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Qatar Airways
LHR - BUQ Heathrow to Bulawayo
21 Oct - 15 Nov Travel Between Date
Qatar Airways
LHR - BUQ Heathrow to Bulawayo
01 Dec - 12 Jan Travel Between Date
Qatar Airways
LON - BUQ London to Bulawayo
30 Sep - 21 Oct Travel Between Date
Qatar Airways
MAN - BUQ Manchester to Bulawayo
12 Dec - 30 Dec Travel Between Date
BHX - BUQ Birmingham to Bulawayo
30 Sep - 30 Oct Travel Between Date
LGW - BUQ Gatwick to Bulawayo
29 Dec - 05 Jan Travel Between Date
GLA - BUQ Glasgow to Bulawayo
16 Dec - 10 Jan Travel Between Date

Can I travel to Bulawayo right now?

Yes, Bulawayo International Airport is reopened for international traffic including tourists, immigrants and nationals. However, your entry in Bulawayo is subject to certain restrictions and quarantine requirements.

Entry Requirements:

A negative COVID-19 certificate issued no more than 48 hours of your departure.

Quarantine Requirements:

All arriving passengers with a negative COVID-19 test performed no later than 48 hours of arrival can self-isolate at their place of residence. On the other hand, travellers who don't have a negative COVID-19 test report must take the test on arrival, which cost USD 60. If a traveller is exhibiting symptoms, they will be required to quarantine in a government-approved facility for 14 days.

Which airlines operate flights from Heathrow to Bulawayo?

Airlines were maintaining the following flights' schedule for Heathrow to Bulawayo before COVID-19. Currently, these airlines are only operating in a limited capacity to meet the demand. Please check the availability at the time of booking.

  • British Airways: British Airways offers one-stop flights to Bulawayo from Heathrow regularly.
  • Emirates: Emirates transits via two stopovers on flights to Bulawayo from the UK, i.e. Dubai and JNB.
  • Lufthansa: Coming through Heathrow, Lufthansa connects SA at Joburg to complete the two-stop Bulawayo flights via Frankfurt.
  • Qatar Airways: Qatar Airways flights to Bulawayo operate via Doha to JNB and connect with a local flight from JNB to Bulawayo.
  • KLM: KLM flights to Bulawayo are also available through the week.
  • South African Airways: SA flies into Bulawayo (BUQ) via Joburg daily from Heathrow.

Which airlines fly non-stop to Bulawayo from UK?

There are currently no non-stop flights for Bulawayo from the UK. Only connecting flights are available from the major airports, of which the majority are code-shared. British Airways, South African Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, and Air France are the top operators of connecting flights to Bulawayo from the UK.

How can I book cheap flights to Bulawayo in September & December with flexible booking options?

At travelhouseuk, you can book cheap flights to Bulawayo (BUQ) with flexible booking policy in a few simple steps. The easiest way to take our travel agent's expertise and let him find you best available deals across the web. Flexible booking enables you to change your flight's date before it is scheduled to depart without any change fee. Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, KLM, and Qatar Airways are top choices for Bulawayo flights with flexible ticket options.

What is the cheapest time to book flights to Bulawayo?

As of now, May is the cheapest time to book flights to Bulawayo whereas flights are the most expensive in July. Flight prices can go down sometimes due to the decrease in demand, so you can also check other off-peak months such as September and November. A general rule also applies, i.e. if you want to get the cheapest ticket, try to get your tickets a few weeks in advance.

Are there any flights to Bulawayo from London Heathrow?

Flights depart daily from the London Heathrow Airport en route to Bulawayo. All of these are indirect flights. Airlines offering flights to Bulawayo from London Heathrow are South African Airways, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, and Kenya Airways, among others. Except for South African Airways, the majority of flights are code-shared between different airlines.

What is the flight duration from UK to Bulawayo?

  • London Heathrow to Bulawayo flights via Johannesburg: 16 hours and 50 minutes
  • Manchester to Bulawayo flights via two stop overs: 18 hours and 5 minutes
  • Birmingham to Bulawayo flights, including two stops: 19 hours
  • Flights to Bulawayo from Edinburgh with stopovers: 18 hours and 20 minutes

How much is the plane ticket to Bulawayo?

On average, the plane ticket to Bulawayo is available for as low as 650 GBP during the off-peak season. The flight prices fluctuate more than ever now. Book your flights as soon as you come across a good deal for Bulawayo because it might be sold out in the nick of time.

How can I get the cheapest airfare possible to Bulawayo?

Travelhouseuk uses the top search engines to find out the cheapest airfares possible and offer you the best available flight deals for Bulawayo. We also advise you to book your flights at least three weeks in advance which means you have more affordable options to choose from. Last but not least, you must lock the desired flight ticket instantly because it might not be there for so long.

When Is the best time to visit Bulawayo? 

The peak season for tourism starts around March. An overall mild climate keeps your options open for outdoor adventures and sightseeing. From March to May, the average temperature sticks around 18 C. Summers are also good for travelling to Bulawayo, however, keep in mind that the summer months here are August, September, October, and November. Summer takes its time to set in, so weather is likely to be pleasant in August and early September.

Which is the main international airport In Bulawayo?

The Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport is the main international airport in Bulawayo. At an easily accessible distance of 15 kilometres from the centre city Bulawayo, you can reach your hotel in a taxi or a private hire. BUQ is the IATA code used for this airport.

What are the main tourist attractions in Bulawayo?
The Matopo National Park:

Primarily known for its several balancing rock formations and cave art, the park is also home to a good number of animal species.


Major museums include the Museum of National History, one of the largest museums in the southern hemisphere. Second is the Railway Museum, for which old steam locomotives were restored and have been exhibited ever since.

Khami Ruins:

When it comes to the oldest establishments marking the city, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has artefacts dating back to the Stone Age. Ruins consist of weathered terraces and walls of granite that overlook the Khami Dam.

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