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If there’s a guarantee to be made for the ultimate summer vacation, cheap flights to Mahe Island become the top offer for our clients. Clear calm waters, white sands and a serene horizon is all a postcard describes for a dream destination. Mahe Island satisfies all these expectations, plus the luxury of world class resorts and hotels. Being among the largest islands in the heart of the Indian Ocean, it is excessively visited by tourists from across the globe. Among the 23 world class air operators serving Mahe Island flights at Seychelles International Airport, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines and Etihad Airways are providing low cost airfare to Mahe Island with TravelhouseUK.

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Cheap one-way & return tickets to Mahe 2022/2023

Turkish Airlines
LHR - SEZ Heathrow to Mahe
09 Aug - 31 Aug Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Ethiopian Airlines
LGW - SEZ Gatwick to Mahe
09 Aug - 03 Jan Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Qatar Airways
MAN - SEZ Manchester to Mahe
08 Aug - 18 Aug Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Turkish Airlines
LGW - SEZ Gatwick to Mahe
18 Dec - 03 Jan Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Etihad Airways
LON - SEZ London to Mahe
26 Aug - 03 Sep Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only

Which are the popular airlines flying to Mahe Island?

  • British Airways
  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
  • Swiss Air
  • Turkish Airlines

Are there any direct flights to Mahe Island?

Yes, direct flights to Mahe Island are available from the UK. British Airways offers non-stop flights to Mahe Island from the London Heathrow Airport. The airline operates two flights per week, every Wednesday and Saturday. The flight number is BA 63. To proceed with your booking, give us a ring or reach us through social media, and we will provide you with the best deals on British Airways flights to Mahe Island.

How long is the flight to Mahe Island from the UK?

  • The minimum flight duration from London Heathrow to Mahe Island is 10 hours and 15 minutes on a non-stop flight with British Airways. The shortest connecting flight from London Heathrow to Mahe Island, operated by Swiss Air, takes 12 hours and 20 minutes. The flight is via Zurich.
  • The minimum flight duration from London Gatwick to Mahe Island is 12 hours and 50 minutes on a flight with Emirates. These are indirect flights via Dubai.
  • From Manchester to Mahe Island, the minimum flight duration is 12 hours and 25 minutes. British Airways is the operating airline and flies via London.
  • Emirates operates connecting flights from Birmingham to Mahe Island which take 12 hours and 55 minutes minimum. These are one-stop flights via Dubai.
  • From Edinburgh, British Airways operates indirect flights to Mahe Island via London. The total flight duration is 13 hours and 20 minutes, and this includes the time spent in London (layover).

Are cheap flights to Mahe Island available with British Airways?

Yes, cheap flights to Mahe Island are available with British Airways, both direct and indirect. The only airline offering non-stop flights to Mahe Island from the UK, British Airways is a popular choice among UK travellers. Direct flights are operated exclusively from the London Heathrow Airport. However, connecting flights are offered from the London Gatwick Airport, the Manchester Airport, the Newcastle International Airport, the Edinburgh Airport, the Leeds Bradford Airport, and the Aberdeen Airport. To make a booking with British Airways, reach us via phone or social media. TravelHouseUK offers the cheapest flights to Mahe Island from the UK.

Which is the major international airport in Mahe Island?

The Seychelles International Airport is located approximately 10 kilometres from central Victoria, the capital city of Mahe Island. The airport serves Mahe Island for both inbound and outbound flights and is designated by its IATA code 'SEZ'.

Bus stops are located immediately outside the airport, departing for the capital Victoria every 20 to 30 minutes. This is one of the cheaper ways of travelling to the city. Taxis, however, operate 24 hours a day but can get a little pricy. Local car rental companies also provide their booking and transfer services at Seychelles International Airport

When is the best time to visit Mahe Island?

From April to September, this period can perhaps be rated as the best time to visit Mahe Island, given the comparatively cooler temperatures prevailing during this time of the year. These will usually fluctuate at and around 22°C. However, being a tropical island, rain can be expected at any time of the year. The region does not necessarily have a rainy season.

What are the major tourist attractions in Mahe?
  • Beau Vallon (Beach & Snorkelling)
  • Morne Seychelles National Park (Natural Reserve, Hiking Trails)
  • Eden Island (Marina, Yachting)
  • Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden (Garden, Picnic Spot)
  • Anse Intendance (Surfing)
  • Anse A La Mouche (Beach & Snorkelling)
  • Copolia Trail (Rock Climbing, Hiking Trails)
  • Victoria Botanical Gardens (Family-Friendly Picnic Spot within the Capital)

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