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Which Airlines Fly To Togo?

How Long Is The Flight To Togo?

Are There Any Direct Flights To Togo From The UK?

There are no direct flights to Togo from the United Kingdom, from any of the country’s airports. Tourists visiting Togo prefer Royal Air Maroc over others because it is the cheapest airline on the fastest route to Togo and has a stopover in Casablanca only.

Which Are The Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Togo?

Cheap Flights to Togo with Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc is consistently providing the cheapest tickets to Togo to all tourists and returning Togolese expats here in the United Kingdom. Not only do these flights have to shortest stopover but they also offer the best value for the money.

To carry the passengers from the UK, the Moroccan airline operates two flights from London: Royal Air Maroc 801 and 803. Flight number AT801 takes off from London Heathrow at 5 PM every single day. AT 803 soars the sky from London Gatwick Airport at 5 PM every Monday, Thursday and Saturday and at midnight only on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Therefore, just from London alone, 14 Royal Air Maroc flights are leaving for Casablanca each week. From Manchester, AT819 is operated every Monday and Friday at 6:30 PM.

After a three-hour flight to Casablanca, the passengers embark on the next leg of their journey to Togo. These passengers either board Royal Air Maroc’s AT513 to get to the country. Flight number AT513 is scheduled to fly at noon every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday and arrives in Lome in 4 hours.

What Is The Cheapest Time Of Year To Fly To Togo?

Summer rains intensify after May in Togo, and few tourists choose to travel to Togo during this time. The first few months of the rainy season experience at least two to three days of wet weather per week. Coming to Togo in June, July or August will prevent you from reaching deep into your pockets. However, the weather is less than perfect at this time to go exploring Togo. Not as cheap, but cheaper still - coming to Togo during September and October can keep your financials in order as well. The rainfall is unpredictable during this time, so if you are lucky, you can experience open skies for weeks at a time during these months. 

What is The Busiest International Airport In Togo?

Lome–Tokoin International Airport (LFW) is the only international airport in the country. The airport is only 7 kilometres away from the city centre. In recent years, the airport was able to serve 700,000 passengers annually. The top international airline carrier flying out of Lome airport is KLM with 113 scheduled flights per month.

What Are The Entry Requirements To Togo For British Travellers?

British passport holders require a visa to enter Togo. You can apply for a visa when you arrive in Togo, but that tenure of that permit would not be for more than seven days. Togo’s Embassy in the United Kingdom processes all travel permits. The immigration officer would require a return ticket or an invitation letter from a responsible citizen in Togo as an assurance that you will leave the country. Please make sure that your British passport remains valid for one year from the date you enter Togo. The British government advises all the citizens visiting the country to be vaccinated against yellow fever before leaving for the trip.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Togo?

Togo is a small country located in West Africa with a tropical climate. The best time to come to the Togolese Republic is from November to March since these are the driest months of the calendar in the country. During this time the average temperature does not deviate from the 25°C to 30°C range. Fortunately, the humidity also decreases to its minimum values making the air breathable and your tour more relaxed in the winter months. January is the busiest month for the tourism industry in Togo, so expect higher rates and travel costs during these times. As always, contact our agents at least four months before you intend to travel to get cheaper travel deals to Togo.

What Are The Major Landmarks In Togo?

Togo is a charming and fascinating country. Hundreds of years of culture have inspired the landmarks in Togo. It is known for its beaches and hilltop villages. Many natural wonders like the lake of Lome also encourage the traveller to lengthen their stay in Togo.

Which Events And Festivals Are Celebrated In Togo?

Togo officially has 37 tribes living inside its borders. Each tribe contributes to the social and cultural diversity of the country. There are a few festivals that bind many communities to gather with song and music. One of these festivals is the Gadao Festival. This festival is a three-day event held in March, the first day of which is reserved for thanking the ancestors. On the second and third day, there is the “Feast of Knives” where both men and women remember fallen warriors of old. Gbagba is a sacred day to worship the many gods of African animism. The festival signals the harvest season and greets the people with a period of rest. Voodoo might be taboo in the United Kingdom, but it is a way of life in Togo. The Voodoo Festival, in September, introduces the indigenous belief system to the curious traveller. Of particular interest is the stone casting ritual, which predicts fortunes for the coming year. 

Transportation Options Available To Tourists within Togo

Apart from the international airport in Lome, there is Niamtougou International Airport, which will become functional in the future and open up northern Togo to the rest of the world. Tourists can use regional airlines like ASKY Airlines, to move through the region. In Togo, the road conditions are not well. Even in the capital, traffic can be chaotic for someone new to the Togolese roads, so it is best to hire a driver for your travels along with a rented car. Please use vehicles that have the proper paperwork while visiting Togo. Currently, there are no scheduled boat services available in Togo. Visitors can use motorbikes also.

Which Five-Star Hotels And Accommodation Are Available For Stay In Togo?

November, December and January are the most tourist-friendly months of the year in Togo. The average temperature does not exceed 30 °C but normally remains around 23 °C. Rainfall is to be expected but it does not come across as a hassle in outdoor tourism. The climate is generally dry which is why occasional rainfall complements it.

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