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why visit marrakech?

Located in the heart of Morocco, Marrakech has imperial splendour preserved over past centuries to the modern day. Its Defensive Wall marks the start of the city centre, along with traditional buildings constructed mostly with the classic red brick that characterizes old Arabic architecture, where Marrakech hosts the famous Jema-el Fnaa Square. The Maison de la Photographie, Musee de la Palmeraie, Musee de l'Art de Vivre Marocain and the Dar Si Said have galleries for exhibitions depicting the visual arts covered either under local talent or associated with the cultures of Morocco. Marrakech's history can be observed at museums which include Maison Tiskiwin and the Ecomusee Berbere. From exploring the weaving alleyways of the Medina markets, to visiting the city’s most famous symbol, The Koutoubia Mosque, there is enough here to entertain all sorts of tourists. Multiple avenues for outdoor action and adventure give a complete outlook to a well-spent vacation; Tawada trekking, Air One Parapente, American Buggies and Marrakech Ultra-light Flights all operating within the city's precincts. Desert SUV safari, hot air balloon rides and the Bedouin camel tours over the surrounding dunes are some of the hot offers for tourists. The Berber Cultural Centre displays signature Moroccan designs and architectural style. Performance arts which have earned national fame include Chez Ali and the La Lila de Lalla Mina. With the exception of Arsat Moulay Abdeslam Cyber Park, green areas are generally restricted to the traditional Arabic gardens known for their elegant and compact capacities, such as the Menara Gardens and Pavilion and the Jardin Majorelle. Amelkis Golf Club, Marrakech Royal Golf Club and the Palmeraie Golf Palace fulfil international standards for a professional game of class on Marrakech's soil. With their recognition across the country, Spa Mk, Heritage Spa, Mythic Oriental Spa and the Isis Spa blend a fusion of Middle Eastern influence in massages and therapies for relaxation.

which airlines are operating flights to marrakech?

Royal Air Maroc, Swiss Air, Iberia Airlines, TAP Air Portugal, British Airways and KLM are currently the top airlines for facilitating budget airfare deals for Marrakech.

are there any direct flights from london to marrakech?

Yes. Easy Jet, Ryan Air, Royal Air Maroc and British Airways offer direct flights connecting both the destinations.

how far is the airport from the city centre?

The Menara Airport in Marrakech is located about 11 kilometres from city centre. This is equivalent to almost 7 miles.

what is the flight duration from marrakech to london?

In the case of direct flights, passengers may reach Marrakech within the range of 3 hours and 40 minutes. Generally, indirect flights take 5 to 6 hours for reaching Marrakech, apart from the time spent on stopovers.

how to get to the city from the airport?

The Menara airport has limited transport options for the arriving tourists. There is a special bus service that takes people from the airport to major places in the city, but it only operates in the day, so if your flight lands late at night, the bus service wouldn't be available. Boisterous and loud taxi drivers await passengers all the time though. These taxis are known for overcharging, so haggle and negotiate away at their demands.

how to manage getting around in marrakech?

The taxi drivers in the city have formed a mob of sorts, and they overcharge prices especially from tourists, which is why negotiation is recommended. A culture of shared, petit taxis is also present in rare circumstances, especially on remote routes where chances of greater taxi numbers are few. There are also many horse drawn carriages available. These are a mellow way to travel in the city if you’re not out in the peak hours of traffic. Sightseeing buses start from the outskirts of the city and wind their way in towards the centre, making stops along multiple landmarks being guided along the city.

what is the best time to visit marrakech?

Marrakech is simply not good to visit in the summer, as the climate is very hot, and very uncomfortable for the people not acclimated to it. Hot weather like this makes exploration and sightseeing difficult. Winter is very cold, and many hotels lack proper heating systems, so that too, is not the best time of the year to visit. The absolute best season to visit Marrakech is during spring season. Room temperature weather with occasional, light rain makes the weather all but perfect.

what are hotel and accommodation options in marrakech?

Marrakech is known for following some of the most exotic themes for a stay. Towards the outskirts bordering the deserts, there are tented camps for desert safari travellers.  The choicest way to spend a real Moroccan vacation is a stay at one of the Riads, with complete courtyards, fountains and ornate Moroccan furnishing. Architectural design features like high ceilings, elaborate curtains, and regular offerings of mint tea make such experiences truly unique. Some of the Dars also have gardens facing the courtyards, in line with the Arab tradition of private gree areas exhibiting wealth and prosperity. The culture of hammam pools is active since the medieval times of Morocco, serving as the local form of Jacuzzis for bathing and relaxation purposes, along with spas and therapy services. In the central Medina and Souks, there is the highest concentration of budget accommodation with single rooms and simple bedding to serve as inns. For exclusivity available with high-end suites, swimming pools and cafes, there are complete villas and palace resort hotels waiting to attend to guests.

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