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Associated with the ‘valley of Kings’ & the ‘valley of Queens’, cheap flights to Luxor are surely expected to turn out majestic. What we know as Luxor today is primarily the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, thus having numerous pyramids, statues as well as museums in its central zone. In fact, the whole city is regarded as the largest open-air museum, with formal institutions included to preserve artifacts. Following excessive visitors due to tourism, Luxor also is in a commerce boom, with ancient souq markets trading in utensils, cloth as well as food ingredients. TravelhouseUK brings forward Egypt’s very own flag carrier, Egypt Air, for facilitating cheap flight tickets to Luxor.

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What are the major air operators for cheap flights to Luxor from London?

Egypt Air offers some of the lowest airfares for flights heading to Luxor city from London. Flights departing for Luxor are from Manchester Airport, as well as Heathrow and Gatwick airports near London.

Are there any direct flights to Luxor from London?

Egypt Air offers direct flights to Luxor from London.

What is the flight duration from Luxor to London?

It takes approximately 5 hours 40 minutes for flights heading to Luxor from London when travelling with Egypt Air. Flight duration may prolong for other airlines that will include time of the stop-over destination.

How to get to the city from the Luxor International Airport?

The popular mode of getting to the city from the airport is hailing a taxi. Taxi stands are easily locatable at Luxor International Airport. Meters are not usually installed so taxi fares should be negotiated before getting into the vehicle. Some hotels also offer shuttle services to pick up their guests from the airport.

How far is the Luxor International Airport from the city centre?

Luxor International Airport is located approximately 4 miles or 6 km east of the city.

How to manage getting around in Luxor?

Hailing a Taxi is a popular mode of travelling around the city of Luxor. Negotiating Taxi fares is advisable given that the taxis usually don’t have a meter installed. The city also operates minibuses that are a convenient and cheaper mode of getting around Luxor. Bicycles and motorcycles can also be rented for personalized transport options. Ferry rides, locally known as Feluccas, can also be taken to move across the river. Other traditional options can be via horse carriages, donkey rides and even mules.

Why travel to Luxor?

Popularly known as one of the world's biggest open-air museums, Luxor is one of the mighty cities located in Upper Egypt and offers an amazing insight into the age-old culture and remains of the country. The beauty of the city is further enhanced by the majestic River Nile that divides the city into east and west. While the eastern banks constitute the main city, the neighboring western banks across the Nile River count within the outskirts of the city to include all the historical landmarks. The mystic charm that lurks in the fascinating ruins of the culture-laden country of Egypt can be found here; from boasting a fascinating collection of world-class monuments that include the Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens, to offering indulgent river cruises with beautiful views of the nearby surroundings, Luxor is surely a city that offers a magical ride to exploring the very best of Egypt. The ruins of Al malkata, the village of Deir el Medina and the Collossi of 

Memnon indicate the expanse and scale of how Luxor was considered to be the ancient Egyptian capital. The main city hosts the historical institutions including the Luxor Museum and the Mummification Museums, preserving artifacts, utensils and traditional rites highlighting the Egyptian lifestyle of the area. Ruins like the Medinet Habu mortuary temple, Ramesseum along with the Tombs of the Nobles including that of Tutankhamun highlight the opportunities of mini escapades in the area. Towards the central city, the market for tourism has boomed for old traditional souks to thrive and provide handy souvenirs. The Abbu Haggag mosque serves as the main religious center for the entire community in Luxor. Tourists can take a hot air balloon ride to experience Luxor's majestic ruins. 

What are the hotel and accommodation options in Luxor?

Accommodation options in Luxor range from luxury hotels and resorts including some international chain of leading hotels to the cheaper option of guest houses. Each of the top luxury hotels specializes in offering impeccable service and comfortable residence. Most of these hotels have outdoor pool facilities, Wi-Fi services, and restaurants specializing in local and international cuisines. Guest houses of Luxor are also a comfortable and economical option for those travelling on a budget, with many of them following the cultural traditions of hospitality in line with the local ethics. Some of the posh residencies and suburbs have a booming trend of apartment buildings, with tenants having a good view over their verandahs to view the backdrop of historical sites as well as the tropics along the banks. The main Nile River is of principal focus for many main resorts aiming to facilitate vacationing services for tourists.

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