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why visit kisumu?

Kisumu- a city in western Kenya’s border, gathers a huge traffic of tourist for its wildlife and the Lake Victoria. Its tropical savannah climate situation on the Lake Shore makes it a perfect getaway to enjoy the flashy spectrum of sun across horizon on lovely evenings.

let's unfold the beauty of this shore city gradually:
  • See the nature in its perfect guise at Hippo point. Here you’ll not happen to see the Hippos only, but immense scenery to let you to harmonise with the nature. Take the pleasure of seeing spectacular sunset and add in your memory yet another lovely moment.
  • Kisumu Museum holds the status of main attraction in the town. Opened back in 1980 this museum has several outdoor pavilions containing aquariums and cages. You’d catch the glimpse of various species of fish, snakes and crocodiles here.
  • To add a felicity of wildness in your tour, Impala Park sanctuary is a place worth to step in. This wildlife preserve area is a home of leopards, lions, leopard, hyena, rhino, monkeys, ostriches and baboons. You will be pleased to enjoy the company of different species of colourful birds too.
how far is the airport from city centre?

Kisumu International Airport is located at 5km distance from the central city. Hardly 15 minutes drive time is needed to reach the city centre.

which major airlines fly to kisumu from uk?

You can fly to Kisumu via Kenya Airways or KLM.

how to travel to city centre from the airport?

Booking a car in advance is a wise act to reach central city from Kisumu International airport in order to avoid any hassle.

how many airlines fly daily to kisumu?

Kenya Airways set-off its regular flights to Kisumu.

how to get around the city?

Boda Boda (bicycle taxi) is a fun to ride on for travelling around this small town.  For best transport facilitation consult any authorized rental car, and get around swiftly and safely.

what's the best time to visit kisumu?

The tropical climate of Kisumu enables you to visit anytime round the year.

what is an average flight time to kisumu from uk?

An estimated flight time from UK to Kisumu is 9 hours 20 minutes.

which airline takes less time to reach kisumu?

Kenya Airways will take you from UK to Kisumu in comparatively less time.

where to stay in kisumu?

Kisumu offers a wide range of Guest Houses, hotels, motels, hostels, ranking from budget friendly to the most luxurious. Bed and breakfast accommodation like London Guest House is best for budget travellers. Whereas for luxurious set up check in at The Duke of Breeze hotel. To enjoy the traditional hospitality, Imperial Hotel located at the shore of lake Victoria is a good choice for lodging in.

Handy Tips you should know before your departure!
  • Buying SIM cards is cheaper than making a call from any public phone booth. You can purchase a SIM card from phone vendors or from any cyber cafe. 
  • For fishing expedition Kisumu offers an attractive spot—Lake Victoria. 
  • If you are into outdoor fun, move to Nyanza Club that is near to the lake where you will find a Golf club, swimming pool and a tennis court.
  • To get everything and anything visit Mega City Mall—crown among rest of shopping malls. 
  • For traditional African clothes visit the Jubilee Veggie Market.
  • Nakumatt City mall lobby is the best place to get some local crafts as souvenirs. Also, you can go to Masai Market to get stuff at exceptionally cheaper prices.
  • You can roam around Kisumu on foot as well as it is a very small town. 
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