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why travel to kaduna?

Founded by the Britishers in the early 19th century, Kaduna held its place as the capital of Nigeria’s northern region up till the mid of 19th century. One can’t help but admire Kaduna’s architecture, hugely influenced by the British culture since the settlements of the colonial era. The largest of landmarks from the British times is the Lord Lugard Hall, which sill houses the State’s assembly chambers to date. Main green areas located nearby include the Kamuku National Park, a paradise for bird watchers boasting over 177 species, and a savannah terrain blending both Guinean and Sudanese biodiversity in terms of forestation. The park also offers other attractions such as the Dagon Ruwa Waterfalls, the Goron Duste and the Tsuanin Rema, all worth viewing. For a planned natural setting, the Gamji Park is a combination of orchid gardens, an open air sculpture display, and shares banks with the main Kaduna River along scenic trails.  Within Kaduna’s nearby vicinity, small rivers and seasonal streams have the Matsiriga Falls and the Awatsung Falls, flowing through gorges and rocks and providing heavenly spots for fishing, picnicking and swimming. A hill range by the name of Kagoro hills provide the opportunity for trekking and mountain climbing, while also hosting small community settlements near the base.  In the nearby town of Zaria, the Palace of the sitting Emir has a gigantic entrance gate known to be one of the most colourful displays of Nigerian Habe architectural art. Other historical landmarks from the older pre-Nigeria times are spread across the state of Kaduna, such as the Defensive walls of Zaria, the throne and heritage village of Queen Amina in Zaria, and the oldest archaeological site of the Nok settlement preserving ruins of artefacts and granaries. The Arewa House is also among the prominent places worth a tour, which has served as the official residence of numerous national and domestic leaders, now converted into an institution for historical research and documentation. Further exploration towards Kaduna’s suburbs leads to the Kajuru Castle Resort, a private German castle complete with fortifications and towers, having an infinity pool, a crocodile pit, an armour exhibition hall, and panoramic views across the region. Take a half hour road trip to the private Fifth Chukker Polo & Country Club, one of the finest establishments of the sport in Africa, having a posh club house serving as a café, as well as a saddle club and a polo stadium hosting regular polo matches, domestic as well as international. 

which major airlines fly to kaduna from uk?

Arik Air travels from Kaduna to UK.

are there any airlines which are operating direct flights?

None of the airlines are operating direct flights to this destination.

what's the average flight time to kaduna from uk?

It takes nearly 15 hours of flight time to travel from Kaduna to UK, apart from the time spent on one or two stopovers.

how far is airport from city centre?

Kaduna Airport is approximately 23 kilometres from the city centre.

how to travel from airport to city centre?

Taxis or car rentals are the way to travel from the airport to the city centre. 

how to get around the city?

The ideal way to get around the city is via car rental, with a driver who knows the area and a good condition car, tourists are good to go. However, there always exists the option of taxis and mini buses offering rides all over the city. Owing to its critical role in industrial economy, the heart of its road network runs through the main expressway, making roads highly convenient for all forms of commute around the area and beyond.

where to stay in kaduna?

Kaduna offers a range of hotels and apartments. The city also offers a couple of resorts and guesthouses which aren’t located in the city but are nearby. A couple of hotels are officially entitled to serve guests of foreign delegations who have arrived in the city on official visits. The top end options include a few local boutique hotels, being the very few options with pools and luxury suites. The local accommodation options are mostly based on lodges, motels and guest houses, which are usually gated residences with a reception staff and a few rooms. Accommodations in this category are divided between single and double deluxe rooms, while certain business conference centres and social clubs provide guestrooms and suites at budget rates. Top hotel preferences include Hotel Seventeen, Asaa Pyramid Hotel and many others. 

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