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Cheap flights to Harare

There are quite a few airlines operating flights to Harare from London and other UK airports. Travelers have their own preferences while choosing a specific airline for taking a flight between different airports of the UK and Zimbabwe. Popular among them is Emirates, as leading choice due to its availability of multiple departure airports from UK and no doubt, being number 1 airline of the world is most compelling and deciding factor among flight seekers for Harare. But a little longer journey with Emirates flights to Harare is an irritating factor for some travelers who wish to reach Harare in a shortest possible flight journey. Here comes the Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways, most popular airlines originating from Continent Africa and both of them offer shortest possible flight between UK and Harare. South African Airways is another airline which is pretty popular among those travelers who are regular travelers to Harare but are willing to have a stopover in Johannesburg. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are other choices for such travelers because both offer flights to Harare via Johannesburg as well.

Unfortunately, no direct flights are currently being operated between UK airports and Harare International Airport. Besides, Air Zimbabwe used to fly direct for many years between London Gatwick and Harare International Airport and captured the major share of travelers to Harare but seized its operations due to many reasons in 2012.

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Kenya Airways
LON - HRE London to Harare
04 Oct 2021 Travel Between Date
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Kenya Airways
BHX - HRE Birmingham to Harare
07 Dec - 27 Dec Travel Between Date
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Kenya Airways
BHX - HRE Birmingham to Harare
07 Dec - 27 Dec Travel Between Date
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MAN - HRE Manchester to Harare
01 Jul - 15 Jul Travel Between Date
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Kenya Airways
LGW - HRE Gatwick to Harare
16 Sep - 30 Sep Travel Between Date
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Qatar Airways
LGW - HRE Gatwick to Harare
16 Sep - 30 Sep Travel Between Date
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Ethiopian Airlines
STN - HRE Stansted to Harare
01 Dec - 29 Dec Travel Between Date
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Are there any travel restrictions on flights to Harare due to COVID-19?

International travel to Harare is open for tourists, nationals as well as residence visa-holders. Before travelling, you must acquire the COVID-19 test performed within the 48 hours before your journey. Negative RT-PCR holders can self-isolate at a designated location. However, if you exhibit COVID-19 symptoms on arrival, you will be asked to retake the test at your own expense. COVID-positive travellers must quarantine in a Government approved facility. Get in touch with our travel experts to learn more about the entry restrictions in Harare during COVID-19 pandemic.

Which airline is still operating flights to Harare?

Many airlines have temporarily cut their flights due to reduced demand during COVID-19. However, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Emirates and Qatar Airways are still flying to Harare in a limited capacity. Ethiopian Airlines flies nearly every day from London to Harare. Emirates fly thrice weekly, QR has four flights and Kenya Airways' Heathrow to Harare flight is available twice a week. The given flight schedule meets the need of travellers undertaking essential travel, but we will keep you updated as soon as other airline resumes their flights to Harare..

Which airline offers cheap flights to Harare with flexible booking options?

Ethiopian Airlines serves cheap flights to Harare with flexible booking option. The airline offers unlimited changes if the flight is non-operational or flight is delayed. If the flight is scheduled on time, you can get it rescheduled for you one time for free.

Which airlines operate flights to Harare from London?

Following is the PRE-COVID flight schedule of airlines flying from London to Harare:

  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Kenya airways via Nairobi
  • Emirates via Dubai
  • South African Airways
  • British Airways
  • RwandAir

Are there any direct flights to Harare from the UK?

No airline is currently offering direct flights to Harare from the UK. Instead, you can take the shortest flight to Harare which is nearly 14 hours with Kenya Airways.

London Heathrow to Harare with Ethiopian Airlines:

Ethiopian Airlines has a daily flight from London Heathrow to Harare. The flight duration is 16 hours and 35 minutes with two stopovers. Transiting through Addis Ababa, the flight's first leg takes around 8 hours, later it touches down at Lusaka Airport before arriving Harare. An average flight ticket to Harare is available for 489 GBP in the low season.

Why choose Travelhouseuk to book your flight To Harare?

  • Travelhouseuk served more than 38000 families last year travelling from UK to Harare.
  • Going to Harare for the very first time? Let our Harare experts make your trip worthwhile.
  • Best negotiated airfare deals with most of the airlines operating flights from UK to Harare.
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  • Cheapest fare to Harare is guaranteed. 
  • We have special flight deals for inbound travel from Harare to London available all round the year.
  • Save time and effort consulting our Harare flight experts who will assist you with tailor-made packages for Harare specifically for you. 
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How long is the flight to Harare?

  • Ethiopian Airlines from London heathrow to harare (LHR-ADD-HRE):11 hours 30 minutes
  • Flights from Heathrow to Harare with British Airways via Johannesburg (LHR-JNB-HRE):15 hours 35 minutes
  • Kenya Airways total flight time between Heathrow and Harare (LHR-NBO-HRE):14 hours 30 minutes
  • Emirates flights to Harare from Manchester: 18 hours and 10 minutes
  • Flying from Dublin-Ireland with Emirates(DUB-DXB-HRE): 18 hours 20 minutes

When is the best time to book flights to Harare?

