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Ethiopian Airlines
LHR - HRE Heathrow to Harare
03 Oct 2021 Travel Between Date
Ethiopian Airlines
LON - HRE London to Harare
23 Sep - 30 Sep Travel Between Date
Qatar Airways
LGW - HRE Gatwick to Harare
17 Mar - 15 Apr Travel Between Date
Ethiopian Airlines
LON - VFA London to Victoria Falls
27 Oct - 16 Nov Travel Between Date
Kenya Airways
LGW - HRE Gatwick to Harare
09 Dec - 01 Jan Travel Between Date
Kenya Airways
STN - HRE Stansted to Harare
07 Apr - 21 Apr Travel Between Date
MAN - HRE Manchester to Harare
29 Nov - 30 Dec Travel Between Date

Are there any restrictions on travel to Zimbabwe due to COVID-19?

There are no restrictions on travel to Zimbabwe due to COVID-19. International borders for Zimbabwe are open for nationals, residents as well as tourists. Besides, you need to provide a negative COVID-19 PCR report before your journey. All travelers are also required to self-isolate for 14 days as a precautionary measure. If you are travelling to Zimbabwe anytime soon, please get in touch with our travel consultants well in time. Also, learn the updated travel and safety updates related to Coronavirus before you set out.

Airlines that operate flights to Zimbabwe

  • British Airways via Johannesburg
  • Emirates via Dubai
  • South African Airways via Johannesburg
  • RwandAir via Kigali

Which airlines are still flying to Zimbabwe?

Ethiopian Airlines and Kenyan Airways are still operating flights to Zimbabwe via Addis Ababa and Nairobi respectively. Keeping the fast-growing situation in view, please consult your travel agent about the airlines’ latest schedule at the time of booking.

Will I get a refund if my flight to Zimbabwe is cancelled?

Yes, you will get a refund if your flight to Zimbabwe is cancelled by the airline. You also have an option to get a voucher of the same amount which can be used against your next flight booking. Alternatively, you can rebook your flight when it works for you. Please contact your travel expert if you wish to learn more about the refund and cancellation policies on your flights to Zimbabwe.

How can I find cheap flights to Zimbabwe in September and December 2021 with flexible booking policies?

If you are looking for cheap flights to Zimbabwe with flexible booking options, you must consider choosing airlines offering no change fee. It enables you to reschedule your flight without having to pay a change fee. However, the fare difference is still applicable. Reach out to our travel agents for more assistance.

What is the cheapest time to travel to Zimbabwe?

The cheapest time to travel to Zimbabwe is between November and March. It works best for those who wish to explore the beauty, wilderness and other highlights of the country in the budget. Flights are relatively cheaper, and quality accommodations are also available at a lesser price.

Can we book flights from Zimbabwe to London?

Yes, Travelhouseuk is a one-stop shop for flights from Zimbabwe to London or any other airport in the UK. You can avail bargain deals for inbound flights from all the major African countries including Zimbabwe. We offer exclusive cheap tickets from Zimbabwe to London to make sure you get the better deal from us than any other Zimbabwean travel agency.

Does travelhouseuk offer last minute flights to Zimbabwe from UK ?

As the phrase suggests, Last minute Zimbabwe flights are for such travelers who decide to travel in the nick of time, sometimes deliberately and at times due to an emergency situation. It can be a gamble, in terms of the price of tickets, if you are looking for flights to Zimbabwe in July , being summer holidays in schools, In December for Christmas , or In March. . There is a mass exodus of expatriates and tourists travelling from the UK to Zimbabwe and back, during this time. Most of our regular clients prefer to book tickets to Zimbabwe at least four months in advance. If you wait till the last few days before your preferred travel date, we can certainly get a flight for you by keeping an eye on last-minute flight cancellations or through our specially obtained quota from airlines; however, we recommend (if you are a regular traveller during peak seasons like Easter, summer vacations or Christmas) that you book your flights early instead of waiting. Time is of the essence, so call our agents now!

How long is the flight to Zimbabwe from UK?

Quickest possible flight time from London to Harare is 11 hours and 40 minutes flying with Ethiopian airlines. For Bulawayo, it takes a further 45 minutes from Harare, and a total 12 hours and 50 minutes if you fly via Johannesburg with South African airways or British Airways

Are there any direct flights to Zimbabwe from UK?

British Airways and Air Zimbabwe used to operate direct flights from UK to Zimbabwe, BA had to cancel the route and later on Air Zimbabwe went down due to bankruptcy and airline failure. So, for now, there is no direct flight to Zimbabwe from UK.

