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why visit sharam el sheikh?

The upcoming tourist destination and one of the most preferred cities of Egypt, Sharam el Sheikh is marked with warm, calm waters and serene beaches bordering the mountains and deserts to the east of the coutry. A place where walking in the sand bare feet and soaking up the sun is a must, Sharam el Sheikh provides you with an opportunity to enjoy the thrill of indulging in water activities such as scuba diving, para sailing, snorkeling, kitesurfing, caoeing and yatching. It has one of the most preferred locations for diving, with certain spots within the territory of  480 square kilometers of a natural reserve called Ras Mohammed National Park. The park, along with the surrounding coasts of the Red Sea, are home to a marine life reserve including endangered species of sharks, as well as coral reefs wealthy of a lot of life. Home to over a thousand species of fish and many others such as turtles, this reserve also includes untouched deserts for an extensive safari through the sands. Remote bedouin tribes who are settled in the deserts host stargazing venues and events for the tourist community, helping them interact with ritual customs and traditions. The backdrop of Sharm El Sheikh is marked by the red canyon and the Sinai Mountain Range, providing opportunities for camel rides, horse riding, ATVs including quad bikes and SUVs. For motorsport enthusiasts there is the Ghibli Raceway, hosting international Go-karting races every year.  There is a protected mangrove habitat along the beaches of Nabq Bay, providing another side to the biodiversity of the area. Historical landmarks across Sharm El Sheikh  start with the St Catherine’s Monastery , having about 4000 steps to give a good panoramic  view of the surrounding scenery. Then there is the Sharm Old Town, with flea street markets as well as stalls selling oraments, utensils, souvenirs and traditional cuisines.  Na’ma Bay falls among the central metroplitan areas, and is the centre of attention for the entire nightlife thriving among the tourist community. Family based entertainment avenues are the Cleo Park  and Aqua blue park for water slides, the SOHO square serving as the hub of shopping plazas, ad the Dolphina Park for trained dolphin performances as well as dolphin interactions during feeding and training. 

what are the air operators providing cheap flights to sharm el sheikh from uk?

Some of the airlines that are providing cheap flights from London (Heathrow) to Sharm el Sheikh include Turkish Airlines, Swiss Air, Pegasus Airlines, Egypt Air and Aegean Airlines. 

are there any direct flights from london to sharm el sheikh?

Currently there are 4 airlines that provide direct flights from the UK to Sharm el Sheikh and these include Thomas Cook Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Thomson Airways and Monarch. It should be noted that other airlines provide indirect routes with at least one stopover. 

what is the average flight time from london to sharm el sheikh?

Average flight time from London toSharm el Sheikh is approximately 5 hours and 10 minutes for direct flights. In the case of indirect flights, the time range is extended to 7 hours 30 minutes on average, involving a single stopover. 

what is the distance from the airport to the city center?

Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport is the main international airport serving the city. It is located at a distance of 6.1 miles.

how to get to the city center from the airport?

The Sharm el Sheikh International Airport provides the passengers who are landing here at Sharm el Sheikh with a 24 hour taxi service that can effortlessly get them to the city. The airport is connected via an expressway, which is also utilized with irregular minibus services for their travellers.  

how to get around sharm el sheikh?

Taxis and blue and white buses can easily be seen on the roads of Sharm el Sheikh. Both are considered to be the cheapest form of transportation especially when in need to travel short distances. However a cheaper form of transportation is the minibus which can also be privately hired. 

when is the best time to visit sharm el sheikh?

The most enjoyable times to stay at Sharm el Sheikh in terms of temperature is during fall or at the start and end of winter. However divers should visit Sharm el Sheikh during the summer months that are June to September. 

what are the hotel and accommodation options in sharm el sheikh?

With a backdrop of deserts, beaches and mountains, Sharm el Sheikh has stunning beach resorts that will cater to your every need. Such has been the focus and concentration of international resort chains that generally, the accommodation services are restricted to ‘luxury only’ option. Spa ad swimming pools decked with bars, poolside services, night lighting, a tropical ambience, outdoor balconies with seating to cater for restuarants, coast-side golf clubs, private white sand beaches to provide exclusivity to guests, and the list goes on. Most of the top class hotels are located at the Naama Bay and near the city center. Resorts are also in competition for the adventure services and tours they organize to nearby locations and outskirts surrounding Sharm El Sheikh. 

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