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why visit walvis bay?

Walvis Bay welcomes everyone with widespread landscapes, picturesque beauty, unique flora and fauna and exceptional marine life. With its infinite range of sunlit sport and leisure escapades one can expect to indulge in an unforgettable experience of the Skeleton Coast. The main reason it is regarded as a real wonder is that its dry desert and gigantic sand dunes completely neighbour the coasts with the open Sea. Secondly, its tourism industry has developed to facilitate all sorts of adventure services and activities. Starting from swimming to angling, sailing, golfing and sand-boarding, Walvis Bay is the hub of all outdoor activities in the country. Its wetlands are famed for a regular habitat of migratory birds in the region, and have good lookouts for the purpose. The bay also has ample amount of dolphins to provide a Dolphin water-safari tour via its catamarans, kayaks, cruisers and other luxury options available in the city. 

which airlines are operating cheap flights to walvis bay?

Among many other airlines, those that are providing cheap flights to Walvis Bay from London include Lufthansa and South African Airways. 

are there any direct flights to walvis bay from uk?

There are no flights flying directly to Walvis Bay from the UK.

what is the average flight time?

The average flight time from UK (London) to Walvis Bay is 15 hours and 5 minutes. 

how far is the airport from the city centre?

The distance from Walvis Bay Airport to Walvis Bay city centre is approximately 8.95 miles, which is equal to 14.4 km.

how to get from the airport to the city centre?

The most frequently used means of transportation to get to the city centre from the Walvis Bay Airport is the airport bus shuttle service. It will easily get you to the city centre without any hassle. It should be noted that taxis are also available just outside the airport. 

how to get around walvis bay?

Getting around Walvis Bay is fairly simple. Taxis, buses and shared taxis are the most common form of transportation used to get around Walvis Bay. Nearby localities such as Swakopmund are connected with minibuses and coaches, which serves as the regional train and bus platform. The port facilitates short-range as well as long range travel aboard cruisers and boats to nearby islands, piers and ports.

when is the best time to visit?

October to April is the best time to visit Walvis Bay and watch the flamingos. 

hotels and accommodation:

Finding the suitable accommodation at Walvis Bay is not a problem at all. It has a range of 5 star hotels and those cheap hotels as well which will help you save up! The 5 star hotels provide the very best of facilities and amenities that one could only wish for to feel pampered. Choose the area where you would want to stay and make your visit even more relaxed. There are several hotels located near the airport which provides easy access to the city centre and to catch your next flight out. For improved exclusivity, a greater view out over the deserts and the bay, go for booking the guest houses in advance since they are more in demand. A choicest selection of clubs and hotels are established in each tourist zone, attending to the best available meal requirements based on seafood. 

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