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Which airlines flying to Nampula?

  • LAM Mozambique Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Qatar Airways
  • Air France
  • KLM
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Kenya Airways
  • Emirates

How long is the flight to Nampula?

  • The flight from London Heathrow and Nampula has at least 2 stopovers and it is a 21 to 25 hours long journey.
  • Depending on the airline you choose, the flight from Manchester to Nampula can take up to 25 to 49 hours. The flight comes with 2 stopovers.
  • Birmingham to Nampula flights can take anywhere between 28 to 44 hours to reach their destinations and can have two stopovers.
  • Passengers flying out of London Gatwick Airport reach Nampula in about 25 to 45 hours after changing aeroplanes twice, depending on the airline they choose to fly with.

Which airlines fly directly from uk to Nampula?

There are no direct flights to Nampula. The cheapest preferred path most passengers take is a flight to Doha, Qatar first and then to Nampula via Johannesburg, South Africa or Nairobi, Kenya. Please contact our travel agents for a flight plan fine-tuned to your needs.

What is the best time to visit Nampula?

The ideal time to visit Mozambique would be between May and September. The winters are milder and more pleasant. The average temperature remains in the high twenties and it rains sparingly during these months. Nampula city is a secluded corner to enjoy the African greenery and serenity. This tourist season is at its peak in August when the temperatures are the mildest and the sky remains less cloudy. August is also the best time to explore the city and soak in the rich culture of Nampula.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Nampula?

The summer in Mozambique arrives in December and brings torrential rain. Due to the proximity of the country to the heated Indian Ocean in the summer, cyclones often visit the area, especially in January and February. But this is a once in a decade event. The weather might be a little wet but that does not drown the city’s African magic. In fact, the rains bring back life to that part of the country. Bring an umbrella and watch Nampula come back to life and that too with tickets and accommodations at a trifling price.

which are the major international airports in Nampula?

Nampula International Airport (APL) serves the city of Nampula. The city centre of Nampula is just 5 kilometres from the airport and the ride takes just 15 minutes. The Nampula International Airport was built to cater to the travelling needs of Mozambicans living in the north of the country.

What are the entry requirements to Nampula for British travellers?

British passport holders need to apply for the visa before they want to visit Mozambique. The Mozambican diplomatic mission present in the UK would process the visa in about a week’s time, at max. Upon entry, travellers may be required to show a return ticket or an invitation letter from a Mozambican citizen/organization at the border.

What are the major landmarks in Nampula?

Mozambique was a Portuguese colony until 1975. After almost 500 years of colonial rule, Nampula’s society, culture and architecture has heavily conformed and was influenced by the Portuguese culture, however, the substrate of the society and its roots remain purely African.

  • The Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral is one the most striking landmarks in Nampula. The cathedral was built in 20 years and inaugurated by the President of Portugal in 1956. Fatima is a region in Portugal, which was named after the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad under Moorish Rule. Since Mozambique also has a significant Muslim population, Fatima became a name that could bring many cultures together. The cathedral is also a centre of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nampula.
  • The Mozambique National Ethnographic Museum is a place where you could get an insight into the culture of Nampula, all under one roof. The exhibits show the different masks that are used in different festivals and totems that represent the spirits that are worshipped in the area. These artefacts are unique to Nampula and Northern Mozambique. After checking out the museum, the tour guide can take you to the back of the museum, where you can watch different artisans making these masterpieces of African culture. Their expert hands move dexterously creating intricate designs and prints.
What are the transportation options available to tourists within Nampula?

Nampula is close to nature and nature requires an up-close appreciation, something that the zooming buses or trams would not allow the tourist to do. The only way to get around in Nampula is to walk or hire a Taxi for the entire duration of your trip. Many businesses rent out taxis on daily basis as well. There is an online presence of many taxi services in Nampula. Look them up and set a verbal contract with the driver before procuring their services.

Which five star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Nampula?

There are not many five star hotels in Nampula, but these modest hotels can become your humble home for a few weeks. You would not be homesick in Nampula for long.

  • Hotel Milenio
  • Grand Plaza Hotel Nampula
  • Hotel Executivo
  • Hotel Primavera
  • Hotel Paraiso

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