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If one ever wonders where to explore the emerging face of modern Africa, recommend him to avail cheap flights to Casablanca for his very next vacation. There’s no need to give any justification why; number one: its light-studded skyline stretches along an entire belt of white sandy beaches along the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Number two: its rampant nightlife is a blend of both Arabic and sub-Saharan-African culture. Number three: leaving leisure tourism apart, the biggest artificial seaport city of the continent also happens to be the commercial and industrial hub for business travelers. To get to know reasons numbered four, five, six and so on, he or she should better book low cost flight tickets to Casablanca to get to know the real surprise through our special cheap travel deals.

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Cheap one-way & return tickets to Casablanca 2022/2023

TAP-Air Portugal
LON - CMN London to Casablanca
02 Jun - 05 Jun Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
MAN - CMN Manchester to Casablanca
10 Jul - 27 Jul Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
LON - CMN London to Casablanca
17 Jul - 23 Jul Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
TAP-Air Portugal
MAN - CMN Manchester to Casablanca
10 Jul - 27 Jul Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only

Which airlines operate flights to Casablanca from UK?

  • Royal Air Maroc is offering direct flights to Casablanca from London Heathrow.
  • KLM offers connecting flights to Casablanca from London (City Airport), Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Aberdeen, Cardiff, and Bristol.
  • British Airways operates indirect flights to Casablanca from Manchester, Edinburgh, London, Glasgow, and Aberdeen.
  • Lufthansa flights for Casablanca are connecting flights available from Manchester and Birmingham.
  • Air France is operating Casablanca flights from Manchester and Aberdeen.

How to find the cheapest flights to Casablanca?

Lately, travellers have been hot on the trail of limited-time offers released various times throughout the year with great success. Travelhouseuk, in particular, and understandably so, makes it a top priority to bring such offers to you. If you are a frequent traveller or have been running fare comparisons for a while, you will notice a sizeable price difference that only a flight sale can accomplish. Strengthen your communications with us via social media and phone to make pre-emptive gains, such as access to last-minute flash sales.

If it helps, think of last-minute flights as really expensive. This way, you can capitalize on your time and money by booking in advance. For in-depth coverage of our exclusive offers and to see whether the airfare will spike or drop in the coming days, please subscribe and check our e-newsletters coming your way.

Are there any direct flights to Casablanca from London?

Yes, there is a direct flight to Casablanca from London Heathrow. Royal Air Maroc flight 2801 flies four times a week. Flights depart every Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Royal Air Maroc continues to be a popular choice for non-stop flights.

Please note COVID-19 has temporarily affected the flight schedules. Please confirm availability at the time of booking.

Can I get flexible tickets on flights to Casablanca for May 2022?

Please contact Travelhouseuk to get situational awareness and an understanding of travel policies before booking. At any rate, we continue to offer date-change waivers on specific Casablanca bookings to facilitate travelling for August and May 2022. Something to ask yourself is if your schedule is flexible enough because if it is, you can book in advance and fly when the situation gets better. We are prepared to offer flexible tickets on flights to Casablanca from the UK so feel free to book today, with confidence! It has become increasingly important, particularly in current circumstances, that you remain in touch with us as well as concerned government authorities.

Are there any restrictions on flights to Casablanca from the UK?

Flights to Casablanca are open with subject to certain entry requirements. You must provide proof of being fully vaccinated. For that matter, the vaccination dose is to be administered two weeks before your travels. If not, then a negative COVID-19 report produced no later than 72 hours before departure. For key details regarding travel restrictions on Casablanca flights due to COVID-19, please go through the FCDO guidelines at least once.

How long is the flight to Casablanca from UK?

  • London to Casablanca (Direct flight): 3 hours and 15 minutes
  • Manchester to Casablanca flight (one-stopover): 6 hours and 30 minutes
  • Birmingham to Casablanca (one-stopover):10 hours and 50 minutes

Does Travelhouseuk offer cheap last-minute flights to Casablanca?

Travelhouseuk is a renowned travel agency in London providing ultimate travel solutions. So, in case you are looking for a cheap last-minute flight, you certainly don't have to look elsewhere. Our travel agents are always at hand to get you a flight even at the last minute, that too, at pretty affordable rates.

Where can I find the best flight deals to Casablanca?

We regularly announce flight deals on our Social Media Channels. We advise you to turn on the notifications and get alerts about the exclusive deals before they sold out. Besides that, our newsletter subscribers can also snap the best offers just in time. Otherwise, you can simply dial our helpline and find out about the available offers for Casablanca flights.

How to get cheap Business Class flights to Casablanca in 2022 ?

More and more travellers are stimulated to avail cheap Business Class flights to Casablanca as soon as they find our offers. We keep introducing short-term deals throughout the year to meet the booming demand of travellers for affordable Business Class flights. Royal Air Maroc, British Airways, Lufthansa and Air France are top-tier airlines operating flights for this route. Settling on any one of these can be a fine starting point. We are very clear about encouraging advance bookings (3-6 months) or at least timing them so as to benefit from a limited-time offer. As a reminder, we have an instalment plan available as well for when flights are pricey, or it just happens to be the last minute. The value of seamlesscommunication cannot be stressed enough, so pick your phone and dial 020 3137 2316 to reach us.

Can I fly to Casablanca now and pay later?

Exactly! You can fly to Casablanca now and pay later, and without having to cause a run on your bank account. When prices are firm and exceed your budget, the tactical measure would be to go for our instalment plan. As a result, the tickets will be issued and you would only have to pay the deposit to secure them. After that, our agent will organise a monthly instalment plan, together with you, for the procurement of due payments.

Furthermore, it has been a developing trend these days to book Business Class flights using our Fly Now Pay Later service. Targeted spending becomes possible, which adds to the value of any trip. To see how it works or to go ahead with your booking, please send us a query on Facebook or talk to us on 020 3137 2316.

Which is the main international airport in Casablanca?

Mohammed V International Airport, commonly called Casablanca Airport, serves international flights to and from the city. Please note that the IATA code for it is CMN. To reach the city centre, which is at a distance of 33 kilometres, it can take half an hour during regular hours.

What's the best time to visit Casablanca?

Ideally, Casablanca's weather condition makes it a year-round travel destination. But the time from March to October is considered the best time to travel to this city. Whereas, spring and autumn season tour is suggested to those who avoid crowds.

How to get around Casablanca?

There are many car rental agencies to solve your commutation problem for getting around the city. Also, black petite taxis are available all time throughout the city, and efficient drivers can take you to you every corner of the city.  Since Casablanca is quite a compact city you can travel on foot while glancing at various sightseeing on the way.

What are the major tourist attractions in Casablanca?
  • Hassan II Mosque
  • Cathédrale Sacré Coeur
  • Mohammed V Square
  • Sindibad Amusement Park
  • Museum of Moroccan Judaism
  • Monica Beach
  • Villa Des Arts
  • Arab League Park
  • Petite Zenata Beach
  • El Hank Lighthouse

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