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North-Eastern parts of the country are primarily accessed via cheap flights to Francistown. Being closest to the borders with Zimbabwe, Francistown is the established city council of the area, located at a conjunction of minor rivers and tributaries. Its origins trace back to the era of the first gold rush, which established the mining base focused upon metal minerals being extracted from its mines. Its central urban zone houses multiple hotels, bars and restaurants to provide a favorable ambience for an active nightlife. Low cost Francistown flights land at Francistown International Airport, with 2 cities connected with 14 international flights every week. Experts at TravelhouseUK for Francistown have recommend Qatar Airways for business and economy class cheap flight tickets. However, there are unlimited possibilities for those who wish to travel with a multi-destination experience to connect with a much wider list of low cost airlines and neighboring cities.

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Which airlines fly to Francistown from UK?

  • British Airways
  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Air France
  • Turkish Airlines

Which airline operates airect flights to Francistown from UK?

While there are no direct flights to Francistown available from the UK at present, you do have other options in hand. Connecting flights offer easy accessibility to Francistown from all major airports in the United Kingdom. British Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Air France are amongst the several well-established airlines that offer connecting flights to Francistown. You can reach the city along various cross-continental routes depending on your preference.

How long is a flight to Francistown from London?

The minimum flight duration is 17 hours and 5 minutes. This is when you fly with British Airways, South African Airways, and Air Botswana (connecting code-shared flights). Johannesburg and Kasane are the layovers in this journey. The majority of flights, however, take between 20 to 22 hours to reach Francistown from London Heathrow. These can either be one or two-stop flights.

When can I find the cheapest Francistown flights?

Fly for less in February as prices may be expected to drop once Christmas and New Year festivities are over. Choosing the right time gives you a running start in securing a budget-friendly vacation. However, the nature of flight prices is dynamic and subject to constant change. Only the current price at the time of your booking will apply. Those booking with Travelhouseuk can get an extra margin in the form of several low-cost flight deals and discount offers.

What is the cost of a return-flight from London to Francistown?

With Travelhouseuk, you can book a return-flight to Francistown for as low as 682 GBP. Have you subscribed to our newsletter yet? Our newsletter brings to you only the best Francistown deals available; the cheapest flight-only deals, cut-price holiday packages, and flat discounts on different airlines. If you want to inquire personally or get the details of a specific deal, call us at 020 3137 2316. You can also reach us on WhatsApp (07497866657) and Facebook.

Can I fly to Francistown now and pay later?

With our 'Fly Now, Pay Later' plan, yes you can. Travellers can single out the deal of their choice and our travel agent will structure a budget-friendly payment plan that involves an initial deposit, there and then, followed by monthly instalments. Once the deposit is made successfully, you will get your flight confirmation. Travelhouseuk gives you the green light to go live your dreams. Have a stress-free journey ahead.

Which is the main international airport in Francistown?

The Phillip Gaonwe Matante International Airport, commonly referred to as Francistown International Airport, is serving Francistown. The airport is also referred to by its IATA code, which is FRW. The fact that the airport is only 6 kilometres from the city centre would be a welcome surprise to jet-lagged travellers.

Parallel to the development and increasing efficiency of the airport, the volume of international arrivals has also risen. Connecting the city with major worldwide destinations as well as others within Botswana, the airport has transformed Francistown into a commercial hub that we see today.

What are the major tourist attractions in Francistown?
Supa Ngwao Museum:

The Supa Ngwao Museum functions as a foundation that exhibits photographs on the early history of Francistown and other cities of Botswana along with the culture and history of the Kalanga people.

Tachila Nature Reserve:

A formal wildlife reserve established for the rehabilitation of local animal species and also to serve as a recreational park.

Shashe Dam:

A 30-minute drive from the city centre takes you to Shashe Dam, which is located in the city's southern outskirts. A small change of scene goes a long way into making your trip a memorable one.

Which are the best hotels in Francistown?
  • Pomegranite Golf Resort and Spa
  • Cresta Marang Gardens
  • Diggers Inn
  • Cresta Thapama
  • Adansonia Hotel
  • Tantebane Game Ranch

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