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Which Airlines operate flights to Burundi from UK?

  • Kenya Airways
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Rwand Air
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Air France

How much time does it take to fly to Burundi from UK?

  • Heathrow to Burundi flights consume around 11 hours with Brussels Airlines.
  • From Manchester, flights with Brussels airlines take around 13 hours and 20 minutes on a two-stop flight.
  • Ethiopian Airlines operate flights from Heathrow to Burundi in 15 hours approximately.
  • With Kenya Airways, flight distance is expected to cover in about 13 hours and 50 minutes.

What are the most popular stopovers for flights to Burundi from UK?

The programmed itinerary from London adds a brief stopover at the hub airport of airlines flying to Burundi. The most popular stopovers are Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Kigali, Brussels, Paris and Istanbul. Choose your flights wisely if you have any preference for flight connections.

Which is the cheapest airline for flight to Burundi from UK?

As a matter of fact, Kenya Airways operates on lowest air fare for flights to Burundi from UK. On average, the cheapest flight to Burundi cost you around £377 from UK.

What are the major airports in Burundi?

Located in the capital city of Burundi, Bujumbura International Airport is the only international airport which serves all the inbound flights to Burundi.

Yes, British travellers require a valid visa with a passport whose validity matches with the duration of your stay in Burundi. You must follow the entry requirements in order to avoid any hassles.

Which is the best time to visit Burundi?

In general, the country stands out for warm climate. The best time to visit Burundi is during the months of May to August. High season for tourists showcase sunny weather in the day time whereas nights are colder with average temperature around 12 degrees Celsius.

What is the average temperature in Burundi?

The central region shows around 20 degrees during the cool weather. As you move towards the area of popular tourist point, Lake Tanganyika, you experience mild temperatures. Mountain ranges have temperatures around 15 degrees because of the altitude.

Which are some of the well-known national parks in Burundi?
  • Kibira National Park
  • Rusizi National Park
  • Ruvubu National Park
What are the major historic sites in Burundi?
  • National Museum of Gitega
  • Livingstone Stanley Monument
  • Buta Memorial Site
  • Kibimba Memorial Site
  • Gutumba Memorial Site
What are the major tourist highlights in Burundi?
  • Lake Tanganyika
  • Mount Heha
  • Ruzizi River
  • Kagera Waterfalls
Which are the best five star hotels for stay in Burundi?
  • Hotel Dolce Vita Resort
  • Goodlife Residence
  • Roca Golf Hotel
  • Aparthotel Jardin Tropical Hotel
  • Hotel Botanika
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