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why visit togo?

Unravel one of West Africa's hidden gems known for not only its exquisite and overwhelmingly charming culture but also its mesmerizingly beautiful landscapes, an exotic coastline of the Gulf of Benin in West Africa and not to mention, incredibly friendly and hospitable people so you will always feel welcomed. From the happenings of its bustling capital Lome, hopping on an expedition cascading through the country's savannah, tropical forests and indulgent beaches, hiking through the famed Togolese Mountains, exploring the country's inspiring towns and last but not the least, unravelling this beautiful African country's rich culture at its museums and galleries, all this and a whole lot more is what awaits you in Togo.


Togo might be a small country but the adventure it offers is comparable to any of the bigger African countries. Whether you seek to dwell in the diverse natural beauty of the country this summer or explore some gorgeous villages with people still living in the stone ages such as Tamberma people near Kandé, Togo will offer you every side of the spectrum that will make up for a truly fantastic African-inspired holiday. With Thirty seven ethnic groups inhabiting the country, exploring Togo will sure be a journey that you are bound to cherish for life. 

what are the flight destination options for landing in togo?

Lome Tokoin Airport is the main international gateway for entering Togo via commercial aviation networks. The airport attends to about 400 flights every week for the entire country. There are numerous minor domestic airports and airstrips spread throughout the country. However, they do not attend to regular commercial traffic. Their usage is restricted to chartered services.

how to manage getting around togo?

Togo has no rail network established as of current records. Its long routes by road are generally operated by bush taxis, express taxis (which operate on a time schedule for departure and arrival), and minibuses, all of which connect via stopover points, splitting the journey from town to town. There are a few bus companies operational as well. In urban centres like Lome, the general traffic amply consists of Moto-taxis willing to take commuters for a small fair from location to location. SN Brussels Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, Iberia Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines are some of the major airlines flying to Togo from UK.

is there any airline flying daily to togo?

Air France flies flight routes 6 days in a week, Sat via Lagos.

what is the average flight time to togo from uk?

It takes an average flights time of 4 hrs 25 mins to reach Togo from UK.

is there any direct flight to togo from uk?

At present, there are no direct flight routes to Togo taking off from UK.

best and preferable airlines to fly from uk to togo?

SN Brussels Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Air France, and Ethiopian Airlines are some of the most preferred airlines to fly to Togo from UK.

which airline takes less time to fly to togo?

Air France takes lesser flight time to reach Togo. 

high ranked and preferable airlines for business class flights to togo?

SN Brussels Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa and Ethiopian Airlines offer some of the best business class flights to Togo.

what are the visa requirements for uk and non-eu nationals?

Visas for entering Togo can either be acquired before or upon arrival at the airport. You are however required to be in possession of a valid passport that does not expire for at least the next six months to the date of your arrival. Details of the visa charges etc. can be obtained from the Togolese embassy. Visitors are also required to have proof of yellow fever immunization to enter Togo.

However, if you plan on touring beyond the capital Lome, it will be wiser for you to hire your own transportation. This will be easier and a more convenient mode of transportation. Driving is the best way to get around Togo. 

what’s the best time to visit togo?

Togo experiences year-round warm temperature conditions which may get uncomfortable for people seeking to explore the country. It is therefore advisable to travel to Togo in the comparatively cooler months of the year. This includes the months of April to July and September to November.

where to stay in togo:

You will find plenty of very affordable options of accommodation in Togo. Some of the most popular options amongst the tourists include the resorts along the beaches. The most popular resorts that you can choose from are the Hotel Palm Beach, located by the seaside in the capital Lome, Hotel Saint Thomas also in Lome, and Residence Flamani, a beautifully designed boutique hotel.

what’s the general idea of budgeting in togo?
  • Single meal at an international fast food chain: £2.2
  • Large bottle of mineral water: £0.43
  • an imported pack of cigarettes: £1
  • Average taxi trip within the city: £10
  • Average ticket for local transport: £0.66
  • A guest room or a common hotel: £25
  • A top end luxury resort or guest house: £80
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