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why travel to ouagadougou?

Ouaga, as is commonly known, is the capital of the landlocked country of Burkina Faso of West Africa. The city is the perfect place to visit if one tends to unravel the beautiful colours that paint the culture of this fascinating African country. Ouagadougou is known for boasting some of the best sites and markets that showcase Burkina Faso's arts and crafts, perfectly depicting the predominant Mossi ethnicity. Tigoung Nonma, the Village Artisinal, the main central market and the Ghoungin Market are all main commercial centres for selling local fabric, souvenirs, crafts and utensils.  Among the main institutions in Ouagadougou include the fascinating national museum showcasing various ancestral statues, masks and traditional costumes of this beautiful African country. The famed sculpture park, the Laongo Symposium, along with landmarks like the Grand Lyon and the Naba Koom highlight the potential of contemporary arts being implemented in the city. The largest federal landmark present in the capital is the Memorial to the Martyrs. Excessive efforts have also been undertaken to highlight musical heritage of the country. The Manega village museum hosts a private collection of musical instruments, cultural elements for ritual processes as well as 200 hundred year old rifles preserved from the tribal wars. The official institution is the National Museum of Music, while the French Cultural Centre facilitates live concerts of local Burkinabe as well as French music for promoting French culture via events, as well as a library. Christianity is the main religion prevalent across the country, with the main Ouagadougou Cathedral built in red mud brick and simple furnishing. Key locations highlighting local heritage and traditions are the Moro-Naba Palace, which hosts a weekly Moro Naba ceremony under the tribal chieftain as a ritual, and the enchanting Mossi village of Kokologo, representing the simple mud architecture of huts and the farming-based lifestyle of the locals. The Bangre-Weoogo urban park is one of the well-preserved forest areas that also inhabit crocodiles in the marshes and is definitely an attraction for wildlife enthusiasts. Towards the outskirts, the Nazinga Reserve gives sanctity to a local population of elephants along with other small animals, as well as facilities for catering tourists among lodges and rest areas. The Garden of Ouga Loudun, and the L'Unité Pédagogique Biosphere are small greenery projects, focusing on diplomatic ties or retaining sanctuaries for local animals within the city. For promoting tourism as well as local talent, there are regular annual festivals organized in Ouagadougou, like the FESPACO Pan-African Film Festival and the International Art and Craft Festival.

what are the major air operators for cheap flights to ouagadougou from london?

Royal Air Maroc, Air France, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and Ethiopian Airlines are some of the major airlines offering the lowest airfares for flights heading to Ouagadougou from London.

are there any direct flights to ouagadougou from london?

There are no direct flights flying to the city of Ouagadougou from London.

how far is the airport from the city centre?

The distance of the Ouagdougou Airport from the town centre is approximately 1.65 miles or 2.66 km.

what is the flight duration from ouagadougou to london?

Flights heading to Ouagadougou from London take approximately 9 hours of flight time, exclusive of the time spent on stopovers.

how to get to the city from the airport?

Ouagadougou Airport offers 24 hour taxi services to ferry the passengers to the city. Taxi stands are easily locatable and are the most convenient mode of transportation available.

how to manage getting around in ouagadougou?

Ouagadougou's public transport options include the Sotrao city buses, and taxis. The city bus stops are easily locatable on all the major routes of the city. Shared taxi rides are a common norm in Ouagadougou although solo rides can also be commissioned on slightly higher rates. Both these modes of public transport are cheap and get you to points within the city. The taxis are divided among the shared common green taxi category, and the white taxi category, which is primarily meant for tourists, and thus is more expensive for being exclusive. Among the local community, there is a trend of using moped motorcycles for point to point travel in and around the city.

what are the hotel and accommodation options in ouagadougou?

Ouagadougou offers both luxury hotels and comparatively cheaper hostels. The leading hotels of the city include all the latest amenities for comfortable living, with some also offering outdoor pool facilities. Many of the hotels are built in the form of building complexes, with multiple floors consisting of rooms surrounding a central pool or rest area. Towards the budget category, you will discover that many of the hotels are actually restaurants or rest areas for travellers, which facilitate basic rooms for an overnight break. A few boutique villas and guest houses are also present among accommodation options. For those who want to avail top class luxury, they will have to comb all the options to avail suites, which are rare among hotels since the most they are generally offering are deluxe rooms. 

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