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Are you still looking for cheap flights to Hassi Messaoud ? Well, look no further; because Travelhouseuk caters to all your travelling needs to any destination worldwide. The beautiful golden sands of this Saharan region beckons tourists far and wide to visit, at least once in a lifetime. The historically rich sites offer memorabilia for the past, present, and future. The culture and people here are warm and the atmosphere peaceful.

Air France and Air Algerie provide flights to Hassi Messaoud from the UK. The team of Travelhouseuk, in collaboration with these airlines, gets you the best offers. Call us now, pre-book your seats, and get premium packages today.

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Which airlines fly to Hassi Messaoud?

  • Air Algerie
  • Air France
  • British Airways
  • EasyJet
  • Vueling

Are there any non-stop flights to Hassi Messaoud from the UK?

Presently, there is no direct flight available from the UK to Hassi Messaoud. However, multiple airlines collaborate to facilitate connecting flights from major UK cities. Departures are available from Manchester, London, Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Birmingham. Air France and Air Algerie cater most of the flight connections.

How long is the flight to Hassi Messaoud from the UK?

  • The shortest flight from Manchester MAN is 9hr 40 min with two stops
  • A flight from EDI to HME takes around 10 to 11 hrs. subject to stops.
  • Flights from Cardiff CWL take on average 16 to 22 hrs. depending upon stopover length, the number of stops, and routes.
  • Glasgow GLA to HME is 11hr 25 min approx. for a shorter flight.
  • The shortest flight from Birmingham BHX to HME is 8hr 20min long.
  • Connecting flights are subject to changes in time durations, depending upon stopover durations and self-transfer options.

What is the flight duration for London to Hassi Messaoud flights?

  • The distance between London and Hassi Messaoud is approx. 2200 miles.
  • A flight from LHR takes 10hr 50 min on average with two stops
  • From London Gatwick to HME is around 9hr 50 min flight time.
  • Departures are available from LHR, LGW, London City, London Stansted, Luton, and Southend airports.

What are some popular stopovers for UK to Hassi Messaoud flights?

The modern-day traveller is smart in his choices of stopovers on connecting flights. As they take up most of your journey time, it is better to choose a location guaranteed to be entertaining. The decision tapers off some jet-lag, as well as makes for added vacation time. The most common stopovers for the UK to Hassi Messaoud flights include:

Paris: Charles Du Galle airport is the ultimate stop for in-between flight respite. If you have exclusive lounge access, now is the time to avail it. Go brand shopping in the duty-free, or visit instant Paris in the airport library. If you have a layover, what better an opportunity to explore the museums and breathtaking sites in the city. Don’t miss out on the delectable French cuisine and cafés.

Algiers: The default stop for all international Hassi Messaoud flights, Houari Boumediene Airport ALG offers free Wi-fi, duty-free shopping, plenty of eateries, and a range of close-by hotels to take rest. Other than that, all airport services are open for 24 hrs a day.

What is the cheapest time to fly to Hassi Messaoud?

The best time to book flights to Hassi Messaoud is at the end of the year. Off-season booking guarantees reduced airfares, and lesser crowds. December to February months usually show a decline in airfares, subject to change with airline flight trends. If you are planning to take a holiday break in Hassi Messaoud, then now is the right time to book your flights. Also, being flexible with your travel dates and times can get you better deals. As prices spike during the holiday season, it is advisable to pre-plan.

Which airlines offer cheap flights from the UK to Hassi Messaoud?

It is easier to acquire cheap flights if you are vigilant about travel deals. Air France and British Airways frequently offer cheap flights to Hassi Messaoud. All connecting flights stop in Algiers at Houari Boumediene Airport ALG, to connect to HME airport. Round trip flights are usually preferred by passengers, as they are hassle-free. Airfares vary by season, duration of the flight, and even routes. Be on the lookout for tailor-made packages, particularly in the holidays. A multi-stop flight to HME from London is available at around 270 pounds, as of February 2022.

Air France flights to Hassi Messaoud:

One of the most popular airlines for the UK to Hassi Messaoud fliers, Air France, lives up to its reputation. Providing unparalleled service and premium airfares, it caters customised packages and stopover choices for its passengers. Paris is a default stopover for all Air France flights, which depart from all major London airports. Around 3 to 5 Air France flights leave daily from London to ALG. The flight frequency and times may change according to seasonal trends. As of February 2022 , a connecting flight with Air France is available at around 290 pounds from LHR. Such excellent offers are limited, and it is recommended by the experts at Travelhouseuk, that you book as soon as possible, to make the most of your trip.

Are there any Business Class Flights to Hassi Messaoud?

Air France, Air Algerie, and British Airways; all offer Business Class flights to Hassi Messaoud from the UK. Travelling Business Class is very expensive these days, but the exceptional services of these airlines, ensure you can travel in luxury for a fraction of the cost. Upgrading provides extra baggage space, delicious food options, pampering services, and most of all, a jet-lag free journey. When travelling with colleagues or elders, the additional amount paid is well worth the enjoyable trip.

If you need a New Year’s flight, Travelhouseuk can help you acquire cheap Business Class flights to Hassi Messaoud. In February 2022, a Business Class flight from London Heathrow to HME is available at around 640 pounds, only with Air France.

How can I get economic round trip flights to Hassi Messaoud with Travelhouseuk?

Are you looking for a last-minute flight to Hassi Messaoud? No worries! Travelhouseuk wishes you a Happy New Year and caters to all your eleventh-hour travel needs. Our team has a decade of experience at hand combined with industry contacts. This allows us to bring you superior and competitive fares. We ensure trouble-free and comfy travels to all our clients. Our experts suggest you call us at least three weeks ahead of time to get the best seats. As round-trip flights are easier to manage than one-way trips, we aid in making all arrangements for you. Stay connected with us on our social pages for the latest limited offers, or call us on our 24-hr. hotline now: 020 3137 2316. We are always available for your every travel-related query.

What is the name of the airport in Hassi Messaoud?

Hassi Messaoud is served by Oued Irara Airport and has a code of HME. It is located about 8 miles from the city. Taxis are available at the airport, which can take you to the city centre, in around 15 minutes.

What is the best time to visit Hassi Messaoud?

The hottest months are June to August, with temperatures going above 40 degrees Celsius. For a summer vacation, the early spring months are suitable for a visit. Winters fall from December to February, with temperatures going down till 6 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit is at the end or beginning of the year. Try and book at least a month in advance to get reasonable airfares in the travel time of your choice.

How to get around in Hassi Messaoud?
  • A flight from ALG takes around 1hr 30 min and is the quickest option to get to Hassi Messaoud
  • Frequent buses and coaches are available, fares dependent on destination and travel time.
  • Louages or shared taxis are available in the Northern region for travel
  • Rental cars are available from major companies servicing hotels.
  • Driving yourself requires special permits
  • Travelling in the desert will need 4x4 vehicles, which are readily available.
What are the best hotels to stay in Hassi Messaoud?
  • Anis Residence
  • Euro Japan Residence
  • Hotel Raymon
  • Residence Sodexo
  • Club 34 Hotel

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