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Cheap Flights to Zimbabwe

Yearning for cheap flights to Zimbabwe, home to the wondrous Victoria Falls and a key attraction for tourists visiting Africa? Whether you are planning a getaway or simply going home to visit family, look no farther, TravelHouseuk is the African Travel Specialist with competitive deals on offer to help you fly to Zimbabwe on a budget. Browse through our exclusive fares and vast database of airline itineraries possible for Zimbabwe flights. Book cheap bargain deals and discounted offers for flights leaving the UK from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, Bristol, Dublin, Edinburgh, New castle. You have the freedom to fly from any major airport in UK according to your convenience.


Bargain deals for return flights to Zimbabwe

£ 536
Airline Emirates
Book By 06 November, 2014
Travel Between 08 April, 2015 - 30 June, 2015
£ 545
Airline Ethiopian Airlines
Book By 10 November, 2014
Travel Between 21 October, 2014 - 05 December, 2014
£ 634
Airline Kenya Airways
Book By 05 November, 2014
Travel Between 26 December, 2014 - 18 March, 2015
£ 715
Airline South African Airways
Book By 03 November, 2014
Travel Between 02 November, 2014 - 09 December, 2014
£ 775
Airline South African Airways
Book By 03 November, 2014
Travel Between 02 November, 2014 - 09 December, 2014
£ 806
Airline Air France
Book By 10 December, 2014
Travel Between 27 September, 2014 - 11 December, 2014
£ 811
Airline South African Airways
Book By 31 March, 2015
Travel Between 01 April, 2015 - 13 July, 2015
£ 825
Airline South African Airways
Book By 03 November, 2014
Travel Between 02 November, 2014 - 09 December, 2014
£ 842
Airline Etihad Airways
Book By 14 July, 2015
Travel Between 25 December, 2014 - 15 July, 2015

Business class flights to Zimbabwe

£ 2,007
Airline Emirates
Book By 06 November, 2014
Travel Between 19 October, 2014 - 31 July, 2015
£ 2,152
Airline Ethiopian Airlines
Book By 30 March, 2015
Travel Between 25 December, 2014 - 31 March, 2015
£ 2,888
Airline Kenya Airways
Book By 27 March, 2015
Travel Between 27 June, 2014 - 31 March, 2015

Want to learn more about Zimbabwe? Our travel guide to Zimbabwe keeps you informed.

Why visit Zimbabwe?
Zimbabwe is pretty much the heart of Africa, bringing forth a blend of nature and beauty guaranteeing the vacations one could ask for. This landlocked country in Southern Africa has a nature wild card to charm its visitors; Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls is visible from miles away across the horizon, bellowing out vapor from the falls with the sheer force of water hitting the rock. The falls stretch along a parallel gorge between two plates of land.
How to travel within Zimbabwe from the airport?
Whether you land in Harare, Bulawayo or Victoria Falls, there is hardly any public transport which takes you to these city centres from the Airport. The best and only option you are left with is to contact an authentic rental car company beforehand, so that hired car would be there at the airport to take you to the destination.
How many Airlines operate daily Zimbabwe flights?
Four major airlines, namely Kenya Airways, Ethiopian airlines, Emirates airlines and SA Airways, operate flights to Zimbabwe from UK on daily bases. SA Airways and Emirates also provide connections through their Jo’burg route that connects with several daily flights between Jo’burg, Harare and Bulawayo.
How to get around the Country?
Tourists looking to explore Zimbabwe should arrange for car hire to get around the country, this would help you keep to your schedule and still be flexible to alter your routes depending upon the attractions and places you want to visit.
What’s the best time to visit Zimbabwe?
The best time to visit Zimbabwe is during May when the weather is relatively dry, and the prices are not high considering it’s a low season. But if you like to travel in pleasant wintry cold weather, you should travel in October, when rainy season has settled—leaving balmy weather to enjoy and that too with low cost Zimbabwe flights.
What is an average flight time to Zimbabwe from UK?
Average flying time from UK to Zimbabwe is 11 and half hours for Harare. For Bulawayo, it takes further 45 minutes from Harare and a total 12 hours 50 minutes if you fly via Jo’burg.
Is there any direct flight to Zimbabwe from UK?
Previously, BA and Air Zimbabwe used to operate direct flights from UK to Zimbabwe, BA had to cancel the route and later on Air Zimbabwe went down due to bankruptcy and airline failure. So, for now, there is no direct flight to Zimbabwe from UK.
Are there any peak summer and Christmas flight deals to Zimbabwe?
Yes, TravelHouseuk offers you competitive summer flight deals to Zimbabwe and Christmas flights for Zimbabwe from all major UK airports.
What are the visa requirements for UK and non-EU nationals?
For the UK, USA, Australian, Canadian and EU Nationals, the common facility of “visa on arrival” is also available in Zimbabwe against a very reasonable amount of fee. For all other nationalities, visas prior to departure are required by visitors for traveling to Zimbabwe.

By Z A Chahal

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