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Tourists heading for making to most of tropical Africa will surely go for cheap flights to Antananarivo. Burgeoning with explosive population growth, the capital has spawned within the geographical center of the country. Its development today is so expansive that its suburbs have rapidly spread to dominate its outskirts in every direction. Each zone, from the old royal district housing the palaces with the older district, to commercial zones as well as suburban settlements, is distinctly visible with changing topography. In the lineup for offering low cost airfares to Antananarivo, Air Mauritius, Air France and Kenya Airways are the major carriers through which TravelhouseUK guarantees you a comfortable experience for your Antananarivo flights this season.

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Cheap one-way & return flights to Antananarivo 2022/2023

Which airlines operate flights to Antananarivo from UK?

  • South African Airways
  • British Airways
  • Emirates
  • Qatar Airways
  • Air France
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Flybe

Are there any direct flights to Antananarivo?

There are no direct flights available from the UK to Antananarivo at present. All flights departing from major airports in the United Kingdom are connecting flights, most of which are code-shared between multiple airlines. A direct flight saves time, and the closest you can get to it is by finding a connecting option that does not take much time. Dial 020 3137 2316 to reach us at TravelHouseUK or connect with us on Facebook, to find the best flight for Antananarivo.

How long is a flight to Antananarivo from UK?

  • The flight duration from London Heathrow to Antananarivo is 13 hours and 55 minutes on an indirect flight with Air France. The flight involves a layover in Paris. The length of the layover is included in the total flight time provided above.
  • The minimum flight duration from London Gatwick to Antananarivo is 14 hours and 50 minutes on a connecting code-shared flight with British Airways, Air France, and Air Madagascar. This is a two-stop flight via Bordeaux and Marseille.
  • From Manchester, the minimum flight duration for Antananarivo is 13 hours and 30 minutes. The flight is code-shared between Flybe and Air France and includes a layover in Paris.
  • Flybe and Air France offer the minimum flight duration from Birmingham to Antananarivo - 13 hours and 35 minutes only. The flight is via Paris.
  • With Air France, it takes just 14 hours to reach Antananarivo from Edinburgh. This is the shortest flight available for this route. Paris is the layover.

Which is the cheapest time of year to fly to Antananarivo?

For price-wise travellers, January to May can be the right time to look for cheap flights to Antananarivo. Tourists are not so numerous so you can have the place all to yourself. Speaking directly with one of our travel agents will further help you in assessing the right time for your flight to Antananarivo. This is because airfares are subject to constant fluctuations. But your travel agent will keep track of the digits, and send you fare alerts when the price goes down, or an offer is introduced. Booking early is the first step to securing a cheap Antananarivo flight.

Are there any British Airways flights for Antananarivo from UK?

Yes, British Airways is a popular choice for Antananarivo flights from the UK. The airline offers connecting flights that are code-shared with other airlines such as Kenya Airways, Air France, and Turkish Airlines, among others. Flights depart from London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle upon Tyne, and Aberdeen. To book your next flight to Antananarivo with British Airways, call us at TravelHouseUK to proceed with your booking.

Is TravelHouseUK offering the cheapest flights to Antananarivo from London?

With a return-ticket priced at 540 GBP, TravelHouseUK is offering the cheapest flights to Antananarivo from London. This is for an adult passenger flying with Air France in Economy Class. If the said fare is still a bit pricey, and some other agency has quoted you a lower figure, then you might want to call one of our travel agents. We will beat your quote and offer a lower price instead. Also, there are promo-fares, flash sales, and last-minute discounts that you might not be aware of. Staying in touch with TravelHouseUK enables you to take full advantage of such offers, whenever they are made available. Your agent will also provide free-of-cost guidance regarding the best time to book your flight to Antananarivo. Provided you are flexible with your dates, a trip during a certain period can cost a lot less than usual. Feel free to talk to us on the phone or social media.

Which is the main international airport in Antananarivo?

The Ivato International Airport is the main international airport in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. The airport facility is located approximately 16 kilometres from centre city Antananarivo and is easily accessible by a taxi. The IATA code used for this airport is TNR. Arriving passengers can either rent a car from the airport or go ahead and make an online booking in advance to save time.

What are the major tourist attractions in Antananarivo?
Queen’s Palace:

Antananarivo has gained much popularity in recent years as an exotic tourist attraction in southern Africa, and much of it is owing to the majestic Queen’s Palace in the capital. Located on the top of the highest hill in the region, it served as the royal residence of the rulers of the kingdom. The rehabilitation of the site has added in monuments while preserving a chapel and other landmarks.

Ambohimanga Wildlife Park:

A nature reserve spread around the ruins of an old fortress which served as the residence of the royal family once. The site includes several relics and a cemetery, in addition to the ruined fortress. Today, it is a sacred site visited by the Merina people on pilgrimages. Ambohimanga is actually the name of the hill on which the royal keep is sited, which makes it a suitable location for hiking as well. Conveniently located in the outskirts of the city, Ambohimanga Hill is about 30 kilometres from the Queen’s Palace, and 24 kilometres from central Antananarivo.

Lemur’s Park:

For wildlife species native to Madagascar, pay a visit to this Lemur sanctuary. Lemurs are to Madagascar what kiwis are to New-Zealand. There are over nine different types of Lemurs at the conservation, living in a natural and protected habitat. If you have seen lemurs before, albeit animated, and found them fascinating, why not see them for real?

Andohalo: Towards the upper borough area, the oldest colonial neighbourhood of Andohalo exists, which is highly regarded for its catholic Christian roots as well as red brick buildings. The St. Lawrence Cathedral and the Prime Minister’s Palace are all located here. The palace serves as the national museum for preserving artefacts from the Queen’s palace as well as other landmarks.

Lake Anosy

Head over to the famous Anosy Lake and explore the various textures that define the exotic landscape of Madagascar in general and Antananarivo in particular. The lake, shaped like a heart, is an ideal spot to get away from the havoc of city life. Time spent at its serene banks is definitely time well spent.

Which are the best hotels in Antananarivo?
  • Hotel Carlton (5-Star)
  • Central Hotel Tana (4-Star)
  • Hotel Colbert- Spa and Casino (4-Star)
  • Le Grand Mellis Hotel and Spa (4-Star)
  • Palissandre Hotel and Spa (3-Star)
  • Hotel La Ribaudiere (3-Star)
  • Grand Hotel Urban (3-Star)

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