should be in your travelling list. So, you better book a Tanzania flights before your holiday starts and set your ways towards the land which reflects mother-nature in most diverse splurges. With the recent trends of evolving tourism in the African countries, TravelhouseUK extends its valuable services to seek cheap flights to Tanzania for your holiday trip with tailor-made packages for the ultimate comfort of travellers.

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Cheap one-way & return tickets to Tanzania 2021/2022

Kenya Airways
LON - DAR London to Dar es Salaam
08 Nov - 22 Nov Travel Between Date
Ethiopian Airlines
LON - JRO London to Kilimanjaro
06 Oct - 28 Oct Travel Between Date
BHX - DAR Birmingham to Dar es Salaam
20 Dec - 15 Jan Travel Between Date
Qatar Airways
LON - DAR London to Dar es Salaam
12 Aug - 26 Aug Travel Between Date
British Airways
LON - ZNZ London to Zanzibar
14 Dec - 17 Dec Travel Between Date
British Airways
LON - ZNZ London to Zanzibar
23 Dec - 26 Jan Travel Between Date
MAN - ZNZ Manchester to Zanzibar
16 Dec - 03 Jan Travel Between Date

Are there any restrictions on flights to Tanzania from UK due to COVID-19?

Tanzania has resumed international travel for visitors. Also, the visitors are not required to stay in a 14-day quarantine period or submit COVID-19 test report. However, increased caution is exercised for screening the passengers on arrival. Any person showing symptoms will be required to take COVID-19 test, followed by immediate self-isolation. The current information about entry requirement may be updated based upon the situation. Reach out to us for further information about the travel to Tanzania during COVID-19.

How do I find cheap flights to Tanzania August and December 2021 with flexible rebooking policies?

Travelhouseuk is offering cheap flights to Tanzania with flexible rebooking policies to cater the travellers encountering travel restrictions or flight cancellations. Commercial international flights are operational in Tanzania. However, regulations at your departure airport and changes in airline schedule may also impact your trip to Tanzania during COVID-19. Therefore, we only recommend booking a flexible ticket to Tanzania which can be rescheduled without any charges. We are here to help if you need further assistance.

Which airlines are still flying to Tanzania?

Many airlines have reduced their flight operations due to COVID-19, but you can still find one-stop flights to Tanzania with British Airways, Qatar Airways, and Egypt Air. Other airlines are also offering Tanzania flights with multiple stopovers such as KLM, Kenya Airways and RwandAir. Please check each airline’s policy as most airlines require you to submit negative COVID-19 certificate before you board their planes.

Which airlines operate flights to Tanzania?

  • Kenya Airways: Kenya Airways offers flights to Tanzania from Heathrow via (NBO) daily.
  • Turkish Airlines: With Turkish Airlines, you have a choice of six departures from London Airports. The airline has flights to three main international airports in Tanzania (Zanzibar, Dar es Salam and Kilimanjaro) via Istanbul.
  • Emirates: It has four weekly flights to Tanzania via Dubai.
  • Etihad Airways: EY maintains a network of two flight departures from London Heathrow Airport daily.
  • Qatar Airways: Qatar Airways flies daily to Tanzania via Doha Airport from the UK.
  • South African Airways: SA has daily departures from Heathrow via JNB.
  • KLM: KL makes the one-stop flight from Heathrow to Tanzania via Amsterdam daily.
  • Oman Air: Book your cheap flights to Tanzania (ZNZ) from Heathrow via Muscat.

How long is the flight to Tanzania from the UK?

  • Flights to Tanzania from Heathrow via NBO: 12 hours and 10 minutes.
  • Emirates flights to Tanzania from London Heathrow: 14 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Flights to Tanzania from Manchester: 12 hours and 50 minutes.
  • Flights to Tanzania from Birmingham via AMS: 13 hours and 40 minutes.

Can I fly direct from the UK to Tanzania?

None of the airlines flies direct to Tanzania from the UK at the moment. However, travellers to Tanzania prefer flights with short stopovers. As of now, KLM and Kenya Airways are offering shortest flights which are covered in 10 hours approximately.

Which airline offers daily flights to Tanzania from the UK?

Kenya Airways is offering daily flights to Tanzania from the UK. Owing to the frequent trips, you are least likely to face the unavailability issues while looking out for cheap flights to Tanzania. Please contact your travel agent to secure your seat before the fare goes higher.

How can I book last-minute cheap flights to Tanzania?

Travelhouseuk recommends early bookings to its clients to save big on their flight prices. In case of emergency or last-minute flight bookings, our travel experts are all prepared to offer the most competitive market flight prices to Tanzania. Give us a call as soon as you are ready to book your flight, and your travel agent will get you through a seemingly easy booking procedure.

