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19/05/2022 - 19/05/2022

Economical and cheap flights to Durban are one of the chief specialities at Travelhouseuk as a leader in African destination flights.

Whether you are scouting for an adventure travel itinerary being a tourism enthusiast, or simply tracking an economical flight back home, you can find affordable flights to fly to Durban. If you are hunting for a vacation, Durban can be a thriving destination. Frequent international flights operate out of Durban airport.

We offer indirect flights with one stop via Middle East on airlines like Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad; via Europe with carriers like Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, Iberian Airlines, Swiss Airways, Turkish Airlines and SN Brussels; with African airlines such as Kenya Airways and Ethiopian airlines. Simply leave an online query or call our agent to get an immediate availability report and best priced comparison flights.

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LGW - DUR Gatwick to Durban
17 Jun 2022 Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
LHR - DUR Heathrow to Durban
13 Jun - 28 Aug Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Egypt Air
LON - DUR London to Durban
01 Aug - 31 Aug Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
ABZ - DUR Aberdeen to Durban
26 Oct - 16 Nov Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
BHX - DUR Birmingham to Durban
22 Feb - 15 Mar Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
MAN - DUR Manchester to Durban
17 Aug - 02 Sep Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
BHD - DUR Belfast City to Durban
04 Jul - 01 Aug Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only

Flights from Durban to London

DUR - LON Durban to London
19 Jul - 22 Aug Travel Between Date
British Airways
DUR - LON Durban to London
01 Jul - 31 Jul Travel Between Date

Can I fly to Durban from the UK right now

The news we have the pleasure to break is that Durban has come off the red list for travel to the UK, and travel restrictions have decreased to an extent. The key guideline that has been outlined for fully vaccinated passengers is that a COVID-19 test will be performed upon their arrival in the UK. It is no more required of them to take a test before flight and undergo quarantine afterwards in the United Kingdom.

On the one hand, travellers not fully vaccinated need to take an RT-PCR test within the 72-hour window before flight. If negative, they then have to secure the booking for another COVID-19 test. This will be carried out on the second day of their entering the UK. On the other hand, the quarantine rule is targeted at passengers not fully vaccinated. The authorities request them to cooperate with the instructions by following the procedure just mentioned, filling out a Passenger Locator Form, and then going into quarantine for 10 days.

Which airlines operate flights to Durban?

    Airlines that operate flights to Durban from the UK are listed below with a PRE-COVID schedule:

  • British Airways: You can fly British Airways from Heathrow to Durban on a direct flight three times a week.
  • South African Airlines: From Heathrow, SA operates double daily flights to Durban via Johannesburg.
  • Emirates: With Emirates, you can pick from four flights to Durban via Dubai departing from London Heathrow daily. 
  • Qatar Airways: Qatar Airways operates six flights from Heathrow to Durban and includes two stopovers on its way, which is Doha and Johannesburg, respectively.
  • Turkish Airlines: Turkish Airlines has four daily flights from Heathrow to Durban via Istanbul.

How long is the flight to Durban from the UK?

  • Non-stop flight from London Heathrow to Durban: 11 hours
  • Heathrow to Durban via Johannesburg (JNB): 13 hours and 45 minutes
  • Emirates flights to Durban from London (LHR): 17 hours and 20 minutes
  • Flights to Durban from Manchester: 18 hours and 55 minutes.

Are there any direct flights to Durban from the UK?

Yes, direct flights to Durban are available from London airports. Heathrow to Durban is the quickest, most popular, and usually the cheapest route. The Emirates gives an alternative way and provides service for four daily flights to Durban via Dubai.

Where can I find flexible tickets to Durban in May 2022?

Yes, Travelhouseuk provides flexible tickets to Durban in May 2022. We have launched exclusive deals for Durban flights to those looking to visit their home country. Please subscribe to our newsletter and get notified about the latest sales. Moreover, we advise you to get in touch with our travel consultants well in time, so they are able to secure a good deal for you.

Can I get an instalment plan on flights to Durban today?

If you have scanned the far reaches of the internet and still cannot find really cheap flights, there are more ways than one. When a price is not getting any cut, why not optimise the budget? Just remember that you can get an instalment plan on flights to Durban today, tomorrow, or any other day. It is a ready solution where the fate of a trip is in peril simply because making a full, upfront payment is challenging for the passenger. A dedicated payment plan gives the advantage of flying now on deposit alone and paying later the remaining amount as instalments. The payable amount will be sliced into monthly instalments. Talk about flying with your favourite airline in Business Class - all on a budget!

Are there any cheap Christmas flights to Durban in 2022 ?

Like every year, Travelhouseuk will unleash its best offers on Christmas flights to Durban in 2022 . We begin promoting these deals from October onwards, and as last-minute flights are the most expensive of the bunch, travellers also prefer to make early bookings. During this period, there are so many flash sales announced that only those in the loop ever hear about. You can also visit our social media handles online for the latest updates.

How far in advance should I book a flight to Durban?

Clinching the deal at the last minute could be expensive, while travellers who book a flight to Durban in advance may have a chance to save big. Booking at least 3 weeks, preferably 3 months, could most likely get you a lower quote on flights. Also, in the long run, this will keep your finances in tip-top shape. Frequent travellers may know all this, but comparing fares and requesting your travel agent to bring you price-drop alerts is something you owe yourself. We are here to receive your phone calls on our number (020 3137 2316) and respond to your queries on our social media handles.

How to find the cheapest flights to Durban from Manchester?

