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Which Airlines Operate Flights To Agadir from UK?

  • Royal Air Maroc
  • British Airways
  • Iberia Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Air France
  • Brussels Airlines
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • AirBaltic Airlines
  • Flybe
  • Thomas Cook Airlines
  • Brussels Airline

How long is the flight to Agadir from UK?

  • The flight to Agadir from London Heathrow Airport is 7 to 10 hours long. The flight comes with a stopover, most probably at Casablanca.
  • Manchester to Agadir flight is 9 to 11 hours long. This flight usually comes with two stopovers, one in London the other in Casablanca.
  • Flights from Birmingham to Agadir are sometimes 9 to 12 hours long. Depending on the airline, these flights can have one to two stopovers.
  • Flight taking off from London Gatwick Airport to Agadir is 5 to 9 hours long. They usually come with just an hour-long stopover at Casablanca Airport.

Are there any direct flights from uk to Agadir?

No, as of now there are no direct flights to Agadir from any airport in the United Kingdom. The best route to reach the city is to take a direct flight to Casablanca using Royal Air Maroc airlines and then taking a domestic flight to Agadir.

What is the best time to visit Agadir?

The best time to visit Agadir would be between the months of February and June, or you can come to the city in the months of October and November. These two time spans allow the tourist to experience the best ambience Agadir can offer. The highest temperatures do not go beyond 28°C even in May, which is great for that golden sunshine therapy you wanted. During these tenures, there is little to no chance of rain so you can enjoy the city to the optimum. Agadir is a major winter beach resort of Morocco.

What is the cheapest month of year to fly to Agadir?

The cheapest time of the year to go to Agadir is probably in May. Not only is the weather beautiful at that time of the year, the flux of tourist to the city is also at an annual low. This is because the schools are yet to close for the summer break and potential tourists opt to be patient for a month before storming the white beaches of Agadir. Beat them to the punch and come a bit early in the summer to the city for a better accommodation with cheap prices and low-cost airline tickets.

Is there an international airport in Agadir?

The Agadir – Al Massira Airport (AGA) serves the city of Agadir. This international airport handles all the air traffic of the southern regions of Morocco. In 2017, Al Massira Airport was host to 1.5 million passengers, mostly coming from Europe. The airport plays a vital role in the tourism industry of the region. The airport is further inland, away from the white coast of Agadir. The journey from the airport to a hotel on the beach is about 30 kilometres long, which pans out to be a 40-minute ride by car.

What are the entry requirements to Agadir for British travellers?

British nationals do not require a visa to enter Morocco. The tourist can remain in the country for 3 months without any paperwork, however, please have your passport stamped upon entry and check the date of the stamp before you leave the airport premises.

What are the major landmarks in Agadir?

Agadir is a multilingual and multicultural city of Morocco. The city is located in the south of the country, right where the tail of Atlas Mountain ranges and the River Souss converge to fall into the sea. Agadir is also among the few urban centres in Morocco where the majority of people speak Tashelhit instead of Arabic as Lingua Franca. The city’s economy mainly relies on tourism and fisheries.

  • The Souss-Massa National Park resides right on the other side of the Souss River, south of the city. The national park is over 33,000 hectares in area and is a protected conservation site for many bird species. These include the Northern Bald Ibis and Marbled Ducks that are considered endangered. These birds breed on the coastal rocky cliff, in small cave and cracks where it is hard for any predator to disturb their nests. Apart from these birds, the Park is a sanctuary for animals like the Addax, Scimitar Oryx, Dama Gazelle and Dorcas Gazelle.
  • The ‘Valley of the Birds’ is a zoo at Agadir, in central Agadir, quite close to the beach. There are birds of every kind and colour seen at the zoo. From Peacocks to Macaws and from the whistling swallows to the contemplating flamingos, all can be seen at this zoo. If you are bringing children with you on your vacation, this probably is the place you would be visiting often. The birds are not the only spectacle at the zoo; the “valley” also houses llamas, mountains goats and marquees. The zoo welcomes all free of charge and is well maintained. There are fast food outlets and other restaurants close to the zoo that you can visit later.
  • The Agadir Medina is only 15 minutes away from the city centre. The Medina is a complex of shops and restaurants that have been stuck in medieval times. If you love architecture this is the place for you. The cobblestone pathways and the red brick walls of the medina are unique and perfectly preserved. To think that these alleyways and ancients doors were once used by people actually living in the 15th century gives the visitor a calming nostalgia. The shops are still open and are not overcrowded. The theatre in the complex has mosaic floors that do demand a visit, at least once on your trip.
Which events and festivals are celebrated in Agadir?

Agadir cherishes the Islamic heritage of the country. Every holiday or celebration is accompanied by delicious traditional cuisine and music. The best golf players in the world head to Agadir for the Hassan II Golf tournament. This event has been around for 40 years and is one of the oldest golf tournaments that have been gathering fans of the game for decades. The other festival that also happens in the month of March is the Enduro d'Agadir - X Rally. This extreme sports competition lasts for four days, as the participants’ race across the country. After an arduous 200 kilometres, they finish their journey at Agadir. The Honey festival, as the name suggests, celebrates the most crucial ingredient in Berber cuisine. The honey is usually connected from hives in caves and then used to make Amlou, which is a spread made from roasted almonds, honey, salt and argan oil. The honey festival takes place in May but if you are coming in June do not forget to see the Timtar festival. The Timtar Festival calls upon at the Berber clans to make the journey to Agadir to celebrate their culture. The city celebrates the grand festival of Agadir in December.

What are the transportation options available to tourists within Agadir?

The best ways to move about the city is by taxi. There are two types of taxis in Agadir: the petit taxi or small taxi and the grand taxi or large taxi. The petit taxis are metred and are only allowed to move within the city limit. The grand taxi can be hired when you have to leave the city limits, to visit the Souss-Massa National Park or other areas. Grand taxis are essentially shared taxis, so when you are hiring one just for yourself, bargain the price with the driver. The biggest depot of all sorts of taxis is at Batoir, near the Royal Palace of Agadir. The Bus network is also cheap and efficient but swarmed with people. It takes less than 10 Dirham to reach your destination via a bus.

Which five-star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Agadir?

The newly built city has attracted a lot of investors and hotel companies to build fabulous and extravagant hotels in the city, most of them are near the beach.

  • Hotel Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort
  • Hotel Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea & Spa
  • Tikida Golf Palace
  • Atlantic Palace Agadir
  • Royal Atlas & Spa

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