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A massive rural population, a series of ‘Ghat’ settlements along the banks and the mighty Ganges; that is one complete image every tourist expects while coming to Varanasi. In the pursuit of religious meditation, or pouring out the powdered remains of their relatives after cremation, thousands of pilgrims arrive in this locality to bath in the holy river of Ganges. Shrines and temples line along the settlements, allowing priests to follow their rituals regularly for blessing the community. By traveling to this city, you can get a closer look at the culture of the Hindu community dominating India and get to indulge in their unique celebrations. Book cheap flights to Varanasi with Travelhouse UK, and avail the best deals of the season.

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best time to visit

The most exciting time to experience the real soul of this city is during the months of October to March. This is the optimum time to consider visiting this beautiful city, by taking cheap flights to Varanasi, as a number of festivals and vibrant events are organized during this time.

places to see and things to do

Famous for being the oldest city in the whole world, this place is the hub of Hinduism, mysticism, Indian philosophy and spiritualism that are reflected in the numerous attractions such as the temples.  For a complete tour of history and an intriguing Indian past, pay a visit to this beautiful city by taking cheap flights to Varanasi. Head over to the city that is home to archaeological museums and temples and get an insight into the history and culture of India like never before. 

Situated near the banks of the River Ganges, the city is regarded as the holy city as thousands of people visit for the sole purpose of performing pilgrimage. Older than tradition, this is the ideal city to visit especially if you have a knack for adventure and learning about history. 

Thousands of people from across the globe, come to the city every year. There is a magical pull that is unexplainable. It might lie in the innumerable attractions or the glimpse of history that it provides to its numerous travelers. The Ghats are the soul of the city and are the core behind the beliefs, customs and traditions that the followers hold dear to their hearts. Some of these Ghats were built during the 12th century while others are more recent. 

Although the city is home to many temples, however Kashi Vishwanath Temple is one which receives the most importance. It was built in the year 1776 and the gold plated tower is still preserved today as it was when it was built. Over 1000 kilograms of gold have been donated by the Maharaja Ranjit Singh for building this temple. 

Saint Mary’s Church is another great place to start your journey at the city. This beautiful church is a historic wonder with an architecture that will simply take your breath away. It has three louvered doors and above each doorway is a rectangular fanlight which keeps away the glare of the sunlight. This adds beauty to the already stunning architecture of the church. 

If you simply cannot get enough of the history that this city has to offer, then head over to the Bharat Kala Bhavan which is an archeological museum. Built in the year 1920, this museum holds some of the most exquisite collection of paintings, decorative arts, archival materials, textiles, and literary material. Each floor of the museum pays tribute to a different era. Starting from the Numismatic Gallery on the first floor to the Archaeological and decorative arts gallery, the museum gives a whole new insight into the history of the country. The museum also holds collections on Alice Boner and M.K. Gupta and different artifacts in the Ages Gallery. Some of the must visit galleries in the museum include Gallery of Archive, Gallery on Textiles and Costumes, Gallery on Metal Images and Literary as well. 

Another historic wonder worth exploring by acquiring cheap flights to Varanasi is the Ramnagar Fort, which is the home of the king. The fort houses the Royal collection of vintage cars, swords, antique guns and clocks, weapons, gold plated howdahs and ornate palanquins. 

Take a break from the temples and museums and head over to the Lakhania Dari Caves and Waterfall which is located at a distance of 45 kilometers. Get the best view of the city and the beautiful hills that add the oomph factor to the skyline. This is your chance to reconnect with nature and take an outdoor excursion with your family and loved ones. 

 Varanasi is a city that has narrow alleyways and lanes and it difficult to navigate your way through and reach the destination that you are trying to reach. For that purpose it is advisable to take the Auto Rickshaws however one can always check with the hotel how a destination can be reached through a taxi. Auto Rickshaws can easily navigate their ways through the narrow alleys and do not charge a lot as compared to taxis. However it should be noted that one can also navigate their way through to destinations that are located nearby by walking. However, small boats and streamers are also used to travel across the River Ganga. The waterfront can only be reached by foot. 

hotels and accommodation:

To get the most affordable deals and packages, find cheap flights to Varanasi and head over to the Sakarkand Gali, which provides a range of options in terms of where to stay in the city. These hotels are not only affordable but also provide adequate facilities that will make your stay more comfortable. Moreover, you will find luxurious five star hotels on the Palace Grounds on the Mint Road where you can indulge in a world class pampering experience and stay at one of the best palaces that this city has to offer.

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