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Head for the mining capital in the region by hopping aboard cheap flights to Lubumbashi. The second-largest city of the country, Lubumbashi is situated alongside the southern borders with Zambia. It is a key seat of government with multiple federal institutions established in central areas. The city has exceeded all expectations concerning progress in literacy as well as local music.

All Lubumbashi flights land at the city’s Lubumbashi International Airport;about five airlines including low-cost airlines, connecting to African hubs across the continent. Travelhouseuk has agents dealing cheap flight tickets to Lubumbashi with South African Airways, Kenya Airways, and Ethiopian Airlines.

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Cheap one-way & return tickets to Lubumbashi 2022/2023

Scandinavian Airlines
MAN - FBM Manchester to Lubumbashi
10 Aug - 26 Sep Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
British Airways
MAN - FBM Manchester to Lubumbashi
05 Sep - 16 Sep Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Turkish Airlines
MAN - FBM Manchester to Lubumbashi
09 Aug - 05 Sep Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Ethiopian Airlines
LON - FBM London to Lubumbashi
15 Aug - 02 Sep Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only

Which airlines offer Lubumbashi flights from the UK?

  • Ethiopian Airlines: Offers cheap daily flights from London Heathrow and four days a week from Manchester via Addis Ababa to Lubumbashi
  • British Airways: Flights take off daily from Edinburgh, Leeds, and Aberdeen via London Heathrow
  • South African Airways: One of the top choices for cheap flights that depart from Heathrow and Belfast, stopping at Johannesburg on the way.
  • Qatar Airways: Flies from London, Birmingham, and Edinburgh to Lubumbashi via Doha
  • Turkish Airlines: Departures are available every day from London airports via Istanbul
  • Kenya Airways: Operates from Heathrow seven days a week via Nairobi, and from Cardiff and Newcastle through connecting flights to Lubumbashi.
  • Air France: Departs from Birmingham, Manchester, and Edinburghvia Paris on route to Lubumbashi

Are there any direct flights to Lubumbashi operating from London?

As of current standings, there are no direct flights to Lubumbashi from the UK. Airlines like Ethiopian, Kenya, and South African Airways frequently fly to Lubumbashi on one or two stop itineraries.

What's the average flight time to Lubumbashi from the UK?

  • Average flight time from London Heathrow Airport to Lubumbashi Airport is approximately 15 hours 30 minutes, covering a distance of roughly 4,700 nautical miles.
  • Ethiopian Airlines flights to Lubumbashi take a minimum for 16 hours when flying from LHR.
  • Flights from Manchester to Lubumbashi with Lufthansa, take around 18 hours 45 minutes to complete the journey.
  • Birmingham to Lubumbashi flights with Air France takes at least 20 hours, 45 minutes for the trip.
  • Flights from Belfast to Lubumbashi take around 19 hours with two layovers, flown by Aer Lingus and South African Airways.
  • British Airways flights from Edinburgh to Lubumbashi take 19 hours 25 minutes with two stops.

Which airlines are recommended for serving cheap flights to Lubumbashi?

Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, and South African Airways are listed with experts under Travelhouseukfor cheap flights to Lubumbashi.

Can I get a last-minute flight to Lubumbashi with Travelhouseuk?

Leave it to Travelhouseuk to cater to your last-minute flights to Lubumbashi, or anywhere else in the world. With our exceptional flight deals and expert advice, you can catch an urgent flight in a single phone call. We keep a reserve of seats for all our loyal customers. Call our hotline now to get details, and also receive the early bird discount.

What's the cheapest time to book a flight to Lubumbashi?

April to September are the months to book the cheapest flight to Lubumbashifrom the UK. Lubumbashi experiences a year-round humid subtropical climate with rainy summers and mild dry winters, and hence it makes for a perfect year-round travel destination. However, if you're looking to hop on one of the famed safari rides of DR Congo, then the mild dry winter would be a more feasible option. The most popular time for tourists is from May to August.

How much do Return flights from London to Lubumbashi cost?

A return flight from London to Lubumbashiusually costs between 550 to 700 pounds for the low season. As of April 2020, Qatar Airways and Kenya Airways offer a London Gatwick to Lubumbashi flight for around 540 pounds. Flight prices are subject to change due to fluctuations and changes in airline schedules. However, it is possible to catch a low-cost flight to Lubumbashi, provided one is flexible with their travel dates.

How many flights depart to Lubumbashi with Ethiopian Airlines from London Weekly?

Almost seven to ten flights depart from London Heathrow to Lubumbashi every week that are operated by Ethiopian Airlines. The carrier flies seven days a week from London airports, and frequently offers cheap round-trip airfares on Lubumbashi flight tickets.

How can Travelhouseuk help me get the Best Business Class flight to Lubumbashi from the UK?

Business Class flights are a specialty of Travelhouseuk. Our team of experts deals with all top of line aircarriers for exclusive Business Class tickets. If you want to travel to Lubumbashi on an upgraded flight, we can help you acquire the best airline luxury has to offer.Some of the bestticket prices on Business seats are provided by Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airways, South African Airways, and KLM frequently.Get our discount Business Class flight deals now by calling our priority hotline 020 3745 5784.

Which flight route is the best choice for the shortest stopovers when flying from the UK to Lubumbashi?

The shortest route when flying from the UK to Lubumbashi is when departing from London Heathrow with Ethiopian airlines or South African Airways. The flight stops over at Addis Ababa or Johannesburg and completes the journey in 15 to 16 hours. Other flight routes have more extended layovers or itineraries that extend well above 24 hours.

What is the procedure for a Book Now Pay Later flight ticket to Lubumbashi?

With a small amount for a minimum deposit, you can easily Book Now and Pay Later for your UK to Lubumbashi flight. Available in instalments, this facility allows you to travel without worry or an empty wallet. Pay for your trip at your own pace. Call a Travelhouseuk agent to devise your payment plan for your next trip in a single call.

Which is the main International Airport in Lubumbashi serving UK flights?

Lubumbashi International Airport is the main airport serving the Democratic Republic of Congo for international flights from the UK. Its IATA code is FBM, and it was previously known as Elisabethville Airport.

How far is the Lubumbashi airport from the city centre?

Lubumbashi International Airport(FBM) is the main airport for the Democratic Republic of Congo, that is situated in the city of Lubumbashi. It is located approximately 9.6 km or 6 miles North-East of the city centre. It takes a 15-minute drive to reach the city centre from the airport.

How to travel around in Lubumbashi?

Lubumbashi, being the business and commercial centre for DR Congo, has a comprehensive transport system that connects the city internally. Main transport options from Lubumbashi International Airport include taxis, buses and car rentals. Lubumbashi also offers two popular modes of public transport; there is an option of minibuses or taxis for travelling within the city limits. The popular stops for these are the “Kasapa” for minibuses and “Le Chateau” near the Post office for taxis.

What are the best things to do in Lubumbashi for tourists?
  • Visit Cathedral Saint Pierre et Paul
  • See the aquatic life at Upemba National Park
  • Tour the museum boasting stunning archaeological and ethnological exhibits
  • Visit colonial heritage landmarks showcasing the country's history
  • Tour the Palace of Justice and the Belgian Quarter.
What are the hotel accommodation options in Lubumbashi?

The most popular and often top choices for accommodation in Lubumbashi include:

  • Pullman Lubumbashi
  • Hotel Lubumbashi
  • Big Five Hotel
  • Hotel Du Centre
  • William House Lubumbashi

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