Can i book Domestic flights within Zimbabwe?

Travelhouseuk offers competitive airfares for all domestic flights within Zimbabwe. Just give us a quick call and our highly experienced travel agents will book flights either from Harare to Bulawayo, or to Victoria falls for you

Which are the most preferred airlines by the Zimbabwean community for travel between uk and zimbabwe?

The Zimbabwean community mostly prefers Emirates, South African Airways, Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines for travelling between UK, Ireland, and Zimbabwe. There are different reasons for choosing each of these airlines. Emirates, being a 5 star airline, provides the top in-flight entertainment system among all commercial air operators. It operates the first leg of its flights from UK to Dubai with its flagship A380 airliners, while Dubai International Airport is suitable for a stopover to shop from its Duty-Free Shopping complex. However, Emirates lags behind others with taking the longest overall flight duration, stretching to approximately 19 hours for reaching Harare from London. When it comes to the shortest flight duration, South African Airways is the most preferred airline, as South Africa is geographically the closest to Zimbabwe, sharing its northern borders with the country. It also has the shortest stopovers, as Johannesburg’s O.R Tambo International Airport is a regional hub across Africa. An added attraction is that passengers get to avail a stay at Johannesburg, giving them the chance to meet and greet any relatives they have in the country. Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways are recommended for relatively cheaper airfares compared to all the other airlines. 

When to travel and when not to travel to Zimbabwe?

For viewing maximum wildlife for a safari, the season lasts from May to November. The rainy season, which lasts from November to February, has its own advantages, as it is popular for witnessing bird migrations from Guinea, as well as water-sports along the Zambezi River. Visitors of the Victoria Falls should aim to visit in May right after the rainy season ends, when the flowing waters are at their peak. September and October are the peak months, with hot and dry days and cold nights causing mosquitos to lessen from the extreme weather. However, it also causes wildlife to crowd on all watering holes, and Rangers even hold safari festivals for tracking wildlife in this season. 

International airports in Zimbabwe

Harare International Airport is the main commercial aviation platform serving the country, with flights across the region like Europe, Middle East as well as within Africa landing at its airport. It attends to about 400 flights a week, mostly international. Next flight options are Bulawayo and Victoria Falls Airport, which are relatively small international airports mostly handling flights arriving from within Africa. Kariba airport completely operates on a domestic scale. 

How to manage to get around in Zimbabwe?

A single major train route operates for connecting major cities of the country with routes beyond Zimbabwe’s borders, so train travel is a rare option. Taxi minibuses are the main means of commuting within a destination, as well as nearby destinations. Whether the roads are bad or good, all road connections are serviced generally by buses. Whether you land in Harare, Bulawayo or Victoria Falls, there is hardly any public transport which takes you to these city centers from the Airport. The best and only option you are left with is to contact an authentic rental car company beforehand.

What’s the best time to visit Zimbabwe?

The best time to visit Zimbabwe is during May when the weather is relatively dry, and the prices are not high considering it’s a low season. But if you like to travel in pleasant wintry cold weather, you should travel in October, when rainy season has settled—leaving balmy weather to enjoy and that too with low-cost Zimbabwe flights.

What are the visa requirements for UK and non-EU nationals?

For the UK, USA, Australian, Canadian and EU Nationals, the common facility of “visa on arrival” is also available in Zimbabwe against a very reasonable amount of fee. For all other nationalities, visas before departure are required by visitors for travelling to Zimbabwe.

What are the hotel and accommodation options in Zimbabwe?

Towards the urban hubs you will be surprised to know that local hotels have boomed to match their standards with international hotel chains, providing multiple luxury facilities and amenities ranging from pools, fountains, and spas to bars and cafes. As for the suburbs and safaris, there are clubs, game reserves, and parks responsible for providing official accommodation. Resorts, chalets and tent houses are some of the convenient options modernized with standard facilities of electricity, and being attended by dedicated staff for food as well as services. Some of these accommodation services are affiliated with other services related to safari, such as tour and camping organizations.

What’s the general idea of pricing in Zimbabwe?
  • Average meal at an international fast food chain: £5.2
  • A large bottle of water: £1.7
  • An imported pack of cigarettes: £1.3
  • An average taxi trip within a city: £8.5
  • Bus ticket for the main route: £0.65
  • An average night-stay at a local brand hotel: £58
  • An average night stay at an international hotel: £94

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