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Cheap Flights to Harare

Cheap Flights To Harare

Cheapest flights from UK to Harare.

Departure from : Birmingham (BHX)
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Departure from : London Heathrow (LHR)
Travel Between : 09 April 2017 - 31 May 2017
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Departure from : London Gatwick (LGW)
Travel Between : 10 March 2017 - 29 March 2017
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Departure from : London Heathrow (LHR)
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Take a Flight to Harare with World’s Most Opted Airlines

Visiting Harare has become lot easier these days. As many airlines are offering flights to the city such as Ethiopian Airlines, KLM, Kenya Airways, Air France, Emirates, Etihad Airways, South African Airways, British Airways, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways. Also you have choice to depart from your nearest UK airport. You can avail Harare flights from London Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow.

Most visitors from UK tend to book flights during summer, Christmas and New Year holidays. Due to high demand of tickets, these months are peak season for Harare. So rates are comparatively higher than other months of the year. A flight in economy class can cost you around £1100 to £1300. However, in off season there is a major decrease in fare and the same flight can cost you £450 to £700. The best strategy to get cheap flights is to book in advance.

Airlines that offers flights to Harare

Till 2012, Air Zimbabwe had offered direct flights to Harare but afterwards it ceased its operations. Now, British Airways, South African Airways and Kenya Airways offer flights with shortest time spent on connecting airports. Kenya Airways make a stopover at Nairobi Airport whereas British Airways and South African Airways flights use Johannesburg as stopover.

All other airlines spend longer time period on connecting points. Their flights have two to three stopovers which can range from 2 to 24 hours. Stopovers are usually made on some European, Middle Eastern and African hub.

Most preferred flight routes from UK to Harare

  • London Heathrow to Harare via Johannesburg with British Airways
  • London Heathrow to Harare via Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airways
  • Heathrow to Harare via Dubai and Lusaka with Emirates Airlines
  • London Heathrow to Harare via Nairobi with Kenya Airways
  • Manchester Airport to Harare via Dubai with Emirates
  • Birmingham Airport to Harare with Emirates
  • Gatwick to Harare with Emirates
  • Heathrow to Harare with South African Airways via Johannesburg 

Average Flight duration from UK to Harare

Duration of Harare flights depends on time spend on connecting airports. A flight to Harare from London takes 11h 35 minutes excluding the time taken at stopovers. The shortest flight duration is 14h 05m and the longest is 55h. Some flights take 2 hours on stopovers while others have long stopovers of 24 hours. Here is average flight duration of some airlines which are operating on UK to Harare routes:

  • Kenya Airways offers flights to Harare from London Heathrow, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester via Nairobi. However, it sometimes makes a stopover at Amsterdam and Lusaka as well.  The minimum flight duration is 14h 05m and maximum flight duration is 44h 35m.
  • British Airways makes a stopover at Johannesburg for Harare. Its flights depart from Heathrow, Glasgow and Manchester airports. The shortest flight duration is 15h 35m and longest is 21h 25m.
  • EgyptAir only operates from Heathrow Airport via Cairo and Johannesburg. On average its flights take 36h 40m.
  • Air France flights depart from Heathrow, London City, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham Airports via Paris, Nairobi and Lusaka. Minimum flight timing is 17 hours whereas maximum is 37h 35m.
  • Emirates Airlines operates Harare flights from Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow Airports via Dubai and Lusaka. Its flight duration ranges from 17h 55m to 51h 10m.
  • Ethiopian Airlines also only offers flights from Heathrow Airport via Addis Ababa and Lusaka. Its flights take 11h 30m on average excluding stopover time.
  • Flights of Etihad Airways make stopovers at Abu Dhabi and Johannesburg. The flights departing from Heathrow and Manchester Airports usually take 23h 30m.
  • KLM offers flights from Heathrow, Glasgow, London City, Manchester and Birmingham Airports via Amsterdam and Nairobi. The minimum flight duration is 17h 20m and maximum is 55h.
  • Qatar Airways has two stopovers for its flights departing from Heathrow, Birmingham and Manchester Airports: Doha and Johannesburg. On average, its flights take 20h 55m.
  • South African Airways makes stopovers at Durban and Johannesburg. Minimum flights duration from Heathrow and Manchester Airports is 14h 15m and maximum is 38h 45m.

Weekly flight schedule of Airlines flying to Harare

Below is the weekly schedule of main airlines which are offering flights to Harare:

  • Kenya Airways has daily flights to the city from Heathrow, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham.
  • South African Airways offers flights from Heathrow and Manchester on daily basis.
  • Ethiopian Airlines flights only depart daily from Heathrow Airport.
  • British Airways operates Harare flights on daily basis from Glasgow, Manchester and Heathrow Airports.
  • With Air France you can get flights from London City, Heathrow, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester Airports. All of these have a daily flight to Harare city.
  • Emirates Airlines also gives you choice in selecting your nearest airport for Harare flights. Its daily flights are available at Heathrow, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Gatwick.

How much baggage I can take on my flights to Harare from major UK airports?

