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why visit kinshasa?

Located on the river Congo, this city exhibits a strong sense of calm and releases itself of war times as it strives to prosper and make an ideal getaway destination. Start your days by injecting a little education culture and history into your trip as you head to Musee National. With over 45,000 objects to display and with investments flowing in for reconstruction, this ought to amaze travellers. Academie des Beaux-Arts has a wide variety of sculptures on display with the opportunity to see students and professors create one of a kind art. Also an exit herein is a small yet interesting collection of Congolese masks. To flatter and pour out the shopaholic within you, set off to Marche du Art, selling souvenirs and distinctive art pieces, or the Marche Central. It’s worth losing yourself in this large market, one of the largest in Central Africa. The main national monument marking the city is Laurent Kabila’s Tomb, a former Presidents tomb with multiple sculptures and statues to represent the symbol of national might.

how far is the city centre from the airport?

Kinshasa’s N’Djili International Airport is about 8 miles apart from the central zone of Kinshasa.

what major airlines fly to kinshasa from uk?

Top of the line airlines including Air France, Turkish Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Kenya Airways and South African Airways all are hosted by the Kinshasa International Airport. 

how to travel to the city from the airport?

Local transport services such as buses, taxis and radio cabs are available all throughout the day to facilitate tourists. 

how to get around the city?

Depending on your choice the city is accessible via local transport such as taxis, however in rush areas to be on foot is the best option to avoid time delays. There is a classification of the official city bus network running a few main routes, supported by traditional minibuses to provide commute stop-by-stop. Traffic congestion does become an issue during the day especially during peak hours, as well as commercial zones. 

what's the best time to visit kinshasa?

Although Kinshasa sports a tropical wet and dry climate, and remains constant throughout the year. With the dry weather starting in June and wet weather starting in January, you may visit this city depending on the climate you prefer more.  It’s worth nothing that Kinshasa’s dry season is in fact slightly cooler than its wet season. 

average flight time to kinshasa from uk?

The travel time for this flight is approximately 8 hours and 15 minutes. 

is there any direct flight to kinshasa from uk?

Turkish Airlines and Brussels Airlines both provide direct flights to Kinshasa. 

where to stay in kinshasa?

Kinshasa offers a variety of hotel options with international brands hailing from multiple regions.. From colonial style hotels to chic modern ones, all is available. Most of the accommodation options are focused upon hotels, with prices varying in terms of distance from the city as well as locality. The majority of international hotels are regarded as extra priced even for foreign tourists, owing to an expensive trend of charges which is prevailing in the city. Cuisines, internet facilities for connectivity and provision of value added services vary, as there is no specific standard being maintained among all the hotels available for staying in Kinshasa.

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