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why travel to algiers?

Situated ideally on the Mediterranean coastline with green hills forming the backdrop, Algiers is a city known for its exemplary architectures and fascinating history. With its white washed buildings from the 1800s complementing the magnificent blue of the Mediterranean, Algiers offers unmatched stunning views that are sure to leave anyone spellbound. The city's long history of Spanish, Ottoman and French rule is what gives Algiers some of the best attractions for one to explore. Be it the intricate design of the Ottoman palaces, stunning monuments and cathedrals located in some of the most breathtaking of places, the exquisite vibe offered by the cobble-stone streets of the ancient Kasbah, or the beauty of the 1000 year old Great Mosque, the city offers endless stunning attractions guaranteed to make up for a memorable vacation. El Kebir Mosque, El Djedid Mosque and Ketchaoua Mosque are all architectural hallmarks highlighting the changing regimes and rule among the Muslim empires and Christian invasions. The Notre Dame De’ Afrique is the largest landmark hailing from French-Algerian times, along with the Cathedrale du Sacre Coeur being a contemporary form of design for religious Christian buildings. Among shrines and memoirs, the Grotte de Cervantes, the Riad el Feth Martyr’s Monument, Memorial for Emir Abdul Qadir and the Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania are enlisted among must-visits for a complete tour. There are categories of institutions and public buildings spread throughout the city. Starting with history and heritage, the Bardo Museum of History and Ethnography, the Army Museum, the Grand Post Office and the National Library take visitors to the roots of Algiers’ heritage. The city has also held a great regard in the field of arts; whether it’s the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, or the Museum of Modern Art, one can clearly observe the rich role the country has played in the field for making its own identity. Traditional households up for display like the locality of the Grand Kasbah, the Villa of Abdel Tif, Abd el Heir Villa, or even the Palais Des Rais give an insight in the furnishing and lifestyle which Algerian elite and rulers have been following over centuries of settlement.  Take a break from the history-laden attractions and stimulate the brain's pleasure centre by a visit to the Botanical Garden of Test in Hamma, boasting the aroma of exotic flowers and giant fountain ponds along walkways. The western bay has been established to cater for tourism across the city, having resort complexes, beach cafes and other entertainment services, including the country’s main water park of Aquafortland.  

what are the major air operators for cheap flights to algiers from london?

Some of the leading airlines offering flights to Algiers from London include Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Alitalia, Iberia Airlines, TAP Air Portugal and Air France.

are there any direct flights to algiers from london?

Yes, you can find direct flights for this route. British Airways and the flag carrier of Algeria, Air Algerie, operate direct flights operating between Algiers and London.

how far is the airport from the city centre?

Algiers International Airport, also known as Houari Boumediene Airport, is located at approximately 17km southwest of the city.

what is the flight duration from algiers to london?

Flights heading directly to Algiers from London take approximately 2 hours 40 minutes to reach the destination. Indirect flights take about 5 hours of flight time, apart from the time delay on a stopover.

how to get to the city from the airport?

One of the quickest ways of getting to Algiers from the airport is by hailing a taxi. These are readily available at the airport at all times and also serve as one of the most convenient ways of travelling to the city. Bus services commute passengers to downtown Algiers after every 30 minutes from the airport. This is a comparatively cheaper mode of travelling to the city but will take longer than a taxi.

how to manage getting around in algiers?

While there is the option is using the public bus service to get around the city, using the taxis is one of the fastest and most convenient mode of travelling within the city. Taxi fares can be negotiated before getting into the vehicle. Buses are easily locatable at the bus stands at all the major points of the city. For mass public transit, Algiers has newly developed its metro rail lines, with tracks running through all the main districts and neighbourhoods as well as a few tourist landmarks. Formal stations constitute stops, while certain stations are still in progress of development to become functional. 

what are the hotel and accommodation options in algiers?

Algiers offers a list of accommodation options ranging from international chain of luxury hotels, affordable bed and breakfasts, to budget friendly hostels. The franchised chain of hotels specializes in offering quality and comfort for the convenience of their valued guests. Facilities include outdoor pools, spa services and restaurants specializing in local and international cuisines. The comparatively lower budget hotels and hostels can be found around Pl Port Said on the edge of the Kasbah. Among the budget category, many of the options revolve around traditionally designed buildings and rooms, with some of them refurbished and renovated from their older forms to give a unique touch of hospitality in Algiers. 

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