When is the best time to book a cheap flight to Tanzania?

The best time to book cheap flights to Tanzania is at least four weeks in advance. Also, we announce monthly flight deals to Tanzania and other key African destinations to serve the African Diaspora for homecoming flights. If you’re planning a vacation to Tanzania, it’s better to keep an eye on flight offers on social media channels to avail the early bird discounts as soon as it is launched. Call us or simply drop a message to book a flight instantly. Call our agents on 020 3137 2316 for further information.

Cheap flights to Tanzania with Kenya Airways

Flying with Kenya Airways is always a quality experience even when it does not cost as much as the other airlines. Not only this, but it also offers the shortest flight to Tanzania from the UK. The flight is operated daily and covers the flight distance within 10 hours while including a brief stopover at Nairobi Airport. An average price for flight ticket to Tanzania is 353 GBP with KQ for the low season.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Tanzania?

Tanzania undergoes two rainy seasons; one runs from November to late-December and the chief monsoon season which lasts from March to May. The wet season is a slight challenge for first-time travellers. If you are looking for a short holiday trip, northern Tanzania still welcomes you for sightseeing with budget-friendly lodges catering to all the needs of travellers. Unlike northern highlights, safari parks in the south are more seasonal due to their topography. So, you need to be more careful while booking a trip to Tanzania and engage our services, to be sure. The off-peak season is also perfect for all those tourists who have Tanzania on their bucket list but a lot less money in hand. The hotels and airline tickets are a lot less cheap during this time, so if you can manage, plan a vacation to Tanzania to save a quid or two.

Can I book Fly Now Pay Later flights to Tanzania with Travelhouseuk?

Travelhouseuk customers can book Fly Now Pay Later flights to Tanzania. Please consult your travel agent to check if you qualify for the given alternative for payment.

Which airport do I land onto when flying to Tanzania from the UK?

There are two major international airports where you can land onto while travelling to Tanzania. Zanzibar (ZNZ) or Dar-es-Salam (DAR). While planning your trip to Tanzania for tourism purposes, both cities are ideal for an enriched wildlife experience as well as natural beauty.

Does British Airways offer flights to Tanzania from Heathrow?

British Airways operates connecting flights to Tanzania via East African flight hub, i.e. Nairobi. From there, Kenya Airways has almost daily trips to all primary airports in Tanzania.

Can I book my flights to Tanzania with Emirates?

Yes, you can book your flights to Tanzania with Emirates and look forward to exceptional service with the award-winning airline. Emirates has weekly four flight connections from London Heathrow to Tanzania (DAR) via Dubai. These flights operate on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday every week. The cheapest flight to Tanzania with EK is available 545 GBP in the low season.

How much is the ticket to Tanzania from UK?

The airline ticket to Tanzania ranges from 336 GBP to 661 GBP. The airline ticket prices differ from partner to partner for varying seasons. Prices lower with the decreasing demand in the off season whereas holiday seasons such as school breaks, Christmas and Easter vacations cause prices to surge.Please check current prices from our travel experts.

What are the major international airports in Tanzania?

There are three international airports in Tanzania, the details of which are as follows.

  • Julius Nyerere International AirportDar-es-Salam
  • Kilimanjaro International Airport, Kilimanjaro
  • Abeid Amani Karume International Airport, Zanzibar

What are the visa requirements for British citizens to visit Tanzania?

Whether you are travelling for tourism or business purposes, all British passport holders are required to get an entry visa from Tanzanian High Commission. Your passport must remain valid for a minimum time of 6 months after you enter the country. The traveller can apply for an e-visa as well and get a confirmation without going to the high commission. A single entry permit can also be acquired at the airport.

What is the best time to visit Tanzania?

Most visitors flock to Tanzania between January and February, clear day skies and chilly nights, makes it a peak tourist’s season. Although the best time to go depends mostly on which part of Tanzania you are more likely to visit. However, any time between July and October or between December and March is appropriate for the visitors. The timeframe is considered to be the best-suited time to visit the famous parks in the South and Western parks, specifically Selous and Ruaha are worth a visit for Safari lovers. The weather is splendid during these times, with the average temperature hovering around the 25°C mark and there are fewer clouds in the sky, especially in the middle of the year.

How to get around In Tanzania?

There are not many significant motorways or expressways in Tanzania, which can be a source of some difficulty for travellers choosing to move from one city to the other by road. The main trunk roads that serve as intercity connections have Dala Dala minibuses moving back and forth, and are a bit cramped. Proper bus companies also operate from the borders to the cities. Private transport is also available, and you can get rental cars or taxis for the commute.

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