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Where should I visit in Lusaka? get to know about this and much more through our travel guide to Lusaka.

Why travel to Lusaka?

Interconnecting all directions within the country, the capital city of Lusaka plays a strong role in cultural representation of Zambia. It has the country’s National Museum featuring art sculptures and exhibition galleries under one roof. Other avenues for art in the city include the Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre, headed by a local artist for depicting the rural setup, flora and fauna of the country. To get a genuine overlook of the country’s rural area without journeying out of Lusaka, the Kabwata cultural village is located near the national university in the city.  Having a picturesque background of small mountains, with streams for canoeing and exploring the wildlife, the country’s Lower National Park stretches on the Southern suburbs of the city. Other parks for a safari tour include the Chaminuka Game Reserve and Parays Game Ranch. For water-themed adventure for a family outing, the twisting slides, plunge pools and water rides in an open air setup are all what matter at the Lusaka Adventure City. Providing small-scale employment for individuals and daily labourers, there are multiple markets in Lusaka for getting hands on souvenirs and local produce from morning to evening. Pakati Sunday Market, Sunday Crafts Market and the Soweto Market are all within Lusaka's perimeters.


What are the major air operators for cheap flights to Lusaka from London?

Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, South African Airways, British Airways and Emirates are all in competition to facilitate seats for passengers from London.


Are there any direct flights to Lusaka from London?

There are no direct flights to Lusaka from London operating as of current flight records.


 How far is the airport from the city centre?

Lusaka International Airport is located at about 12 miles out of Lusaka’s central zone.


What is the flight duration from Lusaka to London?

On the average, it may take 15 to 16 hours including the time spent on stopovers.


How to get to the city from the airport?

There are formal car hire companies in Lusaka which require advanced booking before arriving via flight. Generally taxis are utilized, as the airport is accessible via a convenient 20 minute trip from the central areas of the city. A single main mini bus service operates once so it’s not much of a general option.


How to manage getting around in Lusaka?

The general traffic during the day is dominated by local mini buses which through every corner of its main towns as well as the central city. Taxis are the inferior option since minibuses are so plenty and there is no major need for paying more for the same commute. For domestic long distance travel beyond Lusaka, the city is home to the platform for country’s largest bus company as well as a coach company, with bus frequencies operating on the main highways from the main capital.


What are the hotel and accommodation options in Lusaka?

Travellers are lucky to stay in the city, where great deals of options are available to match the style and comforts of many. First and foremost option; go for the wildlife lodges, with majority of them located in the suburbs close to the game reserves and wildlife parks. They have an organized culture of eateries with cooking clubs, brunches and high tea along with pools. When it comes to within the city, backpackers are the cheap option which mostly is used by the locals. To make a good, luxurious stay at the city, there are a couple of international hotel chains, as well as local brands facilitating exceptional class.

By Z A Chahal

Handy tips To Know before your departure flight to Lusaka!

  • You can fly to Lusaka from 10 UK airports
  • The average flight time between UK and Lusaka is 10 hours 15 minutes.
  • British Airways is a preferred airline between London and Lusaka connecting you via Jo'burg.
  • The distance between London to Lusaka is 4932 miles
  • The lowest fare for Lusaka can be approx £531 and the highest can be over £2000 for business class. 
  • Currently there are no non-stop flights available for Lusaka from UK
  • British Airways, Ethiopian Airways, Emirates and Kenyan Airways offer the cheapest fares for Lusaka.
  • UK and Lusaka have a two hours time difference
  • Ethiopian Airlines offers the best baggage allowance for Lusaka flights that is 23kgx2 bags

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Nowadays due to security reasons the name and spellings on the ticket should exactly match with the ones on the passport. If there is a minor error in your ticket to Lusaka, for instance if there is an extra letter in your name spelling then you may be facilitated by your agent. Otherwise if the whole name is incorrect you may not be able to fly to Lusaka and ticket will need to be reissued.

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