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airlines that operates flights to lusaka

  • Emirates (EK) via Dubai
  • Ethiopian Airlines (ET) via Addis Ababa
  • Kenya Airways (KQ) via Nairobi
  • South African Airways (SA) via Johannesburg
  • KLM (KL) via Amsterdam & Nairobi

daily flight schedule of airlines flying to lusaka:

  • Emirates Airlines operates this network more thoroughly than any other airline with routes set for Lusaka from different airports in the United Kingdom. From Heathrow alone, 5 flights take-off on a day to day basis; EK 002, EK 030, EK 032, EK 004 and EK 006, all setting course for Dubai from where EK 713 alone gets going for Lusaka. Furthermore, the same airline serves the London Gatwick by flying twice a day for Dubai on EK 010 and EK 016 by turns. Again, travellers to Lusaka get on board the EK 713 to get to their destination. From Birmingham, their carriers- EK 038 and EK 040 to be precise- execute 2 regular flights each day touching down in Dubai for a stopover. No surprise there; Dubai being the hub of Emirates Airlines. From here, the illustrious EK 713 carries them off to Zambia in general and Lusaka in particular. It is worth mentioning here that Emirates also conducts Manchester to Lusaka flights. Once more, 2 flights every day, EK 020 and EK 018 departing Manchester Airport and arriving on Dubai International Airport for a flight connect with EK 713.
  • Ethiopian Airlines, as we know it, has a single-flight-per-day schedule, an ET 701 flight, from London Heathrow. One-stop flights involve Addis Ababa as the rendezvous point which streamlines passengers in order to fly further to Lusaka on any carrier from among ET 863, ET 873 and ET 893 as per their ticket details.
  • Likewise, Kenya Airways operates its only flight from London Heathrow; a KQ 101, on a Boeing 787 to Nairobi. From the airline’s hub both KQ 706 and KQ 720 fly for Lusaka. Nairobi is the stopover for one-stop flights however Harare will be an additional layover on specific dual-stop flights. Such dual-stop flights begin with the same KQ 101 reaching Nairobi from London but it’s from there that passengers get aboard  KQ 704 to be taken to Harare only to be connected again with KQ 702 for Lusaka. Such trips usually involve a sleepover but can be helpful to those on budget-cuts. At times, it’s vice versa e.g. KQ 702 connecting Nairobi with Harare and KQ 704 linking Harare with Lusaka. Depending on the ticket issued, there’s always the possibility that commuters would not have to change their carriers on stopovers; KQ 704 frequently gets airborne from Nairobi, takes its time at Harare and advances farther towards Lusaka.
  • Once their launch preparations are complete, airbuses operated by South African Airways, namely SA 237 and SA 235 depart the London Heathrow Airport for Johannesburg wherefrom they connect to Lusaka via SA 064, SA 062 and SA 066. On average, 2 daily flights are operated by South African Airways for this destination.

how long is the flight to lusaka

  • Naturally, Emirates Airlines would complete different journeys in different time frames. For instance, flights taking-off from Heathrow reach Lusaka in about 15 hours and 20 minutes whereas those lifting-off from Gatwick land after 16 hours. Those aircraft leaving the Birmingham airspace consume a time fill of 16 hours and 15 minutes, roughly the same it takes for a flight from Manchester.
  • The minimum flight duration with Ethiopian Airlines is 14 hours and 15 minutes.
  • With Kenya Airways, the distance can be covered within 14 hours if all goes well.
  • South African Airways has jets taking at least 14 hours and 25 minutes to make contact with Zambian soil in the capital.

free baggage allowance on flights to lusaka from major uk airports?

When calculating as to how much their journey is going to add up to, travellers often lose sight of the crucial fact that every airline has its own baggage allowance policy, exceeding which can cause additional charges. In order to make better choices and to see that your trip does not come with way too many surprises, it’s better to take a look at how much free luggage allowance is offered by mainstream airlines.

  • Emirates Airlines has placed the marker for free one piece luggage as 30 kg maximum for Economy Class and 40 kg maximum for Business Class.
  • As per the Ethiopian Airlines standards, the protocol follows that a single piece of 23 kg is to be let pass for free in Economy Class whereas a single piece of 32 kg is to be allowed in Business Class.
  • Commuters travelling in Economy Class with Kenya Airways can tuck in all their belongings within a single suitcase of 23 kg utmost. Business Class passengers, in contrast, are permitted a single piece of 32 kg per ticket.
  • South African Airways follows the piece system which allows passengers to lug in 2 pieces of 23 kilograms each in Economy Class and 2 pieces of 32 kilograms each in Business Class.
tourist attractions and sites to see in lusaka:

Interconnecting and warping almost all directions within the country, the capital city of Lusaka plays a strong role in cultural representation of Zambia. It has the country’s National Museum featuring art sculptures and exhibition galleries under one roof. Other avenues for art in the city include the Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre, headed by a local artist, and depicting the rural setup, flora and fauna of the country. To get a genuine overlook of the country’s rural area without marching out of Lusaka, the Kabwata Cultural Village is located near the National University in the city.  A picturesque background of dwarfed mountains, with streams for canoeing and exploring wildlife, define the country’s Lower National Park that stretches across the Southern suburbs of the city. Other parks for a safari tour include the Chaminuka Game Reserve and Parays Game Ranch. Only those tourists succeed in making the most out of this excursion that plan their tour in advance and take regular breaks for refreshments and perhaps a fresh change of clothes. For water-themed adventure on a family outing, the twisting slides, plunge pools and water rides in an open air setup are all what matter at the Lusaka Adventure City. Bon Voyage!

