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why visit bujumbura?

Freeing itself from the shackles of historic conflict, Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi strives to develop and attract tourists from all over the world offering beaches, parks, monuments and so much more help make your getaway fun filled and relaxing. The city welcomes visitors with colonial inspired wide boulevards and imposing public buildings with enough historic backgrounds to keep you busy for the day. Enjoy the white sand and clear warm waters by heading out to the Saga Beach. Just 5 km northwest from there is located what is known as the Coconut Beach, surrounded by a number of resorts, popular restaurants and bar keeping the atmosphere lively. Geny’s Beach, Karera Beach and Bora Bora Beach are all notable spots with developed facilities to cater for visitors and tourists exploring the area. The main water body of Lake Tanganyika, as well as the Rusizi River feature as the main spots of local wildlife based in these waters, notably the herd of hippos, Nile crocodiles and river birds. All this area is covered under the Rusizi Water Park. Waterfalls are also present in the area, with Chutes de la Kagera dividing into multiple chutes and branches, distributed into various spots for landing the waters. Towards the outskirts of Bujumbura, facing the mountains towards Congo is the Ruvubu National Park, hosting green savannah and woodlands for large herds of wild cattle, including giraffe and elephants. The Kibira National Park is home to exotic birdlife, endangered mountain gorillas as well as chimpanzees. The ABO association of local conservationists facilitate guided tours to each of these parks to help tourists explore birdlife in the wild.  Featured with a Cross and a walled platform, the Independence Monument is the main official landmark of the capital, along with the National Unity Monument and the Livingstone Staley Stone Monument, located along the banks of the main lake to mark the presence of Dr David Livingstone. Next, visit the art and culture inspired Institut Francais Burundi exhibiting diverse and exciting array of cultural events along with food exhibitions. Whilst on a vacation with children or being a nature lover yourself, the Musee Vivant is a great place to stopover at. The small zoo nests many exotic animal species and hosts live cultural shows as well, along with a model village to exhibit the local lifestyle and culture. A separate Reptile Park is also present for protecting endangered snake species and crocodiles in pools as well as sanctuaries. The central commercial area of Stade Avenue and Chaussee Prince Rwagazore has antique curator markets for presenting souvenirs to tourists and visitors.

which major airlines fly to bujumbura from uk?

Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and Brussels Airlines operate from UK to the Bujumbura Airport. 

approximate flight time to bujumbura to uk?

It takes around 12 hours and 30 minutes to cover this distance between Bujumbura and UK by air, exclusive from the time spent on a stopover. 

is there any direct flight to bujumbura from uk?

There are no direct flights operating this route. 

what is the best time to visit bujumbura?

Having relatively hot temperatures all year round, the ideal time to visit this city is during the months of June, July and August, in order to avoid wet seasons. 

how far is airport from city centre?

The Bujumbura Airport is approximately 4.58 kilometres from the city centre. 

how to get to city centre from airport?

Taxis and minibuses operate round the clock to and from the airport facilitating passengers. 

how to get around the city? 

Taxis are a common way to get around the city, with prices negotiable, it’s the ideal way for two or more passengers to travel who also have baggage. For a more fun ride opt for a yellow tuk tuk trike as they usually charge half the price than that of a taxi and ideal for 2 passengers going around without luggage. An even cheaper way to explore the city is via moto-taxis made for a single person ride. It is worth noting that minibuses also operate all over the city and also to nearby suburb areas for day trips etc.

where to stay in bujumbura?

With hotels, high end and mid-range ones, along with apartments and guesthouses, Bujumbura offers it all. The basic variation occurs across opting among scenery options, whether tourists prefer lounging among resorts at the beach, or a hilltop view over the rest of the city’s landscape. For instance, hotel le Chandelier is a tourist favourite offering huge amount of comfort and excellent services at an affordable price range. For a more pampered stay opt for one of the many 3 or 4 star hotels offering luxurious amenities along with great restaurants, this include the Hotel Dolce Vita Resort as well as the Kings Conference Centre. Bujumbura also offers apartments mostly mid ranged with self-catering, providing accommodations daily for business travellers. Visitors are also likely to come across a couple of decent Bed & Breakfast options offering minimalistic services, yet clean and comfortable rooms. The biggest advantage is for guests who want to opt for exclusive residences and guest houses; the general trend is towards exclusive accommodation, with pools, bars and deluxe rooms.

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