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Which airlines operate flights to Oujda from UK?

  • Royal Air Maroc
  • British Airways
  • Air France
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • Lufthansa
  • Flybe
  • AirBaltic Airlines
  • Iberia Airlines
  • Air Europa
  • Aer Lingus

How long is the flight from UK to Oujda?

  • The flight from London Heathrow Airport to Oujda’s Angads Airport is about 7 hours long and it comes with a stopover at Casablanca.
  • The Manchester to Oujda flight is also 7 hours long. The flight’s duration depends on the airline the passenger chooses to fly with and it comes with one stopover.
  • The flight taking off from Birmingham and heading to Oujda will take 12 to 13 hours to reach its destination. This flight comes with 2 stopovers.
  • Passengers flying out from London Gatwick for Oujda purposefully intend to make a lengthy stopover at Casablanca so the total flight duration can exceed 16 hours.

Are there any direct flights to Oujda from the UK?

No, there are no direct flights flying out of any airport in the UK to Oujda, for the moment. The preferred route to visit the city is to take an Air Maroc Flight to Casablanca and then take a domestic flight to Oujda.

What is the best time to visit Oujda?

The best time to visit Oujda is in the months between April and June, or between the months of September and November. With a total of six months of the best weather for a perfect tan, Oujda gives you plenty of leg room to manage the time span of your vacation. The highest the temperature goes is 30°C by the end of June. Some do come to Oujda in July, but for people living in the United Kingdom; a temperature beyond 30°C can be less enjoyable. The highest temperatures in May and in November remain in the early 20°C, just perfect for sunbathing. There is little to no rain throughout these months so you can go about the place to explore without worrying.

Which is the cheapest month to fly to Oujda?

The cheapest time to travel to Oujda is in November. Not only this month is pleasant but due to the lack of less tourist activity, it is also the cheapest time to be around. Most tourists are waiting patiently for the December holidays to arrive in November. Their procrastination can give you an added advantage and provide you with the cheapest tickets and accommodation deals, without sacrificing comfort.

What are the major international airports in Oujda?

The international airport serving the city of Oujda is Angads Airport. Angads Airport resides about 12 kilometres from the centre of the city, due north. The trip from the airport to any hotels in the city centre is about 30 minutes long.

What are the entry requirements to Oujda for British travellers?

It is not necessary to obtain a visa to enter Morocco for a British citizen with a valid British Passport. The Moroccan Authorities allow British nationals to remain in the country for 3 months without any paperwork. Please have your passport stamped at the airport upon entry and check the date of the stamp when leaving the immigration terminal. Please also note that even though Oujda is a city bordering Algeria, the border is closed for all travel since 1994, so make your plans accordingly.

What are the major landmarks in Oujda?

Oujda is a major city in the Northern Morocco, not too far from the Mediterranean Sea. The city was developed by the French and even after many years of independence, Oujda still grows around the infrastructure and architecture the French have left behind. The entire city is like a museum; while the inner city is stopped in time, intoxicated by the nostalgia of Maghreb architecture, just outside the city walls are the ruins of a Roman Castra fort, a herald of a time older then Islamic Maghreb.

  • Just south of the city is the Sidi Mâafa Forest. Surrounded by the Moroccan desert, it is a slight of relief and a place to find some shade for the people living around the area. The forest sways with the many Cypress, Acacia, Pine, Eucalyptus and Carob trees that have been growing in the region for centuries. The forest recently hosted the Moroccan National Mountain Bike Race and saw many participants from around the world throttling their bikes. Marathon races are also conducted in the forest. Even having a jog through the woodland is amazing even if there is no sporting event happening during the time of your visit.
  • The Parc Lalla Aicha is one of the most beautifully manicured parks in Oujda. Unlike the Sidi Maafa Forest, the Park has fountains, flower beds along with trees and other plantations. In the summers the park opens its swimming pools for the masses. On most days, one can find couples sitting on the park benches. The cobblestone passageways through the park are esthetically designed and provoke the visitor to become one with nature.
  • Go in the morning to the Souk of Oujda. The traditional market complex or souk is full of colour and smells of spices fill the labyrinth. The ordinary tourists do not really show up here which makes the prices to be in a more reasonable range. Pottery, clothes, spices, leather and traditional garments line the streets of Souk. Do not forget to visit the marketplace if you are anywhere in the city of Oujda.
What are the transportation options available to tourists within Oujda?

The best way to get around Oujda is by taxis. There are the smaller red taxis that mostly stick inside the domains of the city but the white larger taxi can travel beyond. Going through the city could be a bit time consuming because traffic congestions are common. Whenever you can, do walk to your destination or buy an inexpensive bicycle to paddle through the city freely.

Which five-star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Oujda?

There are more economically friendly hotels available in Oujda that are less extravagant but homey.

  • Hotel Atlas Terminus & Spa
  • Atlas Orient
  • Relax Oujda
  • Al Akhawayn
  • Be Live Collection Saidia

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