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why visit bulawayo?

Bulawayo is not just the second largest city of Zimbabwe but it is also the city that is home to a wide array of attractions that draw tourists every year. Starting from the famous Matopo National Park to the Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage, every corner of Bulawayo displays the beauty of Zimbabwe in one way or another. To get a good look of the outskirts of Bulawayo, you can head over to Malindi Dzimu. Popularly known as the ?View of the World?, it provides a dramatic picture of granite formations. Situated on a half an hour drive from Bulawayo, the Matopos Hills provide stunning views of autumn colored hills and clear blue skies. Major museums include the Museum of National History, one of the largest museums in the southern hemisphere. Second is the Railway Museum, a unique museum which provides a platform where old steam locomotives have been restored and preserved. If it comes to the oldest establishments marking the city, the Khame Ruins have artifacts that date back to the Stone Age, consisting of terraces and walls of granite that overlook the Khame dam. Apart from the general tour, it houses its very own culture of pubs and bars to provide an opportunity of socializing, hospitality as well as nightlife in the heart of the city itself.

how far is the Bulawayo airport from city center?

The J M Nkomo International Airport is situated approximately 10.95 miles which is equivalent to 17.62 km from Bulawayo's town center.

how to travel from the airport to city center and get around town?

Taxis are readily available outside the airport which will get you to the city center. Travelling within the city center is not a problem at all. Local Taxis (mainly blue) and trucks operating as taxis (in white) are available all over the city to get you where you need to go. Walking on foot is also the best way to explore the city center as every location is situated on a walking distance.

which airlines are preferred for cheap flights to Bulawayo?

Our experts recommend South African Airways as the top air carrier facilitating exceptional services and good value for money for all economy class flights to Bulawayo from UK, which generally depart from London?s Heathrow Airport. Other options also include Lufthansa. During the low season, airfare ranges above ?700 and ?800, while it peaks to beyond ?1000 during high seasons.

are there any direct flights to Bulawayo from UK? 

Currently there are no flights directly operating to Bulawayo from UK.

what's the average flight time to Bulawayo?

The average flight time from London to Bulawayo is approximately 14 hours & 5 minutes, since most of the flights to Zimbabwe take an indirect route. Over an average range, the flight time is of 11 hours, added with a time range of 2 to 3 hours spent on stopovers.

what's the best time to visit Bulawayo?

The ideal time to visit the numerous attractions of Bulawayo is during the dry months, mainly May to October.

are there any peak season flight deals?

TravelHouseUK provides the lowest cost air tickets to Bulawayo. In addition to this, every year TravelhouseUK provides its customers with special packages from various airlines to accommodate its clients and their needs of travelling to Bulawayo, especially during peak summer and Christmas seasons.

what are the general accommodation options for a stay in Bulawayo? 

Among the top end offers, Bulawayo has a blend of both American and European luxury. From American culture, it has large well spaced lodges, some with attached swimming pools, and an expansive view of the surroundings. Under European influence are chateau-styled hotels, along with the historic Nesbitt castle providing complete luxury suites. A couple of international hotel chains also have branches here. To the outskirts in the wilderness, a few camping guesthouses are present to serve as a refuge from the urban congestion.

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