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why visit zanzibar?

Zanzibar is as exotic as it sounds, as spicy as famed ‘Spice Island’, as romantic as fancy makes it, and as serene as the image of paradise. Once enticed travellers for trade, today draws for its intriguing charm and balmy beaches. This Island lapped azure waters while having fringes of lovely palms around; fits in the frame of perfect holiday destination.  Laze on breezy shores, gaze at the dreamy dhows with white sails, and let the palms fan over you to incite the trail of fanciful thoughts.


To travel back to time, head to Stone Town—built by Arabs. The town’s mysterious magnificence unfolds layer by layer as you walk though the twisting alleys. While looking at ornate balconies lingering scent of spices in the air may seduce your senses as carved wooden doors would steal your vision for their intricate designs and patterns.


Biggest draw is Pemba Island; affectionately called a ‘floating forest ‘adorned with beautiful coral reefs is site-not-to- miss. For big-game fisher man your destination must a Mafia Island. Whereas, Chumbe Island offers you to spend your weekends basking on its soothing sands.


This exotic isle is an ultimate tropical paradise. Fly to Zanzibar to make your perfect getaway and feel the sun, sea and smells, on this land of spices.

how far is the airport from city centre?

Abeid Amani Karume International Airport is the main airport in the Zanzibar Archipelago. It is located 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) south of Zanzibar City.

how to travel to city centre from the airport?

A huge rake of taxis is visible right after you exit the terminal. You may happen to see the ‘fare list’ right above the taxis, but don’t take it too serious as final words. You may negotiate on prices with taxi drivers. Although, you can communicate to your hotel for transport facilitation beforehand in order to avail their service from the beginning of the journey.  However, some of the hotels at Stone Town offer shuttle bus service for free from the airport.

what are the visa requirements for uk and non-eu nationals?

All EU and Non-European passport holders require a visa to enter Zanzibar, depending upon the type of their tour; tourist or business. Visa needs to be attaining from Tanzanian High commission in your country before travel. Hence, Minimum Passport validation period is 6 months from visa issuing date.

which major airlines fly to zanzibar from uk?

You can fly to Zanzibar from major airports of UK via following airlines: Ethiopian Airlines, Oman Air, and Kenya Airways.

how many airlines flying daily to zanzibar?

Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and Emirates head-off their regular flights to Zanzibar from the United Kingdom.

how is the in-flight entertainment system?

Kenya Airways:

To make the long-haul flight amusing, Kenya Airways provides number of avenues for unlimited entertainment. Msafiri is a regular magazine--encompassing interesting features, is distributed during flight. With up to twelve audio channels and private televisions, overhead screens, continuous background music and in-seat touch screens,  Kenya airways leaves no room for you to get bored and peep out the window, sluggishly.  Another unique feature of Kenya Airways is the ‘Cool Kids Club’, where kids are entertained with lively activities and giveaways.

average flight time to zanzibar from uk?

An estimated flight time from UK to Zanzibar is 9 hours 42 minutes.

what are best airlines with cheapest airfares to fly from uk to zanzibar?

Travellers prefer to book their itinerary for Zanzibar through the Ethiopian Airlines or Kenya Airways--provided their excellent service and low-cost airfare deals.

is there any direct flight to zanzibar from uk?

Direct flights to Zanzibar aren’t being offered by any airline until now.

which is the best time of the year to visit zanzibar?

Located in the Eastern Africa, Zanzibar stands out for the tropical climate due to archipelago of Indian Ocean. The exotic city mainly characterizes four seasons and two of these are highly favourable for the tourists to make their gateway to Zanzibar. Many travellers prefer the beginning of year I.e. January and February when all tourist activities are at peak. This is probably the most appropriate time for island hopping. And then again, Starting from June till October when pleasant sunlit, no downpours, cool breeze with temperatures around 25 degrees make this an appropriate season for travelling. Happening of many cultural events like Eid and Mwaka Kogwa Festival, is surely, an icing on the cake. Moreover, many seasonal fruits like Carambola, Breadfruit and Shoki Shoki also ripen during the dry season after they have received enough amount of rain during the wet season. Having said that, tourism planners also encourage some revitalizing activities in your itinerary including cycling, kite-surfing, diving and much more. With the accelerating trends of the tourism in Zanzibar, you are likely to encounter high prices and over-booked flights during high season. In order to avoid any travelling hassle, make sure that your tickets are booked well ahead of time.

On the contrary, remaining months of the year specifically from October to December are considered a little less favourable to roam around in the city. As the mercury rises and occasional rain causes increased level of humidity, it is better to be conscious about travelling at this time of the year. Be watchful about the fasting month (Ramadan) when mostly restaurants are closed in the daytime. Also, this is the time when you can take benefit of unpredictable weather and save on flight tickets. To be more specific about the non peak season, it is highly non-recommended to travel to Zanzibar in March, April and May when the city receives continuous downpours. Otherwise, this time would mostly be spent sheltering and further; this will not let the tourists to explore the city at its fullest.

how to get around zanzibar city?

There are many modes to take you around the town, so you can step out without being overtly conscious of confronting any commutation problem. Daladalas (minibus) are cheap to travel, but a fun ride to explore this archipelago is by bicycle. You can hire them at very low rates. Among many, taxis are most preferable way of getting around. You are privileged to negotiate over fares instead of accepting inflated said price. Also, car hire services are available through the Zanzibar; providing cars with chauffeur and for self-drive too. For self-driving an International Driving Permit is required.

where to stay in zanzibar?

This Island offers its visitors plenty of accommodations choices, runs from chic-luxury hotels to budget ones.  Your quest would be at ease if you head to picturesque eastern coast of Zanzibar and Stone Town; for most of the upscale hotels are centred here. You’ll find many traditional mansions to stay there with indigenous feel. For lazing around in the lap of luxury consider Baraza Resort & Spa, Essque Zalu, Sea Cliff Resort & Spa, and Serena to lodge in.  If you don’t want to pay high price for all-inclusive luxury, some deluxe hotels like Hakuna Matata Beach Lodge, The Z Hotel Zanzibar, and Dongwe Club, can be your pick.


Among mid-segment accommodations Chumbe Island Coral Park, Pongwe Beach Hotel, Zanzibar Dolphin View Paradise, and Sultan Sands Island Resort can be considered to stay. Resorts like Blue Oyster Hotel, Mbuyuni Beach Village, Tembo House Hotel, and Coral Rock Hotel, are best provided you are budget traveller.

Handy Tips you should know before your departure!
  • Shopping in Zanzibar is quite a cultural experience. Shoppers mostly go to Stone Town for having some pure African crafts. Brush up your haggling skills for it is needed while shopping here. 
  • Keep in notice that shopping places are open throughout the week from 9am to 12pm. On Sundays timings are 2pm to 6pm.
  • 236 Hurumzi Tower Top Restaurant is undoubtedly a Haven of sundowners and an amenable spot to eat. Sample your favourite cuisine in traditional Zanzibar style amid local dance and music —in rooftop restaurants. 
  • Experience the best scuba diving in the world on the northeast coast of Zanzibar—enshrouded by flashy coral reefs. 
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