best time to book flights to lusaka

How well timed on the part of those booking cheap flights to Lusaka in between early May and late August; the dry season so to speak. Perfect your strategy of visiting safari together with other outdoor explorations during this phase without having to get worked up on the weather at least. Even with that said, early birds catch the best worm as mornings, more than any other time of the day, offer the best atmosphere for a road trip. This and an average temperature of 17 ⁰C during May and July make safari pursuits no sweat. Avoid October and you will likely save yourself from a summer meltdown.

festivals and celebrations in lusaka:

What keeps the Zambian heart beating throughout the year is a series of local events and celebrations such as the Lusaka Color Festival in May, the International Day of No Shoes and the Summer Night Food and Crafts Festival nearing the end of September. These events give locals and tourists alike a chance to celebrate in the true Zambian way.

reaching lusaka city from the airport

There are formal car hire companies such as the SEPISO Car Rentals and Avis Zambia in Lusaka which require advanced booking prior to your arrival by air. A single main mini bus service operates once so it’s not much of a general option. Cab service is mainly utilized as the airport is accessible by a convenient 20 minute spin from the central areas of the city. The safest ones to get are obviously the registered ones. Further details in Zambia’s Travel and Security Advisory would still help tourists in making smarter decisions.

getting around lusaka:

The general traffic during the day is dominated by local mini buses which navigate through every corner of the central city not to mention its routes along the suburban belt. Taxis definitely have a hard time finding passengers since minibuses are in plenty and there is no good reason to pay more for the same commute. However, when browsing for souvenirs, cab drivers are sure to have knowledge of some of the best Flea Markets and bazaars to that end. For domestic long distance travel beyond Lusaka, the city is home to the platform for the country’s largest bus company in addition to a coach service, which means buses frequently complete the main highway circuit from the capital. Some sites are a little distance away from bus stops and every so often a walk would be inevitable. Keeping in consideration your general fitness alongside the condition of your vitals, make decisions to the best of your health.

hotel and accommodation options in lusaka:

Since the larger number of posh hotels and restaurants are centrally concentrated, tourists targeting specific urban centres on their transit across Zambia favour and recommend central Lusaka, where different options are available to match the style and comforts of many. Select dates, book your holidays in Lusaka and get pampered in any of the following first-class hotels: Southern Sun Ridgeway, StayEasy Lusaka, Taj Pamodzi, Radisson Blu and Intercontinental are first-rate options that actually deliver the holiday experience advertised so often in media.

Gymnasium, spas, assorted beverages in the minibar, buffets and what not, whichever one you choose you cannot go wrong. Then there are others; Protea Hotel and Best Western Plus Lusaka Grand Hotel. Prices may be high but there’s usually something on the house every now and then- a show, a signature dish, a bottle of wine complementary. What's more is that they have organized eateries with cooking clubs, brunches and high teas along with pools.

The Zambian capital has many upmarket guest houses and bed & breakfasts on locations that count the most to a tourist and with adequate services to smooth the progress of a short as well as a long term trip. Rent your choice from among Sarek Creek B and B, Roma Place, Wayside Guest House and Shiwa Ng’ andu. But if you really have your heart set on a wildlife lodge, and there are quite a few of them located in the suburbs close to the game reserves and wildlife parks, the Protea Hotel Safari Lodge is a recurring name that one hears from tourists. If all else fails, surely a hammock would not.

quality restaurants and eateries in lusaka:

Place your order for a steak in Chicago’s- the best steakhouse in Manda Hill Shopping Mall- and one of the best overall. Cattleman’s Grill and Marlins are other steakhouses worth the cost. Travelling round the clock only to find unfamiliar food on the table can make some of us a bit agitated… actually, most of us can relate. Rhapsody’s, Design House Cafe, Four Seasons Bistro and Mint Lounge make sure their menus list as many international dishes as possible to cater to the widest spectrum of tourists. One restaurant Dil, for instance, is famous for its Indian cookery whereas Sechuan takes credit for being the top server of Chinese food. Enjoy these lunch breaks... they are there for a reason.

Handy Tips you should know before your departure!
  • You can fly to Lusaka from 10 UK airports
  • The average flight time between UK and Lusaka is 10 hours 15 minutes.
  • British Airways is a preferred airline between London and Lusaka connecting you via Jo'burg.
  • The distance between London to Lusaka is 4932 miles
  • The lowest fare for Lusaka can be approx £531 and the highest can be over £2000 for business class. 
  • Currently there are no non-stop flights available for Lusaka from UK
  • British Airways, Ethiopian Airways, Emirates and Kenyan Airways offer the cheapest fares for Lusaka.
  • UK and Lusaka have a two hours time difference
  • Ethiopian Airlines offers the best baggage allowance for Lusaka flights that is 23kgx2 bags

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