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Which airlines operate flights to Kaduna from the UK?

  • Qatar Airways
  • Ethiopian Airways
  • Arik Air

How long is the flight to Kaduna from the UK?

The flight duration depends on the airline you choose to fly with and the season. In the high season, the length of the flight can vary from 20 to 30 hours. Most international flights do not land in Kaduna; instead, they fly to Abuja or Lagos. Abuja is only 185 kilometres from Kaduna, which is a journey covered in about three hours by road. You can also take a domestic flight from Lagos to Kaduna via Arik Air – A local airline. For further information, please call our agents and let them know your plans to get the cheapest and quickest flight to Kaduna.

Are there any direct flights to Kaduna from the UK?

As of right now, there are no direct flights to Kaduna from the United Kingdom from any airport in the country. Passengers prefer to travel Lagos or Abuja on connecting flights before taking an aeroplane or a bus to Kaduna.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Kaduna?

The cheapest time to fly to Kaduna is from September to February. Particularly around Christmas the northwestern town in Nigeria lacks tourists. Going to Kaduna in the months mentioned above can provide the tourist an easier time paying for the air travel and accommodation expenses. It is better to level by the end of September because the humidity from the rains in July and August significantly decreases by that time, making your journey a pleasant one. 

What are the major international airports in Kaduna?

The international airport serving Kaduna is named after the city. The Kaduna Airport (KAD) is located about twenty-two kilometres out of the city domains. Taking a taxi ride to the centre of the town from the airport takes around 25 minutes. Many international and domestic airlines chose to fly to Abuja, and most passengers then take a bus to Kaduna. The bus ride is two hours and 30 minutes long.

What is the best time to visit Kaduna?

Situated near the equator, the city of Kaduna has an equatorial sub-Saharan climate with average temperature rarely deflect outside the 25°C to 30°C range. The best time to visit Kaduna is from November to February as the weather remains mild and dry during these months. Despite these excellent weather conditions, this is also the slowest time of the year to visit the city, which means cheaper hotel rooms and airfares. The busiest time for tourists to come to Kaduna is from June and August when the Nigerians return to their home city in the summer break.

What are the major landmarks in Kaduna?

Kaduna is a Muslim majority city in a predominantly multicultural country. The town was established by the British in 1812 due to its proximity with the freight railway lines and the Kaduna River. The city grew to become the capital of the then North Nigerian region.

  • The National Museum in Kaduna celebrates the Nok culture. The Nok were people that lived in Northern Nigeria approximately two thousand years ago. All that remains of the culture is the artwork that has been collected from different archaeological sites. Of notice are the Nok terracotta sculptures, with fascinating craving and postures. We still do not know why these life-size statues were formed, but you can see a great collection of the Nok artwork and other crafts at the National Museum.
  • Murtala Square is the centre of physical fitness in Kaduna. Every day the traveller can see people, young and old, walking towards the park. The square has all the facilities if you want to play hockey, volleyball, handball, basketball, cricket, football and even if you are into swimming. The Square was once a race course, but it was renovated and then converted into sports facilities centre when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth visited Nigeria, in 1956. Now, with new a jogging track, visit the square for a healthier vacation.
  • Kaduna Golf Club is where most avid players of golf usually congregate. The park has all eighteen holes and a great clubhouse that allows players to relax and socialise with family and friends. Even if you are not into Golf coming here would allow you to enjoy the peace in the golf club, driving the caddies in outstretched grass fields.
What are the transportation options available to tourists within Kaduna?

The best way around town is to get a taxi. There are plenty of cabs in Kaduna, though are not in the most excellent shape, but can take the traveller around for a few Nairas. An alternative option is to hire a car from a few rent-a-car outlets open in the city centre. There are no significant public transport networks in Kaduna.

Which five-star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Kaduna?

There are no five-star hotels in Kaduna. However, there are plenty of hotels in the city that are more economical and affordable for all. Please choose from the hotels below.

  • Bafra International Hotel
  • Asaa Pyramid Hotel
  • Green Suites Villa
  • Martaba Millennium
  • De Nevilla Hotel

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