Whether you are visiting your family or on vacations in Harare, baggage allowance is a major deal maker or breaker for booking tickets. Most travellers prefer those airlines which offer large baggage allowance on their flights. We have listed below baggage allowance of well-reputed airlines:

  • When you choose South African Airways, you can take 1 bag of 23kg in economy class and 2 bags of 32kg each in business class.
  • On Kenya Airways flights, economy class travellers can take 2 bags of 23kg each and premier world travellers are allowed to take 2 bags of 32kg each.
  • Ethiopian Airlines has baggage allowance of 1 bag of 23kg for economy class and 32kg for business class.
  • British Airways allows one piece of 23kg for economy class, two pieces of 32kg each for business class and three pieces of 32kg each for first class.
  • With Emirates Airlines, you are allowed to take 35kg in economy class (depending on fare type), 40kg in business class and 50kg in first class.
  • When you travel with Qatar Airways, you can take 32kg in economy class, 40kg in business class and 50kg in first class.
  • Baggage allowance of KLM is 12kg in economy class and 18kg in business class.
  • Etihad Airways allows you to take one bag of 23kg in economy class, 2 bags of up to 32kg each in business and first class

Best time to book flights
Spring and winter seasons are best for visiting Harare. You can avail cheap prices if you book flights between January to March, later from April to June and then from September to November. During the UK holiday months of April, July, August and December, most people want to visit their home in Harare. These months constitute peak season for the city.

TravelhouseUK team works hard to get special bargained fare from different airlines. This facilitates our clients to visit Harare in peak season but on cheaper rates. So, you can find an ideal summer flight deal or Christmas flights to Harare from major UK airports.

Accommodation Options Available in Harare
Harare has plenty of guesthouses, safari lodges, budget and luxury hotels available. All of these options can be found around the city center and commercial areas. Some of them boast a swimming pool, Wi-Fi, spa, hotel and sports facilities. Few international hotel chains are also offering services in Zimbabwe capital.

If you are on a business trip, you can opt to stay in hotels located in the commercial zone. These hotels have furnished rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Business travellers can also stay in guesthouses. Some of which also offer breakfast included in the price.

Hostels and backpacker lodges are also available in the city. The most favorite accommodation option for backpackers is the Small World Backpackers Lodge which is located near the Avondale Shopping Centre.

Harare Popular Places to Eat and See
Harare has not only modern infrastructure but also many old buildings which depict country's culture and history. The city is also surrounded by many natural wonders. Here are few must to visit places in Harare:

National Gallery of Zimbabwe: The exhibits at the gallery showcase classic and contemporary African art. National Gallery Zimbabwe has stone sculptures, cravings, photos, masks and paintings. It is located in the Harare Gardens. There is an excellent book and crafts shop attached to the gallery.

Epworth Balancing Rocks: These rocks are located in the southeast of Harare in Epworth on 13km drive. The Epworth Balancing Rocks are more popular than other balancing rocks in Zimbabwe as they have appeared on country's currency notes.

Mukuvisi Woodlands: This natural reserve is best for watching giraffe, ostrich, elephants and impala. It is located just 7km away from the city center. You can view either from the platforms, on foot, horse safari or on a bicycle. It has also some endemic bird species.

There are plenty of international and local restaurants in Harare. Following are best in town:

  • Garwe – Traditional Zimbabwean Cuisine
  • Butcher’s Kitchen – Steakhouse
  • Chang Thai – Thai Cuisine

Annual Events and Celebrations
Harare is the official host to many international events and festivals. Most popular among these are given below:

Harare Jazz Festival:  The month of April is quite busier than other months for Harare. Lots of festivals happen during this part of year. Annual Jazz festival is one of them which occurs between April 15th and 16th. Renowned African bands and musicians perform at the event and proceeds are donated to charity.

Harare International Food Festival: Now this one is a must to attend for all food lovers. The event takes place in the month of November. It has positively impacted the regional gourmet scene. Local and international chefs showcase their skills in Harare International Food Festival. You can get your hands on best wine and cuisine.

Harare International Festival of Arts: It is another festival happening in the month of April. The Harare International Festival of Arts is one of the major events of Zimbabwe. Local and international performers in the genres of visual arts, theater and music participate in the event.

By Z A Chahal

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Handy Tips you should know before your departure

  • Using car hire services to travel around Harare is highly recommended for travelers. 
  • Always travel in large groups, especially at night.
  • Always ensure your travel insurance before traveling for immediate health services in foreign land.
  • Refrain from exposing expensive goods or large amount of cash in public places.
  • The summer over there is our winter and the coolest months are: May, June and July over there. These months are also the most pleasant time of the year to visit.
  • Internet/WiFi services are available at hotels, but you may notice the service to be slow and interrupted at times.
  • Cell phone coverage is good throughout the city but, International landline calls are still unreliable.
  • Most of the purchases in large stores and malls are done with US Dollars. Also, major currencies in the world can be used such as GBP, Euro and etc.
FAQs about Harare

Which airline provides the best baggage allowance for Harare?

Baggage allowance with KLM, during its operations to Harare up to October 2014, has been 58 kg split into 2 bags of 23 kg each plus 12 kg hand luggage. Now, Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways offer the highest baggage allowance of 53 kg. The baggage is split into two bags of 23 kg each with 7 kg of hand luggage to be carried on board. Emirates offers 40 kg plus 7 kg hand luggage.

How many flights does Emirates operate to Harare from UK on a weekly basis?

Emirates is currently operating daily flights from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow to its hub in Dubai. From Dubai onwards, a connecting flight to Harare departs every day.

If flying with Emirates to Harare, which UK airport should one choose for his/her itinerary in order to save time spent on a stopover?

London Heathrow has the least stopover time when it comes to availing return flights between UK and Harare, with a stopover duration lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes in each direction. If availing one-way flights from UK to Harare, choose Glasgow Airport for your departure, because these flights make a stopover of only 1 hour and 15 minutes at Dubai International Airport.

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