The best time to book flights to Harare is at least three weeks before your departure. In general, cheap flights to Harare are available during the off-peak season. Peak travelling seasons are Christmas, New Year, Easter and other school holidays in the UK when mostly British-Zimbabweans are heading to their homes. However, Harare's flash flight deals are announced on various events and give you a chance to snap the best deals just in time for the busy travelling season.

Weather is another consideration for booking flights to Harare. Travellers do not wish to see rain during their travel abroad since it can ruin their holiday. The time period between April and August is the peak season for sight-seeing in Harare as it sees minimal or no rain at all. It is, again, advisable to book in advance for peak travelling season becasue flights and hotels gets sold out quickly. Travelhouseuk team works dedicatedly to offer cheap airfare deals with all available airlines. Keep yourself notified through our social media platforms. Moreover, you can subscribe our newsletter to finding an ideal summer flight deal or Christmas flights to Harare in 2021.

Can i book flights from Harare to London with Travelhouseuk?

Travelhouseuk offers flights from Harare to the UK as well. Just let us know the proposed travelling dates of your family, we will book, issue airline tickets and will look after until your loved ones arrive here in UK.

Does Travelhouseuk offers last minute flights to Harare as well?

You might not be lucky always when planning for the last minute flights from London to Harare. December, March and July are most busy months to take a trip from the UK to anywhere in Africa. Harare is one of the most travelled flight destinations from the UK. Travelhouseuk always advises all travellers to book in advance if planning to fly in months which are considered as high season months, being the holiday season. However, you can still give us a quick call and check with our experienced travel consultants, and they might even be able to get a bargain deal for you.

Which airlines depart from London to Harare in the evening?

Kenya Airways and Ethiopian airlines depart just after 1700 from London Heathrow. Emirates and South African airways leave around 2000 from London to Harare .

How many flights do Emirates operate to Harare from UK on a weekly basis?

Emirates is currently operating daily flights from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow to its hub in Dubai. From Dubai onwards, a connecting flight to Harare departs every day.

If flying with Emirates to Harare, which UK airport should one choose for in order to save time spent on a stopover?

Flying from London Heathrow has the shortest stopover time when you book a flight between UK and Harare, with a stopover in Dubai lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes in each direction. If availing one-way flights from UK to Harare, choose Glasgow Airport for your departure, because these flights make a stopover of only 1 hour and 15 minutes at Dubai International Airport.

Weekly flight schedule of airlines flying to Harare

Below is the weekly schedule of main airlines which operate flights between the UK and Harare :

    Kenya Airways operates daily flights between London Heathrow and Harare.
  • South African Airways offers flights from Heathrow and Manchester on daily basis as well.
  • Ethiopian Airlines flights only depart daily from Heathrow Airport.
  • British Airways operates Harare flights on daily basis from Glasgow, Manchester and Heathrow Airports.
  • Emirates Airlines also gives you choice in selecting your nearest airport for Harare flights. Its daily flights are available at Heathrow, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Gatwick.

How can I book flights from Harare to Bulawayo or Victoria Falls?

Travelhouseuk does not only assist you in booking cheap tickets to Harare but you can also book flights from Harare to Bulawayo or Harare to Victoria Falls or any other destination within Africa or worldwide with Travelhouseuk. Just give us a call and our travel experts will book domestic flights in Zimbabwe it for you.

Baggage allowance of different airlines for Harare

Regardless the purpose of your trip, baggage allowance is a major deal maker or breaker when choosing a particular airline for your trip. We not only book cheap flights from London to Harare but we also pay close attention to free baggage allowance so you may carry as much you require. Most travellers prefer a cheap airline that offers a larger baggage allowance. Amongst other airlines most preferred is the national airline of UK i.e. British Airlines which offers a bag of 23 kg for Economy Class travellers and 32 kg for their Business Class customers. Other notable airlines of the continent of Africa namely South African Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines also allow their passengers to carry the same amount of luggage. Emirates is the most favourite airline, you are allowed to take 35kg in Economy Class (depending on fare type), 40kg in Business Class and 50kg in First Class.

Accommodation options available in Harare

Harare has plenty of guesthouses, safari lodges, budget and luxury hotels available. All of these options can be found in the city center and commercial areas. Some of them boast a swimming pool, Wi-Fi, spa, hotel and sports facilities. Few international hotel chains are also offering services in Zimbabwe capital.

If you are on a business trip, you can opt to stay in hotels located in the commercial zone. These hotels have furnished rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Business travelers can also stay in guesthouses. Some of which also offer breakfast included in the price.

Hostels and backpacker lodges are also available in the city. The most favorite accommodation option for backpackers is the Small World Backpackers Lodge which is located near the Avondale Shopping Centre.

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