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Cheap one way & return tickets to Manila 2021/2022

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British Airways
LHR - MNL Heathrow to Manila
01 Aug 2021 Travel Between Date
British Airways
LON - MNL London to Manila
10 Oct - 20 Nov Travel Between Date
Turkish Airlines
BHX - MNL Birmingham to Manila
07 Sep - 04 Oct Travel Between Date
MAN - MNL Manchester to Manila
02 Aug - 22 Aug Travel Between Date
MAN - MNL Manchester to Manila
29 Dec - 24 Jan Travel Between Date
Gulf Air
LON - MNL London to Manila
23 Jul - 24 Aug Travel Between Date
Etihad Airways
GLA - MNL Glasgow to Manila
05 Oct - 03 Nov Travel Between Date

Flights from Manila to London

Etihad Airways
MNL - LHR Manila to Heathrow
28 Nov 2021 Travel Between Date
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Turkish Airlines
MNL - LHR Manila to Heathrow
05 Nov - 27 Feb Travel Between Date
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Airlines that operate flights to Manila

  • Philippine Airlines (PR): Philippines’ national airline operates flights from London Heathrow to Manila (MNL) five days a week. 
  • Singapore Airlines (SQ): Singapore Airlines runs four flight connections from Heathrow to Manila (MNL) via Singapore daily.
  • Emirates (EK): At least six Emirates flights from Heathrow to Manila are available each day of the week.
  • Cathay Pacific (CX): Departing Heathrow, Cathay Pacific has six flights to Manila via Hong Kong in its daily schedule. 
  • Qatar Airways (QR): From London Heathrow, you have a choice of six Manila flights via Doha every day. 
  • Thai Airways (TG): Thai Airways offers Heathrow to Manila flights via Bangkok throughout the week. 
  • Malaysia Airlines (MH): Malaysian Airlines has a one-stop flight service from Heathrow (LHR) to Manila via Kuala Lumpur daily.

Which airlines offer direct flights to Manila Ninoy Aquino?

Only Philippine Airlines operates non-stop Manila flights from the UK. These flights depart from the London Heathrow Airport and are operated on 5 days of the week except for Mondays and Saturdays. Passengers departing from other airports will have to choose connecting flights.

How long is the flight to Manila from London?

  • From London Heathrow to Manila, the minimum flight duration is 13 hours and 20 minutes with Philippine Airlines. These are direct flights. Cathay Pacific Airways offers connecting flights to Manila from London Heathrow via Hong Kong. These flights take 15 hours and 10 minutes minimum.
  • The fastest one-stop flight from London Gatwick to Manila takes 15 hours and 45 minutes. Cathay Pacific is the operating airline and the flight is via Hong Kong.
  • The minimum flight duration from London Stansted to Manila is 18 hours on an indirect flight with Emirates. The flight is via Dubai.

How do I find cheap flights to Manila with flexible booking policy?

Now your cheap flights to Manila have the flexibility to fit your plans without any hassles. All our airline partners have different policies to cover the uncertainty factor by offering flights with flexible booking policies. It is to ensure that you don’t have to lose any money due to flight interruptions. Besides that, Travelhouseuk has also simplified its booking policies to accommodate as many clients as we can. We are offering flights to Manila with minimum deposit, monthly instalments and free change options. All policies are subject to specific terms and conditions. Contact on our helpline for more information.

What is the average cost of Manila flights from UK ?

  • From London Heathrow: 360 GBP
  • From Manchester: 525 GBP
  • From Birmingham: 490 GBP

How can I book cheap flights to Manila in 2021?

We may know many tips and tricks to book cheap flights to Manila; we still rely on early bookings to be sure of cheap tickets. By booking your Manila flights in advance, you can generally avoid the high prices during busy travelling season in 2021. Please keep checking our social media channels for the latest flight deals for Manila or subscribe our newsletter to snap the best offers.

Which airline has the cheapest ticket to Manila?

At present, Air China is offering the cheapest ticket to Manila? from London Heathrow. If you choose to book with TravelHouseUK, you can get an Economy Class return-ticket at around 365 GBP for a single adult passenger. Air China flies via Beijing. Etihad Airways is another contender for cheap flights to Manila from the UK. We quote the lowest fare on Etihad Airways flights, 467 GBP only. Secure the cheapest flight to Manila by making your reservations now.

Which is the cheapest time of year to fly to Manila?

If you book your Manila flight anywhere between June and October then chances are that you will get a cheaper fare. No sooner does the rainy season sets in that we witness a slight drop in tourist arrivals. Cheap flights to Manila are best availed during these months.

When is the best time to visit Manila?

The capital of the Philippines, Manila - one of the biggest catches in Southeast Asia – is all the rage between January and May. This is when the average daytime temperature is around 27 °C which is ideal for outdoor sightseeing and visiting beaches. However, May till late September will definitely be hot and humid so it is advised to double-check the latest travel and health advisory before planning your trip for Manila.

Which is the main international airport in Manila?

Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which is commonly dubbed as Manila International Airport, is the receiving airport for cheap flights to Manila from the UK. The IATA code for this airport is MNL.

How far is the Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport from Manila City?

The Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport is conveniently located at a distance of 10 kilometres from Manila proper (the Statue of the Sentinel of Freedom). It is a 35-45 minute drive during regular hours. The quickest way of reaching the city is by hailing a taxi.

Which are the major tourist attractions in Manila?

Intramuros: Intramuros is an unsurpassed selection that tourists check out to determine the beauty of Asian cultures while they are in Manila. It is the walled city that provides a glance of the Spanish territorial period. Get yourself a ride on a traditional horse and cart through its streets to visit momentous churches, dungeons and fascinating remains of their colonial architecture.

Churches in Manila: Amongst the many churches in Manila, the most famous is Quiapo Church that preserves the Black Nazarene Statue. There are certain myths associated with this holy place of Filipinos. One of them, for instance, says that whoever touches the church will see a miracle.

Amusement Parks: Passing however from these special religious sites, tourists notice further that the city is home to many recreational parks, both theme and amusement parks, that attract astonishingly increasing number of visitors. A certain Rizal Park makes sure its historical charm invites tourists to stroll next to striking monuments along with the widely spread open lawns and paved footpaths.

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