High prices will no longer be the dead-end if you are in touch with your travel agent through social media. Even high-tier airlines are offering budget-friendly deals on flights to Durban from Manchester. These include Emirates, Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, KLM, and Ethiopian Airlines. Interactive practises yield the best results in saving time and helping us make smart decisions, especially when one has to buy flight tickets online. Travel portals like Travelhouseuk have multiple social media handles where customers will find experienced agents who are at the ready to fetch them super cheap flights. From posting updates to answering queries, it is part of their job to facilitate travellers like yourself.

Can I get flexible flight tickets for Durban in 2022 ?

Travellers can get flexible flight tickets for Durban with Travelhouseuk. The foremost advantage of booking flights with a flexible policy is that passengers can ask for a date-change when a personal need arises or get their flights rescheduled in view of travel restrictions. If getting a speedy date change is a priority, please reach us on Facebook to inquire about the details and capitalise on our offers with better success. Our travel agent will schedule your flight to a later date as per the terms and conditions of the airline.

Are there any cheaper deals for last minute flights to Durban?

Last minute flights can be a challenge in terms of prices and availability. However, you can always look up to our travel experts to find you the best available option. We have a track record of finding the best deals for Durban flights within your budget limits

Emirates flights to Durban from the UK

The Emirates is a popular choice for flights to Durban from the UK. Emirates departs from London Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Birmingham Airport. If you are looking to fly with Emirates, sign up for our newsletter or give us a call to update you on the latest discounts. Emirates operates six flights per week from Manchester and four flights from London Heathrow to Durban via Dubai.

Which airlines offer cheap flight tickets to Durban?

British Airways’ flights to Durban are starting from 599 GBP with flexible booking options so you can book a flight with confidence. It allows you to reschedule your flight if your plan is changed or cancelled. Please read the fine print of the airline’s terms and conditions.

What days does British Airways fly to Durban from London?

British Airways operates direct flights from London Heathrow to Durban, King Shaka International Airport, thrice a week, and flights depart every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. The flight (British Airways 41) departs from Terminal 5 of the Heathrow Airport, using a Boeing 787-8 aircraft for all flights. Multiple connecting flights are available seven days of the week from major London airports, including London Gatwick. Flights depart from here three days a week as well.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Durban?

The cheapest time of the year in Durban is from December to February. Durban is perhaps one of the few cities in Africa that are comparatively cheaper over the Christmas season. When the summer season returns to Durban in December, it also brings along rain clouds. Even though the highest temperature during this time is 30°C, the overcast weather of Durban keeps you always wondering when it’s going to rain. However, for the traveller on a budget visiting Durban during this time can be a godsend. With fewer tourists vying for hotel rooms and airline seats, the prices come down drastically. It rains about seven to eight days in the entire month, but the views are impressive after the showers pack an umbrella.

What are the most popular connecting cities when flying to Durban from the UK?

As there are non-stop flights available, stopovers are a choice on flights to Durban. If you want to take the scenic route and travel on one or two-stop itineraries, then your plane will most likely stop at Dubai, Johannesburg, or Paris. The airline connections in between determine the length of these layovers. The most frequented and preferred stop by passengers usually is the Metropolitan Dubai, which never disappoints. If you’re looking to extend your flight to explore a new city, then this is the best option; lest you want to spend some time in Paris.

Can I get a Business Class Flight to Durban with Travelhouseuk?

Yes, travelhouseuk has a dedicated team dealing with corporate clients for their business travel. You can rely on our travel consultants for the complete arrangements of your flights. Though prices are the least stable throughout the year, you can keep a starting price of 2300 GBP as a general idea for pricing. The top in-flight entertainment, luxury service, and the world’s finest cuisines await you in the Business Class Flights’ section when flying to Durban. Ensuring you get all your money’s worth, we have special packages designed with multiple airlines for Business Class Deals. Some deals are call only, so make haste and book now. You can get your customized travel plan suited to your needs today.

When can I find the best flight To Durban?

To get a reasonable price on flights and hotels, one must plan a visit during the low season. The first quarter of the year is the cheapest time to book flights to Durban. Airfares are way lower in summer than at any other time of the year. In addition to cheap flights, which you can keep track of by signing up for our newsletter, you can also book hotels at reasonable prices as Durban is not usually jam-packed with tourists in this time frame.

What are the major international airports in Durban?

King Shaka International Airport (DUR) serves the city of Durban, and it was built to welcome the football fans arriving from around the world for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. From Central Durban, which is not far from the coast, the airport is about 34 kilometres away. Taking a car ride to the airport from the city centre takes about 30 minutes. You can get an uber, taxi, shuttle or a bus to and from the airport. The cheapest option is the shuttle bus service that runs every hour from the airport itself.

What is the best time to visit Durban?

Cities like Durban in the southern hemisphere have their seasons reversed. The summer reaches its zenith in December, and the mild winter is coolest in June. Keeping that in mind, the golden time to visit Durban is from April to November. For the best experience, come to Durban in the shoulder months of this period. The temperature in the city varies rapidly from month to month during the April-November time frame. Average temperatures are around 25 degrees Celsius, and it sometimes rains, but that doesn’t bother the tourists from exploring the city. This time is also the high season for tourism, so be well informed about raised ticket prices and accommodation costs.

What are the tourist attractions in Durban?
  • Ushaka Marine World
  • Durban Botanic Gardens
  • Umgeni River Bird Park
  • Mitchell Park Zoo
  • Natural Science Museum

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